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  1. amrita


    This blend reminds me of laying on the forest floor after a rain, stretched out and in full contact with the life-giving humus. It evokes that feeling of being in love with the earth, safe and resting in sanctuary. On me this blend smells like patchouli and bark (like a sharp cedar?), and it has a strong curious smokiness like the ashes of a wood fire that were put out by a heavy rain. It's a very unusual and strong scent, but I find it beautiful and soothing. I have some serious fear/safety/abandonment/vitality issues, and I plan on using the blend in meditation to focus on this stuff. I can say right off the bat that for me, it imparts a feeling of being safe within the earth...
  2. amrita


    When wet, I get the same beautiful sweet flower notes that I do from the Hermit, but this soon turns to very soapy flowers on me-- smells like perfume counter stuff. :/
  3. amrita


    Oooh, this is so pretty! There is a lovely scent of greenery when I first apply this-- greenery and fresh white florals. The flowers do not smell overly-perfumy, as is the norm for me. I wonder if this is the Egyptian iris note? This starts to go soapy after a minute, and other notes emerge which I can't identify, but are not pleasant on me. I'll have to swap this away, but I sure do love the first few minutes of this blend...
  4. amrita

    Black Lotus

    Wet: candy sweet lotus. This smells pretty plasticky on me. It's a very rich, sweet floral; it almost reminds me of perfumed hard candies. It dries down to sweet and smoky plastic. What's up with the plastic?... hmm.
  5. amrita

    Old Scratch

    Wet, this is sweet like berries, or wine. This is a sweet, gentle, warm, woody, patchouli musk. Ten minutes later, this is warm and slightly masculine, but sweet and woody and comforting. It's totally wearable by a female.
  6. amrita


    Knowing that this blend is supposed to smell like mint, lime, and lavender, I think this imp must've gone bad. I can barely pick out the lime, if I try. It's a very gentle lime, nothing puckery or fresh or citrusy about it. I smell no mint at all; there is nothing cooling or minty about this blend. My husband said this smells like a good version of Dove soap's scent. I dunno. I would like to try Envy again, because I just can't believe that this is the same blend that everyone in this review thread is talking about. Weird...
  7. amrita


    Wet, this is sweet, smoky, and astringent. I smell cinnamon-- something spiced like a baked good, but without being foody. I get that weird rich smell I associate with the perfume an old babysitter used to wear--I am still trying to pin down what that note is. (It kind of creeps me out... man I wish I could figure it out.) I do get the "baby skin" smell--strange. I'm also getting some woods I can't identify, and masculine oakmoss.
  8. amrita


    The Primordial Point of Creation, Mazloth, Being Out of Nothingness, the Origin of Thought and the source of the 32 Ways of Wisdom. Wet: red musk, rootbeer (sassafrass?), incense. This is a lot like Sin. I really like it. A half hour later, I smell mostly red musk and incense; it's very, very similar to Sin at this point. This is one of my favorite Sephiroth oils!
  9. amrita


    Wet, this is straight up jasmine, gardenia, and baby powder on me. Although it fades very quickly, I don't think I could get past the baby powder to use it for meditation, so I'll be swapping it.
  10. amrita


    Wet, I smell spruce or pine, and something dark and astringent. I smell earth. This is dark-- a strange, nondescript darkness, which just kind of disappears and fades off my skin... This is strange...not really my thing...
  11. amrita


    Very, very bitter. It reminds me of one of my failed attempts at tincture-style "absinthe" and makes me want to gag. Is that wormwood? I smell something sweet, also. A few minutes later, this completely morphs into something sweet and woody, almost like berry cinnamon. It reminds me of Hamadryad. I don't smell blackberry, but I wish I did! Damn.
  12. amrita


    Wet, this smells like pickles and smoke. It took me a while to figure this out. (My first thought-impression was of smoky BBQs and hamburgers with relish. (Not to say that this smells like hamburgers. At all.)) I can smell dry, sharp sandalwood, and myrrh. I am not sure what mastic or benzoin smell like. I'm not really interested in this; the pickle/rose thing is too weird.
  13. amrita


    Wet, I get myrrh, and something makes me afraid this is going to turn into powder. I smell fresh fennel root. The fennel fades within ten minutes; the myrrh is also long gone; I just smell powdery florals (probably lilies?). A rose note is starting to emerge. The rose fades within five minutes, and I'm left with just powder. The rose/powder is too distracting to use for meditation purposes, so... off it goes...
  14. amrita


    Neroli flavored sugar and grass. A spring day in a sunny candy shop, grass stains on my knees. Very light, pretty, sweet, and girly. I don't usually go for scents like this, but I keep reaching for it when I want something silly and sweet. Incidentally, I never get any sandalwood from this blend. *shrug*
  15. amrita


    Red musk, sandalwood, cinnamon. Bloodlust reminds me a lot of Blood Moon, only woodier and drier. I'm not sure where I'm getting the sandalwood, but it smells very strong to me. The dragon's blood is very faint-- it's almost undetectible, but it adds sweetness while the oil is drying, and then disappears. After a while this is mostly vetiver, patchouli, and red musk. It's very dry, warm, comforting, and sexy. I love it... it's in my top 10.