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  1. Nightroad103


    I've had my imp of Zombi since October, and it is one of my more frequently-worn oils. I plan on getting a 5ml of it when I place my next order within a few weeks. In the imp it smells very strongly of roses to me, with the hints of dirt and moss. Wet on, it's still very rose-y, which is not something I like. Drydown, the moss and dirt begin to take some forefront, and once it's dry it's a nice blend. It takes a bit for the rose to settle out on me, but usually within an hour or so it's more a moss-and-dirt scent with some rose. Or, if you like, Zombi in five words: Dirt and roses - love it!
  2. Nightroad103


    Seriously, how have I not reviewed this yet? I've had this imp for over 2 years and loved it and not reviewed it yet? What is wrong with me? In the imp now, it smells mostly of amber to me, with a hint of dragon's blood/floral. When I first got the imp it was a bit more astringent than it is now - that's what made me fall in love with it. Wet on, it smells strangely like vetiver - idk what this is all about, but it's whatever because I do like vetiver on me. On drydown, it's still smelling like vetiver but now with the amber and dragon's blood and florals coming out. I've never really been able to smell the mandarin or currant in it. And dry... I love it. That vetiver-like smell is gone. It's all amber and dragon's blood and melati and rose geranium. And oh, hey! I found the mandarin and currant! =D They're almost an after-scent, though - they're like the last thing I smell as I sniff, if that makes any sense. ffff, I wish I'd bought a bottle of this before they discontinued it. My imp will run out one day, and I will be a sad panda.
  3. Nightroad103

    Lovers in a Ricefield

    In the bottle, it's almost overpowering plum blossom and wild rice. Smells WAY sweet and fruity - this is a concern for me. However, as I bought the full-size I'm going to try! Wet on, still has that sharp, overpowering plum blossom smell. Drydown, still quite plummy, though the vanilla sandalwood and nutmeg are giving rise. (Had wondered where those were!) Dry - at almost 7 hours after application - It's very light. The plum blossom has toned down quite a bit and it's balancing well with the vanilla sandalwood & nutmeg, and I'm guessing that (as many others have said) the wild rice is lending to a "creamy" sensation. I like it on me, but it's not one I can smell in the bottle again.
  4. Nightroad103


    In the imp, almost all I smell is the bitter almond. I see to be particularly sensitive to smelling it - because every other oil I've smelled that has bitter almond, that note sticks out to me. Wet on - no sooner have I put a bit of the oil on my wrist than I smell cinnamon, quite strongly. Drydown, it's still very cinnamon, and a bit worrying at that: I didn't buy this to smell like those cinnamon-disc candies. Dry, initial - It's still quite cinnamon-y but the almond & balance it out. It's pretty nice, though we'll have to give it a wear to determine lasting power, throw, et cetera.
  5. Nightroad103


    In the imp, it's really floral, with some citrus and ozone-type notes. Also a bit something else, because it DOES smell a bit industrial. Wet, I'm getting a lot of that "bit industrial" scent, with just a bit of the floral. Maybe the "industrial" is from the davana. Dry, it's not very floral on me (a big plus!) but it's not very strong, either. I think my skin ate most of the scent. It's a bit industrial still, but there is just enough floral to keep it from being weird. I'll have to see how long this lasts and try it one more time before I make a decision about it.
  6. Nightroad103

    The Coil

    In the imp, I smell a lot of eucalyptus and mint -- the floral is there, but only just. Immediately putting it on, it's very minty, with the eucalyptus lending a slightly biting, nose-clearing edge. It's settled down to a nice, minty, ozone scent. The orchid is almost nonexistent, but the passionflower and white ginger make up the floral side of this scent. It's very clean, very light -- a fantastic summer scent. We'll see how long it wears, though, before deciding whether to buy a big one or not.
  7. Nightroad103

    Galvanic Goggles

    I have to agree with everyone who's said this is sort of a James Bond scent. I also have to admit that when I opened the imp and smelled this for the first time, my thought was *nom nom nom* -- and don't ask me why. In the imp: freaking AMAZING. It's a very green scent -- I almost couldn't detect the metallic notes in the imp. Wet on me: Still very green, and the Indian musk amps up a bit, which results in a vaguely soapy scent on me. Hope this doesn't last -- I'd hate for such an amazing scent in the imp to turn into soap on me. Drydown: Thankfully, it's not soapy anymore. The musk isn't so strong, and the metallic notes have come out more. This is turning out well. Dry, initially: It's mostly metallic on me now, with the greenery and musk balancing it just enough to give it more depth. So far, it has a decent throw -- I catch whiffs of it as I'm typing this. Still AMAZING. ETA@1917: I can still smell it -- it's been about 6 and a half hours now. I am definitely buying a big one of this. It may have even pushed Fenris Wolf and Dee off of the top on my list.
  8. Nightroad103


    In the imp, it's a sharp, almost acrid scent. It's not bad, but doesn't really seem like something I'd wear often. Wet on -- it's like a few of the first posters (and possibly others) have said: It smells oddly like Kitsune-Tsuki. Same with the drydown. I think it's the floral. Dry, the merlot and leather seem to be top notes. The floral is pretty much gone, which is good for me. Overall, on me... it smells kind of like a friend of mine after a day of outdoor work. I am going to try it again before I stick to this, though.
  9. Nightroad103


    In bottle: Wow, honey and ginger. I get a teeny bit of osmanthus, vanilla, and musk -- but not much. Wet on, it was almost cloyingly sweet from the honey, and that overpowered most of the other notes. As it dried, though, the ginger came out more, as did the floral -- not much of the musk, but on me I'm not particularly surprised. Sometimes it's strong on me, sometimes it's definitely the opposite. This was one of those opposite times, I guess. Can't say much for its wear time, as I was a genius and decided to wear it the day I spent in the hospital's nursery and had to do a five-minute hand/arm scrub first thing when I got there. Will try it again in a few days, see if it's still so sweet.
  10. Nightroad103


    In the imp, it smells mostly like grapefruit, with some kumquat. A sharp, almost biting, but somewhat sweet scent. On my skin, the grapefruit mellows a bit to allow more of the kumquat to be smelled, as well as the yuzu. The floral, whatever it is, actually works on me -- which is somewhat amazing. It adds just a hint of sweetness to the scent, and balances out some of the sharpness of the citrus. I might have to buy a bottle of this once the imp runs out.
  11. Nightroad103


    In the imp: Very aquatic, and a bit flowery. Wet on: Still aquatic, but more floral now. Dry on: I'm smelling a lot of the clear, airy notes and slashing rain -- not so much flowers anymore, which I don't mind at all. I really like this one.
  12. Nightroad103


    In the imp: It's a very, very sharp note of lavender, rosemary and a hint of lemon. Wet on me: Thankfully, the lavender is not so overpowering as it smelled in the imp. It's a lot of lemon and neroli on me now, with a hint of rosemary. I haven't picked up the frankincense. Dry on: Still lemon and neroli, with a hint of rosemary. There's only enough lavender to barely smell, and I can also slightly smell the frankincense -- as an afterthought, almost. Hopefully the frankincense won't turn this into powder, as it has a bad tendency to do on me. Edit: On a second run, it's a little different: Wet: very lemony. Drydown: also lemony. Dry: The other notes finally make an appearance. It's definitely mostly lemon and neroli, but the rosemary and lavender give a nice edge. I can smell the powdery smell that frankincense turns on me when I sniff right at my wrist, but we'll see if it overpowers everything else. ... Nope, it's powdery. And soapy. Swaps pile for this one.
  13. Nightroad103


    Imp: Almond, mostly, but I can pick up on the vanilla. Wet on me: It's still almond, but the cinnamon is huge now. I can sort-of smell the vanilla. Dry on me: It's almond and vanilla and cinnamon, a nice combination. It doesn't smell foody on me. However, after a few hours... frankincense makes an appearance and turns it powdery. It's not powdery like Faustus turned into on me, but it's still powdery. I'll try it again before it goes into the swaps pile. [05/23] Second try! Really almond-y on me, wet, with some vanilla and a lot of cinnamon. The heliotrope starts coming out a little as it dries, and now it's quite a pleasant scent -- a great blend of heliotrope, bitter almond, and vanilla, with a twist of cinnamon. The frankincense hasn't made it powdery yet, but we'll keep an eye on that over the next hour or two.
  14. Nightroad103


    In the imp, I picked up a lot of sandalwood, and some clove. Wet on me, it mostly smelled like sandalwood... but as it dried, I started smelling more clove and possibly vanilla -- I'm not sure if it is vanilla, but it had the faint sweetness that vanilla turns into on me. Dry on, it smells mostly like clove and sandalwood, softened by that maybe-vanilla. There was something else, too, but I don't remember what it was and I can't really smell any of it anymore... I'm going to have to buy a bottle when the imp runs out. I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not, but we had our first exam in second half today and I passed with 90% -- this is supposed to be the second hardest exam of this half. Maybe it helped, maybe it didn't. I'm going to wear it for my next couple of tests and see if there's a pattern. (ETA, 04/30 -- wearing this oil for every test, including the final, I have kept a 4.0. I'm still not sure if it's coincidental or not, but I'm going to keep wearing it for exams.)
  15. Nightroad103


    It's very heather, both in the imp and when I first put it on. After it dried, it's turned somewhat powdery. We'll see if the powdery thing stays all day or if the blackberry comes out later... Then I'll determine whether this is keeps or swaps.