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    I'm a Virgo with Taurus moon and a Capricorn rising. That is just a ton of earth isn't it? I'm 22 and already have a retirement plan. Yeah, I'm every description of a Virgo you have ever read, faults and advantages alike. I am organized, logical, outwardly cold, I feel distress in my gut, I don't take risks without assessing every aspect of the situation. I'm a stellar problem solver, have an excellent memory, etc.
  1. allelujiah


    This is a lovely perfume, I'm surprised more people don't talk about it. Wet is smells very, well, perfumey. It is light and slightly sweet, not at all with the same scent, but with a similar lightness to Pele. I would use the word "lovely." It isn't at all cloying or bitter or acrid - the white musk makes it just breathy and fresh. This is the first patchouli scent I have ever tried that the patchouli didn't eat the other scent and attack me. I can smell it down there only because I know it is there from the description. Don't let the patchouli scare you away from this one! Gosh, I really like this scent. I never would have tried it, considering it has the dread "P." I am Very pleasantly surprised. It is sophisticated, but not at all in the Queenly-business-woman sort of way, more in a "I'm going on a first date and I want him to think I'm pretty and feminine, but I don't want him getting too fresh."
  2. allelujiah


    Named in honor of Vlad III, Tepes, of the Order of the Dragon. Black musk, tobacco, fir, balsam of peru, cumin, bitter clove, crushed mint, and orange blossom. Much more woody than anticipated upon application. I was thinking the citrus/spice notes would come out on top, but my initial impression was one of a slightly astringent forest. This scent (for some crazy reason) really reminds me of Thailand. I was hoping for a Slavic vibe, if that even makes any sense, but I reckon it is the cumin and wood notes - this scent reminds me of Sukothai (sp). It is a soft scent, fuzzy edges - I can just make out the citrus making it a touch sweet. I do like this scent, but not as an every day perfume. It reminds me of a kitchen where tons of meals have been cooked and all those spices and smells have combined over time. It isn't a foody smell, per say, but it makes me think of cooking. I don't know. That is pretty abstract, I reckon. I can't pick out the mint, I think it is modifying the other smells in a way that is difficult for me to identify. Also, it has only been on for about an hour, but it is already so faint I have to sniff around for several seconds to pick it up.
  3. allelujiah

    #20 Love Oil

    Wet this had a Black Phoenix feel to it - the almond was more subtle, but it also had a touch of cherry like Black Phoenix. Once it dried down it began to smell very much like a bar of Dove Soap for a while. I couldn't shake the soapy smell, but underneath was the herbal mix that is in many of the voodoo blends. Whoosh - now the oil is nothing if not bitter herbs and strong roses. It tickles my nose it is so strong and bitter. This scent doesn't work with my chemistry. I don't want subject the porn star to this scent, so I won't be testing its voo doo potency. So floral, so bitter herby. Time to wash my wrist. Alas, I wanted this to be sexy and yummy. I get a Dove soap vibe, and no good has come of it.
  4. allelujiah

    Jolly Roger

    In the bottle is it is salty and acquatic. I can smell the rum, but it is faint. This starts out leathery on me. The salt is still there, but taking a back seat and the rum is totally gone. It has promise. After it dries though, I'm attacked by the woody/pathcouli-esque scent. If I turn my head I still get some of the "sea air" quality, but if I hold my nose to my wrist all I get is the patchouli/woody/earthy. It is salty, but not oceanic. This one is getting swapped.
  5. allelujiah


    This scent is sexy as hell! It is slightly sweet (because of the plum, I reckon) - like honeyed carnations. It is what I thought Alice would be like, only grown up and more intense. The musk just makes is all carnal and yummy, a little darker/smokier. The plum isn't like Bordello, which on me was just sickly sweet, it is a subtle, kind of spicy sweetness that doesn't smell too fruity. Damn, this is would be good with Fallen.
  6. allelujiah


    The oil is a gorgeous dark brown color in the vial. I paniced a bit when I saw it because no good can come of me mixing with patchouli, and that dark brown color made me highly suspicious. At first the cranberries smelled sweetly and strongly, like an apple scent (Hesperides). I was not too pleased with that situation. It is like cough syrup, but it fades upon drydown, thank goodness. I fear that there is a bit of patchouli in here, or spices that are similar, but it isn't overpowering in the way my chemistry usually amps it up. It is a warm berry scent over all. It is spicy and makes me think of red lacquored wood (if that makes sense to anyone but me). It is a bit too sweet of a scent for me. It isn't terrible or headachy, though.
  7. allelujiah


    Whoosh! This is some serious stuff. It is super duper strong. At first it is very very astringent - it kind of smells like rubbing alcohol throughout application and into the dry down. It is a very clean deoderant/body wash type scent at application. It still has plenty of throw and hasn't mellowed much. The alchohol smell is gone. Now (three hours after application) it is a touch sweet, aquatic and clean. Could there be juniper in this? I'm not sure what it is I'm smelling, beside ozone. It sort of smells how someone's breath does right after they drink orange juice. You KNOW what I'm talking about. I would like this on my man (to whom I will gift it this evening), but it is far to masculine for me, and I like masculine scents (Bluebeard is yum).
  8. allelujiah

    Juke Joint

    Well, this started off slightly boozy and slightly minty. It is very mild, and hardly smelled like anything at all. Until the patchouli took over. I don't know if there is patchouli in this, but my skin amplifies that scent quite a bit, and it smelled just like patchouli on me. That earthy scent had a sweetened edge, which I think is the influence of sugar and mint. That was a blessing, because I would like that earthiness if it didn't make me smell like a bus stop. It has almost completely faded away now, leaving only a faint powdery mintiness.
  9. allelujiah

    The Moon

    This scent shouts out of the bottle. Right from the vial it has a bitter herby quality and a really cloying floral component. Upon application, the floral sweetens a bit to something that smells like...lotus? It is really dark green at first though, before the herbiness mellows out. After it dries down, the jasmine becomes much more prominent. The herbiness mellows to a become that background that many magickal scents have. There is a honeyed quality to the jasmine that I think may be the lotus calming down. This scent is pretty, very feminine and STRONG. Its a heady scent, and I can totally see how it is meant to intoxicate and lead one down the path of dreams and visions that is the Moon. It isn't a scent for me, but it is quite nice, and very card appropriate.
  10. allelujiah


    Numb is electric violets. It reminds me of violet cologne that my family puts on babies. I love this scent. It is powdery, but not in the way that Ave Maria Gratia Plena is. Numb has a ton of throw and lasted quite a while on me. Granted, I doused myself in it once I saw I had a frimp of the goodness. This scent is more feminine than any of the other violet scents I've tried from the lab. When I first started shopping for oils, I was looking for something just like this and didn't find it until now. I begged the lab to bring Numb back as a Yule/winter scent.
  11. allelujiah

    French Love

    Um...this goes on warm and sweet. It reminds me very much of Dragon's Milk, in that the dragon's blood resin is strong, but it is a creamy scent. It has a little more "tang" (read plastic(?)) than dragon's milk does, though. I think this is a floral note that I can't identify. It is a touch spicy and pretty full bodied. It is definitely red. In other news: I saw my boyfriend this morning and he was very taken with the scent. The compliments just came a-flowing, amongst other things. Check plus on the voodoo effects.
  12. allelujiah


    I ordered an imp of this because of some rave reviews on livejournal. This scent started off as a sharp, green scent. There was a strong pne scent and some juicy berry as well. It made me think of cold winters. It has lots of throw at first. The sharpness quickly started to mellow out, making the scent more complex. It is woody and herby on the dry down, while maintaining that fresh pine goodness. Five hours later, Dublin has mostly faded away. The floral element is a bit more prominent. I can't smell the berry note, and the pine is really mellow. This is going to fade away in about 10 seconds. I like this enough to keep the imp, the smell is really pleasant, and I know many people love it. It is more complex and nice than just straight pine, but that is the strongest note on me. I wouldn't order a bottle of this, as it fades on me, and I can't imagine wanting to smell like Christmas more than a few times in a year.
  13. allelujiah


    This is a very clean men's scent. The lavendar is very nice. It kind of reminds me of this cologne I used to have as a baby that was mostly violets. This scent is definitely masculine. I really like it, and keep sniffing my wrists, but I smell like I just had some sort of trist and the man's cologne has rubbed off on me. There is a clean o-zone-y aspect to this scent. It makes me think of electric or icy blues.
  14. allelujiah

    Dana O'Shee

    This smell is divine! The almonds are so yum in this one, and start of very strong on me. There is an oat smell - like Honey Smacks - of puffed wheat with honey. It is just so good. The almond stays pretty strong throughout the day, but gives way to some creamy goodness after a few hours. This scent stayed strong on my all day, and it had a lot of throw. I smelled like marzipan! Even after I got home from work I could still smell that marzipany goodness - like a certain beloved Lush product I know. My only complaint (and this happens to me with other honey scents (Alice) as well) is that the honey takes on a really strong burnt quality to it. Like, the taste of it after you've eaten entirely too much honey would be. It is a bitter note to an otherwise really sweet and delicious smell. This goes on my big bottle list!
  15. allelujiah

    Sudha Segara

    This is just a really great scent. It is super creamy and the ginger is delicate. It gives just enough spice to the creaminess. It is also one of the first honey scent that doesn't go all burnt smelling after a while. It sort of disappeared a bit after a few hours. I can still smell it, but it certainly doesn't have much throw or staying power. I wish it did, because I really like this one. ETA: It is a very clean scent, which almost never happens on my with milk and honey. Feels like Thai iced tea.