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    bergamot, rose, leather, earth, smoke,clean linen. Pine and i don't get along.

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    Scents, old dollheads, abandoned buildings, photography. . .
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  1. plunderparlour

    Lilith Victoria

    This is so lovely. I've never smelled snake oil or Dorian but i love what i get from this. Warm spices, lavender and a touch of vanilla. Not foody or too sweet. I agree with tat2dluvgirl rerelease on her birthday
  2. plunderparlour

    Lady Lilith

    A very feminine floral. I'm having a hard time distinguishing notes in this one. It's a sharp floral and powdery a little. It smells like an older lady to me.
  3. plunderparlour

    The Gladdener of All Hearts

    This truly does smell like a baby. very soft, powder but not the usual powdery smell, this is a nice one. Burts bees comes to mind as well. This lasted well over 14 hours. I love this and wish i'd ordered more.
  4. plunderparlour

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    This was overwhelming cherry sweetness. very foody on my skin.
  5. plunderparlour


    on wet - very strong jasmine floral. dry- still strong jasmine with a slight hint of lavender. i never could make out any honeysuckle.
  6. plunderparlour


    very soft floral that lasted no time. way too gentle for me. no throw, i could only smell it if i sniffed my wrist.
  7. plunderparlour


    on wet- spicy orchid, i get no roses dry - very slight rose and powdery orchids. This smells a little matronly for my taste.
  8. plunderparlour


    on wet strong sweet syrup. dry- brown sugar spice overall this does ok on my skin. i won't be getting a bottle, the imp is pletty. this might make a good room scent.
  9. plunderparlour

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    on wet rose and lemon with a little green note. i think this smells clean without smelling like cleaner. i like it. dry- more rose and is that lavender? i don't know but this is a nice scent.
  10. plunderparlour


    in the imp, on wet, and dry this is nothing but jasmine. very sweet and strong. don't think this will work with me. frimps are so great.
  11. plunderparlour

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    on wet spicy plum craft store. dry this is another one that is potpourri on me. boo
  12. plunderparlour


    i put this on without sniffing or reading whats in it. it is medicinal like vaporub and boy does it make me sneeze. pine hates my skin. this might be good as a room scent around the holidays, i have a fake tree thats reused every year...
  13. plunderparlour

    March Hare

    on wet this was very sweet clove with the apricot lurking in the background. reminds me of the potpourri section of a craft store. dry - a spicy apricot. i can see other peoples yankee candle now. overall this is not a bad scent i just don't like it for reminding me of being trapped in kmart as a child with my mom for boring hours(or so it seemed, it was probably 15 mins).thus spawning my hatred of box stores.
  14. plunderparlour


    this had a very short wear length on me. this is exactly how most described it. a very light floral. i thought it was pretty but nothing remarkable.
  15. plunderparlour

    High John the Conqueror

    i get no grapes or anything other than strong powdery soap. this smells exactly like a perfume i've smelled before but can't name it now. Oscar de la Renta?. . . i'll update this if i find that scent.