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  1. cute_toaster

    Beanman & Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina

    I wanted this to work out, but really feared that it wouldn't, as none of the coconut scents have ever worked on me, nor have any of the ylang-ylang ones. Milk and cream always go bad on me. When I started seeing comparisons to Snow White my heart sank - Snow White goes all burnt plastic and fake pineapple on me. BUT! It does work and smells just heavenly on me! I get a sweet coconut milk and tropical flowers. The scent was very familiar to me, I just couldn't put my finger on it. Then it hit me: it reminds me of being in Hawai'i. This is the scent I've been looking for since I first visited Hawai'i. Like others, I thought it would disappear or be eaten by my skin pretty quickly, but it's lasting and has a moderate throw, more than I would have expected. I love it and I'm going to need a few bottles
  2. cute_toaster


    Creamy, sweet vanilla amped up with a bite of spicy ginger. //Laurie
  3. cute_toaster


    I've been looking for a scent that captures the smell of the tropical flowers that hit me like a wall when I got off the plane on my first trip to Hawaii in November. This came very close. The scent stayed close to my skin, and lasted a long time...unfortunately there is something in this that I am terrible allergic to. Within two hours I had an angry red rash on the places that I applied the oil. I love the scent, but can't wear it...yet another reason to get a scent locket! //Laurie
  4. cute_toaster


    This is the first GC that I've ordered unsniffed. I was looking for plumeria scents to recapture the smell of Hawai'i, and came across the reviews for this. Somewhere in the first few pages it was compared to Gucci Rush, which was one of my pre-BPAL perfumes, so I grabbed it, and waited nervously. When I opened my bottle, my heart thudded. This is an incredible scent! While it doesn't capture Hawai'i, it makes me think of sunlight streaming into an old stone temple that's built on the edge of a tropical forest near the beach. I can smell the incense burning. It's hard to pin down all of the notes, because on me they work so well they all blend into something beautiful. Everyone at work complimented it. This is a keeper. Heck, this is one of my new must-haves! It's probably the closest I'll ever come to having a "signature scent"
  5. cute_toaster

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    I'm hoping that there is a GC scent that smells like Pink Moon 2007. I (foolishly) only bought one bottle of Pink Moon, and I love it too much to wear! Thanks! //Laurie
  6. cute_toaster

    Pink Moon 2007

    A sweet and silly compliment to the first breath of Spring! Sugared carnation and phlox! This is my dream scent. Carnations dipped in sugar, warm and sweet. The scent slowly enveloped me all day like a very cozy (and pink) sweater. Throw wasn't too overpowering, but enough that I caught wiffs of it all day as I moved. Dried down to a lovely mellow sweetness. My only regret is that I didn't get more than one bottle (what was I thinking? ) //Laurie
  7. cute_toaster


    So far, this is my favorite BPAL scent (Alice is a very close second). I love the warmth, creaminess, and spiciness of it. It's like having your own personal ray od sunshine to wear. The carnation in this is different that the carnation in Alice. It doesn't smell as flowery, here. It's been softened and mellowed by the other scents. Lovely.
  8. cute_toaster

    Beaver Moon 2005

    Beaver Moon is the first Lunacy that I've purchased. I'm so glad that I ordered two bottles. In the bottle, it smells like the cream cheese part of a cheesecake. After it's been on for a while I smell the cheesecake, along with a hint of a sweet, (cherry-like?) topping and a graham-cracker crust. It's a great scent to wear when it's dark and gloomy and rainy. Beaver Moon is light and sweet. It's a good comfort scent!