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  1. RocketMelee

    Call it a broken heart, a break-up, heartache...

    Also, DiamondHeart, thanks for the Enya and meditation music recomendation -- I will definitely try that out. It should go nicely with my theraputic knitting. I started a scarf and determined to just work on it whenever I was feeling too horrible -- and then I looked down at one point and saw that it was eight and a half feet long! Hopefully I'll get to the point of wanting to dress up like Trinity and beat the ever-lovin snot out of someone sooner rather than later -- I'm running out of yarn!
  2. RocketMelee

    Call it a broken heart, a break-up, heartache...

    Awwwwww... once again I have to thank everyone. You've all really made me feel a lot better... or at least really comforted. And right now, comforted is about the best thing in the world. AnaisSatin, I'm so sorry to hear that you are smash-ed, too. You've hit my coping list almost exactly on the head, espescially the bubblebaths (I've gone through nearly an entire bottle of B&BW aromatherapy rose sandalwood bubble bath). Except I decided that if I drank as much liquor as I'd currently like to I'd probably drop dead from alcohol poisoning, so I've been drinking yucatecan chocolate instead. And I swear, I have no idea how the Grand Marnier keeps making its way in there...
  3. RocketMelee

    Mom loves Cabotine - BPAL for her?

    Much thanks, Hypothermya! They all sound perfect, I'll have to get her a little imp sampler. Between that and the oils that I need to order for me, I think I'm going to have to start selling plasma...
  4. RocketMelee

    Call it a broken heart, a break-up, heartache...

    Thanks everyone -- for the kind words as much as the scent suggestions. Both have helped greatly. I'm still too weepy to properly express gratitude, but it's there in bucketfuls. Kimmer -- I'd love to try Bliss, but I don't really have anything to swap you for it -- just Veil and Zombi. PM me if either of those sound good to you. Again, thanks everyone. You're all really great.
  5. So, anyone have any scent reccomendations for someone who has just had her heart smashed into a thousand and one pieces? I know what you're (possibly) thinking. If my heart was just smashed into a thousand and one pieces, how can I possibly be thinking about perfume? Well, in the short term, I'm hoping to distract myself. BPAL descriptions are distracting, thinking about when I'm going to place an order is distracting, trying to figure out how to get money for my order is distracting, and looking forward to having my order come in is distracting. In the long term, well, good smells might make me feel just a little bit better. Maybe. So, help a sad sack out. Earn a very small, sugar-free karmic cookie.
  6. RocketMelee


    First review! In the bottle: Sweet, sweet, sweet! I'm new to trying to pick notes out, but I can say that, though very pleasant, this would be sweet to the point of giving me a headache -- if it wasn't backed by a deep, mellow creaminess that is thoroughly intriguing. Maybe it's the teak and vanilla, grounded by the patchouli -- whatever it is, the overall effect is quite magnetic. Wet: It starts off almost overly sweet and strong, with a barely perceptible underlying bite of -- well, not apple in the juicy and crunchy sense, but in an apple peel sense. You know, like when you sniff an apple right before you bite into it? (Maybe I'm the only one who does that...) Anyway, just a trace of apple peel. A spikey bit of patchouli rears its head next. Within two to five minutes equal parts vanilla, teak, and rose rise up a little and start to blend, supplying the creaminess hinted at in the bottle. Within seven minutes, the creamy scent is perfectly merged with the patchouli. And rising. After ten to twelve minutes, I can no longer even vaguely pick out any individual notes. Dry: Simply divine. It's not foody, i's not floral (not in a Hey! Flowers! kind of way, at any rate), it's just pure wafty goodness. If it were a color, it would hover between dusky pink and deep lavendar -- is it possible to smell mauve? This one caught me by surprise, just because I normally favor a completely different sort of smell -- but this is so beautifully balanced, thick, and silky. It smells very rich, using any sense of the word. I was also surprised that it smelled so perfectly blended on me, because my chemistry tends to grab on to roses and super amp them. Not this, though. It has the honor of being the first BPAL oil to go on my 5 ml list.
  7. Oh wise and well-versed in the ways of the smell-tastic forum members, I could use a little help. I'm trying to pick out a set of imps for my mother. Ergo, I know that if I can just pick the right imps, she will be wooed forever. Unfortunately, I haven't smelled enough different scents to pick out the best ones for her. When it comes to myself, I'm perfectly willing to wander around and try a random assortment of imps (I've already found two BPAL scents that are great on me -- Blood and Desire -- that weren't even on my to try list, they just happened to be offered by a swapper at the right time for the right price), but I can't just randomly grab things for my mom, they have to be dead on. Her ultimate favorite perfume (and currently the only one that she wears) is Cabotine. Can anyone suggest any scents that would be like Cabotine or in the same sort of scent family? Anything similar is bound to smell divine on her. Thanks! Caroline