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  1. allybee

    La Petite Mort

    Mmm, I love this! Very reminiscent of Snake Oil, but without the sharp, bitter edge that I get for the first hour or so of wearing. This goes on very soft and warm, and stays that way throughout. It feels incredibly sensual, but also very natural, almost as though it's an enhanced version of my own skin's scent. Unlike some of the other 'sexier' oils, I could see myself wearing this on a day-to-day basis. Love!
  2. allybee

    Follow Me Boy

    In imp: ooh, this reminds me really strongly of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Definitely getting a hint of lemon, as well as light, sweet florals-- maybe honeysuckle, jasmine, orangeblossom? I like it! On skin: Smells much like it did in the vial at first, but then the lemon gives way to a warm spiciness. Very sexy indeed-- reminds me of late summer nights. On the drydown, it turns a little baby-powdery, but it works rather well. Not one for the daytime, but I could see why this would get a boy's attention: it also has mad throw, and it lasted all day and needed a lot of scrubbing to shift. Overall, very nice-- not sure if I'll go for a big bottle, but I definitely plan to use up the imp.
  3. allybee


    I was really excited by the description of this- it sounds wonderful! In vial: Hmm. This smells very cold to me, almost slightly disinfecant-like. Not at all what I was expecting, and not particularly pleasant. Wet on: Yeah, smells much like it did in the vial. Very cold, wet wood, like fresh tree sap. After a second or two I get a slight spiciness that's somewhat pleasant, but it's veryfaint and overpowered by the initial scent. Drydown: The coldness has definitely faded as the oil dries, but now I just smell like I've sprayed myself with slightly spiced pine-scented furniture polish. It's just not working with my chemistry. A shame, because other people's descriptions of it sound lovely. Might give this to my aunt-- she loves woody, spicy scents, and she might have more luck with this.
  4. allybee

    The Apothecary

    Tea leaf with three mosses, green grass, a medley of herbal notes, and a drop of ginger and fig. Hmm. Herby with a hint of lemon that gradually dissapears over the space of an hour, leaving it softer and sweeter, with the fig becoming more discernable. This is yummy, but quite a drowsy scent-- it reminds me of sunbathing on freshly cut grass.
  5. allybee


    In the vial: very sharp jasmine, an almost citrusy quality, along witha little vanilla. I like... On my skin: well, that smells nothing like it did in the vial! Within seconds the sharper elements have disappeared, leaving more or less exclusively vanilla. If I press my nose up against my wrist I can just about get some of the jasmine, but from any distance it's all vanilla (albeit quite pleasant vanilla). Not picking up any rose or anything else for that matter. Nice enough, but certainly nothing exciting. It might be nice to soften up other things, though...
  6. allybee


    In vial: Sharp, almost alcoholic, fruitiness. Reminds me of sweet red apples. Wet on skin: The pomegranite is definitely the stronger element of this to me; the rose comes as almost an afterthought. Dry: The rose begins to develop over time. It's very much a double-whammy: sweet, wet pomegranite that transforms into a mellower, velvety rose after a few seconds. The throw on this is amazing-- most scents stick very close to the skin on me, but this is able to waft all the way from my wrists to my nose even after 6 hours. Wow! This works soooo well on me: it's all I can do not to order a big bottle right this second! ETA: I finally ordered a big bottle (or two) of this, and I still love it! It seems to do something strange to the men in my life-- my boyfriend couldn't keep his nose away from my neck, and I had a troupe of men lingering near me in the office...good stuff indeed!
  7. allybee

    Snake Oil

    In the vial: Hmm. This smells very minty, actually, with a slight sweetness. Not at all what I was expecting. Wet on skin: The mintiness has faded slightly, and the vanilla has come forward, along with a sort of spiciness. It smells oddly cold, actually. I'm still not quite sure about this. Dry on skin: Now that's better-- the mint has left entirely, and it smells a lot warmer and spicier. I might leave this to age for a while before trying it again, though: I can definitely see this getting better with age.
  8. allybee


    In bottle: Almonds, and nothing else. Bleugh. Wet on skin: Almonds, and cat pee. I think I preferred when it was just almonds. Dry (30 mins after application): Huh. What a difference half an hour makes! The almond-and-cat-pee smell is gone, replaced with a sort of smoky jasmine scent. Much better, and actually rather sexy. Just remind me to apply this a good 45 mins before leaving the house.
  9. allybee


    In bottle: Soapy, with a slightly green note towards the end. Wet on skin: Much the same as it smelt in the bottle. Maybe slightly greener than before? Dry (15 mins after application): Still soapy, still slightly green. Pretty interesting saltiness that wasn't there before, but not enough to hold my attention. This is nice enough, but it's very simple, and not all that exciting. If it were an imp, I might just keep it, but there's no way I'll use a whole bottle. Might see if I can swap it for something a little more fun.
  10. allybee

    Voodoo Lily

    In the imp: spicy but sweet. Reminds me of Dr Pepper, actually, which I like, but not necessarily as a perfme... Wet on skin: still spicy, but without any of the earlier sweetness. It's alright, I guess, but not something I'd seek out. I can smell absolutely no lilies in this whatsoever. dry on skin (10 mins after application): Hang on a second...is that...? Yes, I'm definately getting some sort of floral scent buried underneath all the spiciness! It's not much, but it makes the scent a lot more pleasant. dry on skin (1 hour after application): The spiciness has mellowed, and the lily is slightly more prominant. The scent has definitely faded, although I did apply it very lightly to begin with. This could grow on me over time. I'm not sure I'll be rushing to order a big bottle, but I'll definitely use up the IMP. Actually, thinking about it, it reminds me somewhat of my mother's favourite perfume, Cinnabar: might make her try it and see what she thinks... ETA: Put this on a few days later, and it's gone all fruity on me! WTF? Smells like berries-- how odd. I applied it a little more liberally, maybe it's something to do with that.