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    The Knave of Hearts

    ah, we have similar body chemistry then.... i LOVE florals, and like berry scents , so i was very happy to get an imp of Knave of Hearts.....GAG. on me it smelled like the waste bin after someone burned the pie.. my husband gagged. i gagged.....sigh, and i had such high hopes for it. try Rose Red from the Yule collections, you will probably like the spicy peppery scents of Frumious Bandersnatch, and if you liek a light floral you want Madame Tracy from the Good Omens? collection . you MAY like some of the leather and roses, you may not. if you like, email me and i can send you my personal test page (its a word document) its not current but it has my reviews for my skin of many imps.... kirsten at fabricdragon dot com i have an evil spam filter, if i dont get back to you, try again
  2. fabricdragon

    The Knave of Hearts

    The Knave of hearts. When i ordered it i was hoping for roses, but wondering what the black current tart would add to it. it smelled buttery and like baked goods when wet, with nary a rose in site. nor any berry. just baked pie crust and butter, which is fine although not what i expected. with a hint of caramel? brown sugar? something. sadly this didn't like my body chemistry at all. When it dried it smelled like burnt pie crust. scorched, burnt pie crust. my husband actively gagged when he smelled it. i washed it off as fast as i could. the tarts may have been crushed, but i certainly was. ah well. body chemistry is weird.
  3. fabricdragon


    Mistletoe 2007 wet: pine, but no "edge" very Christmas, a hint of .. what is that? spice? On me this smells like a pine. a soft pine, not a sharp pine... but still very much a pine tree scent. while i did think it would be ideal to scent an artificial Xmas tree without causing migraines or sending my husband's asthma through the roof, it isn't a scent that works on me. this would be a fine room scent for Christmas.
  4. fabricdragon

    Christmas Rose

    darn skin chemistry! out of the bottle: A crisp, chilly wintergreen scent, with a hint of floral. sadly on me it turned into a bitter, wintergreen, medicinal, "vicks vap o rub" scent, that only by putting my nose on it could i tell it had any floral.. and the floral was thin and reedy. ah well, not for me.. i generally do better with stronger florals or warm scents anyway, but i was hoping this one would work out on me.
  5. fabricdragon

    Dragon's Musk

    on my skin the first thing i noticed was the sweet. a cherry liquid sweet wet smell, that eventually dried down into..... a sweet candy smell with just the faintest hint of sweet musk under it. This was a delicious scent on me, but it could rapidly become overwhelming if i was in a closed office or car. Oddly it reminded me of one of my old Anna Riva? oils, "Dragon's Blood". i suspect this would be a better scent for going out, or as a room scent, its just a bit much intoxicant/sweet in a car! the musk scent would have to be a bit stronger on me to be "passionate", or "dominant" to me, but i could see it being a "sexy" scent my husband said "smells nice, kind of cherry?" but even he had to admit it was a bit much in a closed car.
  6. fabricdragon


    different body chemistry = different scent. I was, frankly, expecting a masculine scent from Faustus... not on me! Since i am a girl, this is ok. On me this scent smells powdery and hints of floral, with the warmth of the cinnamon and the frankincense saving it from being "little girl cute". My husband said it smelled familiar, and he compared it to the big pink box of powdered Chantilly... its a warmer scent than that, but there is a striking similarity on me. although not what i was expecting, it doesn't give me migraines like typical "store perfumes" do, so it will probably become a daily scent for environments that don't tolerate some of the hard core or more Goth BPAl scents. i do wear my oils sparingly, which can affect the scent.
  7. fabricdragon


    I am new here, and this is my first review, so bear with me if i don't have the terms down yet... The first thing i need to state is that i made the mistake of trying this scent right after smelling a really luscious pomegranate soap, so , since i love pomegranate, there was some initial let down.... Out of the bottle this was a high bitter, medicinal scent. I applied it anyway. Wet it smelled very bitter, Frankincense tones coming out strongly, and i didn't think it was going to work on me. dried and mellowed: This is still a more masculine scent than i am used to wearing, but i kind of like it. the smoky overtone would come and go, it was a bit strong at first but mellowed into a faintly sweet musky tone on my body chemistry. Once it settled this was very much the scent of incense "out of the box" but with a warm and sweet undertone that mellowed the scent. This scent has grown on me, i could see wearing it for solemn occasions or "every day" scent.. its not feminine enough for my dress up scents. This would work on most men, but apparently the sweet overtone varies by body chemistry. at the end of the say it had faded *to me* but others said they could still smell it somewhat.