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  1. magikfanfic

    Fruit Moon

    In the bottle: Oh, god, that smells good. Mango and papaya definitely. Also more of the berry fruits. This smells delicious. Like a wonderful mixed drink or something. Wet: Orange as well as the mango still. And currants. With the strawberries as well, I think. Gosh, there's just so much in it. It smells like Starburst, that's what it is. Dry down: Very tropical on me. Mostly the mango, papaya, guava and maybe the tangerine. This isn't nearly as complex as I thought it would be. Rather than smelling like a host of fruits, I'm kinda left as a Starburst candy. Something under it. Maybe the currant. Has a slightly astringent smell to it. Oh, no, probably the orange. Orange does that to me. Apple as well. Yeah, unfortunately, the apple has decided to come out, turn into nail polish remover and ruin the rest of the scent. At least temporairly. Dry: Tropical fruits over the nail polish remover scent. Not the best combo in the world but not as terrible as possible. Pineapple? But there isn't any in here. No, it's the foul apricot, which also hates me. Maybe the pear, too. Why are the evil fruits coming out? Well, that died down. I do smell like a smoothie, though. Mostly the guava. I don't know. I don't love it, but I'm not sure about it yet.
  2. magikfanfic

    Bed of Nails

    In the bottle: It reminds me of aloe. Aloe and some wood. This has a pretty silver sense to it, but then aloe has also struck me as being a little metallic like in its essence. Wet: This is more wood when it hits my skin, which could be a bad thing as a lot of the wood notes are things I'm allergic to. It does retain the metal smell, though, which is less like aloe the more I sniff it but they do seem to be somewhat related. This is like smelling one of the Zen candles that's supposed to be the metal element. It's not a bad smell at all. In fact, it's rather pretty, but I'm not sure it's something I'm going to be wearing very often if at all. I'm not usually a wood scent person, but I like the mixture between the wood and the metal. The metal smell is very strong and clear and clean. I've got a bit of a thing for clean smells. Dry down: This does have an aquatic/ozone sense to it, but it's not as strong an ozone as some and it's not as aquatic as others. I don't get the fabric softener smell from this that most aquatics morph into on me. There's a bit of citrus in the background that I can now pick out from reading the reviews. So it's starting to remind me of some kind of cleaning fluid. One of those citrus ones that takes everything off. This does have a very water water smell to me. Not the more ozone water smell I get in some scents but a clean water smell. The wood acts as a nice background note to the rest of it, though. Dry: On me this is more wood with some clean, citrus, aquatic notes mixed in with it. But a lot of wood. Thankfully not one that I'm allergic to, though. The longer I wear it, the more it smells like wood and less like the aquatic water scent that I liked about it to begin with. I'm torn on this one. I don't know whether I want a bottle of it or not. Because it's not, but it's not what I expected. It seems like a scent that I should give to the boy, but I'm also intrigued by just the clean of it. It reminds me of the snow notes in some of the Yule blends. This reminds me of candles and cleaning and soap and woods. I'm just so very torn about it.
  3. magikfanfic

    Belle Époque

    In the bottle: Sandalwood and mandarin. Mandarin and I have a troubled past. It hates my skin or my skin hates it. But things with mandarin have a history of not working in big ways. Wet: Mandarin and sandalwood. I have no clue what opium smells like so I won't be able to detect it. Maybe it's that odd herbal note I smell, though. This is very gold. Very classy and cultured. And a lot more subdued than I thought possible. Dry down: Only now it smells a little too herby, which means it's bordering on medicinal. The mandarin is there but that herbal smell is cloying and somewhat overpowering. Yeah, not liking this too much. The sandalwood is also out of control. I usually like sandalwood as long as it's not too prevalent. This is mostly sandalwood and that herbal smell that reminds me of the smoke that comes from the legal herbal cigs my dad used to smoke on occasion. Dry: Sandalwood and an off herbal smell. Not interested. Washing off.
  4. magikfanfic

    Black Pearl

    In the bottle: That's surprisingly lovely although it doesn't really smell quite like anything listed in the description. I'm guessing that the really sweet smell is the iris and maybe the musk mixing with it. I really like white musks and they like me. I'm glad not to been bowled over by coconut yet. And I was expecting the hazelnut to be at the top of the scent and overpowering. Wet: This is probably the perfect iris smell. I love irises and I've been trying to find a perfect iris scent for awhile now to no avail. Yet this is beautiful. It is fresh and yet a little tart at the edges as well. This is perfectly blended so I'm not sure that it is just the iris I smell. It might be everything mixed together. But it speaks of beautiful blooms and a little powder and lonliness. Everything I love about irises. Dry down: And now it has a slight background note of coconut, but it's pretty faint and blended so it might be bearable. I hope so because so far this is just achingly lovely. I'm in love with the idea of having found the perfect iris blend at last. Most of the others have been off or I've been allergic to them, but this one is perfect so far. Just lovely. But now it's morphing and the iris goes away and leaves more of the hazelnut, which is an odd scent to combine with these in my opinion. It's still nice. It's just a little richer and less floral now. This is a nice light scent, though. Very young and pale. Dry: Iris with a background of coconut and hazelnut to keep it from being overwhelming. This is lovely and full, floral without being too perfumy and just lovely.I'll have to give it a few more tests before deciding if I need a big bottle, but it sure is a lovely scent. It smells like something else but I cannot for the life of me remember what.
  5. magikfanfic


    In the bottle: Cocoa powder in a bottle. Huh. I mean, I know Beth can do wonderful things with oils but I never imagined that Bliss would really smell like, well, chocolate. Wet: Cocoa powder and sugar. Like when my father makes fudge. It does smell good enough to eat, but I'm not about to mix it into cookies or anything like that. Dry down: Cocoa. I'm not anticipating this going through any really interesting stages, really. It's nice, but I'm not sure that I really want to smell like chocolate all day. I'll probably keep the imp around, though. Maybe smelling it will calm my chocolate cravings. Nah, it'll most likely exacerbate them, but it still smells really good. Dry: Yep. Still cocoa.
  6. magikfanfic


    In the bottle: Coconut and fig. I'm not sure I'll like this, but the same kind friend sent it so I can't just toss it aside. Wet: Coconut, fig and a little almond milky scent. It's...I don't know. It's not that it smells bad and more that it simply smells weird to me. It has this light kinda nuttiness that makes my stomach clench up. I'm really not good around coconut or fig scents. Almond isn't a big favorite, either. Dry down: Coconut and almond. Almost all of the fig has been eaten up or just hasn't arrived yet. This has a very creamy, milky kind of scent to it so I'm guessing it's more coconut milk than the nasty coconut shavings that get all hard and disgusting. It still isn't making my stomach very happy, though. It's just...once we bought a coconut wanting to pop it open and drink the milk and eat the inside. But it was rotten. And we poured the milk and it tasted funny. And then we popped it open and saw how nasty it was, and I nearly threw up even though I'd had only a little, little, little of the bad milk. This reminds me of that. Dry: Coconut and a little trace of fig. Unfortunately, the idea of rotten coconut milk is not going away so I have to wash this off.
  7. magikfanfic


    In the bottle: Sandalwood and jasmine. An interesting smell but one that is still nice. Makes me think of my red De who brought some BBW shower gelw ith her the last time she visited. There's also something vaguely food. It's nice and completely not something I would have ever chosen to try. I'm so glad my friend sent me this one. Wet: Sandalwood. Sandalwood and jasmine, which I adore as a smell in its own right. It stays close to the skin as a scent but still has a nice aura to it that's just divine. I can detect some of the lily under the sandalwood and the jasmine, but it's not turning sour on me quite yet. Dry down: Jasmine. This smells a lot like the jasmine and vanilla body frosting I got from Skindazzles. I really liked that scent even though it wasn't quite what I had been expecting when it arrived. And, yes, there's the bourbon in the vanilla, too, which is just kinda yum. On me this is turning into a nice vanilla, jasmine, sandalwood scent that's sexy and warm. I don't have a lot of warm, sexy scents. I tend more toward fun, fruity, flirty ones. The girl whose always an inch out of reach. This is woman waiting in bed for you. Jasmine vanilla mostly with just a hint of the sandalwood. Dry: The jasmine is really the strongest scent in this, which isn't surprising as my skin loves to amp up jasmine. I'm surprised the bourbon vanilla hasn't been eaten, though. And the sandalwood is the perfect base for this. This is lovely. I'm not sure I'd want to wear this enough to get a whole bottle, but I'll so be using the imp.
  8. magikfanfic


    In the bottle: Ginger snap cookie from hell. This is strong, strong. This is "Should I even put this on my skin" strong. Wet: Ginger/incense woah! Strong. Way too strong for me. I think it's gonna eat me. It's spicy but still just smells like cookie to me. And mostly a ginger cookie. Very little sugar in this recipe. Dry down: Tones down a little but it's still that breath of ginger snap cookie all hard and snappy. Spicy enough to make your tongue tingle and your teeth click as you try and bite through it until you finally dump it in milk to soften it. It's not a bad scent, but I'm not really one for smelling like baked goods, thank you very much. Dry: Ginger snap from hell. If you like ginger and spice, this is where it's at. If you're like me, and the idea of walking around smelling like you're fresh from the oven is less than appealing, step back.
  9. magikfanfic

    Queen of Clubs

    A modern incarnation of the Queen of Pentacles, or Disks, the Queen of the Thrones of Earth. Nurturing, warm and kind, she is practical, quiet and domesticated, and yet still ambitious, and possessed of the sensual lushness of Mother Earth. Soft, deep earth notes with myrrh, amber, pomegranate, dark incense, red currant, rose and vanilla. In the bottle: Fruity. The pomegrante and the deeper red currant. Sweet and fruity and a little bit flirty. Oh, I hope I don't fall in love with this one. I have no idea where I'd get a bottle of it now. Wet: Wow. Red currant and dirt. Well, now I don't need it nearly as much, that's for sure. That currant is right there though and it makes me sad for the red currant tea I used to drink in England. But it's mostly red currant with a little bit of incense and dirt in the background of it. Not nearly as lovely as the inital fruit smell but not bad. Dry down: Red currant and incense still with the dirt notes. This is comforting and nice, but a little thick for me. These Club scents strike me as being brown, golden brown but warm and thick just the same. Heavy in an old way rather than in a cloying way. On me, this is just mostly the currant amped up by all the other scents beneath it. And it cracks my heart a little as I remember the tea parties we had. But beneath the currant is the incense and the amber and the myrrh, three notes that I do not get along with but don't seem as distressing in this blend. It's got a little sharp kick to it, though. The tart of the currant mixing with the dirt. And now there's the rose, lingering and floating and moving through the rest of the scent. Dry: Red currant. Tart and fresh but with a thicker earth note as well as some rose and incense behind it. It turns more earthy the longer I wear it, which saddens me. I think I'll keep it for the visceral memory kick the currant unfolds. It's a little way to remind me of Harlaxton, but I'm not sure that it's anything I'll be able to wear myself.
  10. magikfanfic

    King of Clubs

    In the bottle: Well, that's a manly almond smell. It's a somewhat pleasant earthly reek with almonds all through it. I'm not the biggest fan of almonds or most of these notes but I've got to try it. You know me. Wet: Wow. Almonds and....this smells like something I've smelled before. It's not bad, but I'm not sure it belongs on a girl. I'm surprised with this. It makes my nose burn a little but it's comforting and dark and just nice all around. I'm gonna have to smear this on the boy to see if it smells as good on him. It reminds me of the liquor kick in vanilla extract for some reason. Dry down: Oh. There's the fig. I'm really not a fig fan in the least so I'm hoping the fig stage is fleeting. Not that I'm gonna be wearing this one myself. No, no, no thanks. It's way too dark and full and thick for me. And now we're in a nice moss stage. Nice to smell. Let's just hope my allergies don't kick in and send me running for the soap. And the leather. Oakmoss and leather is actually a pretty good combo, esp. with the musk and even the amber scents in it. Again, not for me but it should be lovely on my boy. Dry: Um...crap. The beginning twitches of a "OMG, what are you wearing? That's evil!" headache. And now...huh more of the dark musk and it's not quite as nice as was in the other stages. But the headache is edging to racing so I'll wash this off and toss it at the boy.
  11. magikfanfic

    Bearded Lady

    In the bottle: Vanilla and jasmine with the rose pretty strong in the background. So far this smells very nice. I was very tempted by this one s I'm glad I have an imp to try before buying a bottle. It might end up being a little too floral perfume for me, though. Wet: Vanilla and jasmine at first. And then...hmmm, what's that note. I'm not as big a fan of the Turkish rose as I am of the other roses that Beth uses. The Turkish one just seems to be a little more incensey than the others. And there's that slightly sour lily note my skin always gets. But the amber is what really concerns me. I have a slight problem with amber on occasion but the vanilla and the florals in this seem to be taming it down. Dry down: Vanilla and amber with that sourish lily smell in the background. This blend isn't what I had hoped, but it's also not abd so far. I don't seem to be allergic to it and it is rather pretty. I'm just not sure if this is anything I'd ever end up wearing, you know. I've been looking for a nice vanilla blend for awhile now and simply cannot seem to find one that I really like for me. This just seems to be a little too conventional perfume smell for me, though. And the combination of the lily and the Turkish rose don't do much for me. This kinda smells like one of the Rose Petal Place dolls I had, but I can't remember which one. Kinda generic, though. Which is probably my skin murdering lily. It always does. Dry: And now there's more rose. It's like rose and amber and smelling it is burning the back of my throat, which is never a good sign. It's not that this isn't rpetty. It's just not me. I'm glad I got a sample of it to try, though. Oh well. I'll keep looking for a good vanilla and hopefully find this a happier home.
  12. magikfanfic


    In the bottle: This was one that I debated buying for awhile because mint usually doesn't care for me. Yet I wanted to smell it, esp. because I like the scent of cucumber in things such as cucumber melon, etc. And this has a very cooling, cucumber smell that is backed up by the mint. It is a mixture of mint, though, but it still remains calm and soothing rather than overwhelming. I get a little of the pepper as a cold, spice in the background. As long as this doesn't go funky on my skin, I think I'll like it a lot. Wet: Mint. Once it hits my skin the mint wants to dominate. Peppermint it smells like. But, yeah, mostly mint while wet though the throw is slightly more cucumber. I was hoping that this would be a nice cool, cucumber summer blend. If it stays mostly mint, I might not want to keep it. Dry down: Mint and the pepper, which is a very nice scent, really. It takes the edge off the mint and makes it seem more blunted. Rounded. But the mint remains the strongest scent so far. It's not that I don't like mint scents. I do. I just don't love them. I have/had a few. I simply don't seem to reach for them much. I do like the spicy cucumber throw of this, but it comes and goes rather than being strong for long periods of time. And the skin smell is still that blunted mint I was talking about earlier. This is a cool, cool blend, though. I find myself looking for cool blends, esp. when it's so freaking hot outside. But I'm not falling in love with these mints even though they do wonder to cool me down with their scent alone. And now the cucumber begins to peak out on the skin. Very nice. This is such a light scent. Hmm...mint again but with more of the cucumber in there with it. I like this, but I wonder how often I'll reach for it. I think the mixture of mint and cucumber is a fantastic idea, and Beth has done it better than most could, I'm sure. I think this might be one of those that grows on me rather than is immediately loved. Dry: This is pale green ice fire. Cold and calming. Mint blunted by both the pepper and the cucumber to form a mellow, icy scent that I do not immediately love but is something to cool me down on days that are too hot. I'm gonna keep this around to test some more so I can see whether it really is me or not.
  13. magikfanfic

    Honey Moon

    In the bottle: Honey and ginger are in there. I can tell that much. Also I can smell something floral. Probably the gardenia as I'm familiar with jasmine and it doesn't smell like jasmine usually smells. I was expecting something way stronger and more honey scented, but this is actually kind of light and feminine flirty rather than seductive womanly. Wet: Honey that fades out to the background pretty quickly and...well, it was the green sharp of thyme but this is changing quickly. Floral. This is a stronger floral than I had been anticipating. The honey becomes a background note to the florals, enriching them. Dry down: Florals with a honey background that seeps through the florals themselves. This does not smell cloying, though, which I had been afraid of when I bought it. Honey scents and I don't usually get along, but I wanted to try this. But, yeah, the honey's coming out more now and overpowering the rest of the notes. This is yellow and not sticky but you can tell that it's thick rather than heavy. Mostly honey with maybe a touch of ginger in there as well. This isn't what I had expected, but it's also not something that I love. I'm not sure I'd even be able to wear it because of my aversion to smelling like food (unless it's fruit.) This is a little too sweet for me. Dry: Honey with a floral background. It's not overwhelming, but it also doesn't take my breath away with its loveliness. I think it's a pretty blend, but not really anything I'd want to wear on a regular basis. A little more of the ginger is out now, which is nice. But it's still too...not me.
  14. magikfanfic


    In the bottle: Cherry and orange lollipops and bubblegum is right. This jumps out of the imp and kicks my stomach with a wave of "OMG, woah." Cherry scents and I have some problems. Orange I don't get along very well, either. This should be an interesting ride. Wet: Bubblegum mostly. With the cherry and orange scents underneath it. Sticky, pink bubblegum. And an odd taint to it that might be that womanly perfume in the description. Dry down: It's starting to smell like Luden's cherry cough drops on me. An odd mix of too sweet and medicine that doesn't help the slight pounding in my head any. But there's a background note I can't discern that's somewhat revolting on my skin. This goes from too sweet to too medicinal in minutes. It's not pleasant. It's not something I can wear. I'm sure it's just too many scents that don't like my skin on my skin, though. Cherry scents, especially, do have a tendancy to hate my skin. Dry: Medicine. Not even sugar scented medicine. Just medicine, which is a sickly, stomach churning smell. Bad skin yet again.
  15. magikfanfic


    In the bottle: Reminds me of Persephone but with a bit more fruit and sugar. Persephone has a very rosy smell but this rose seems to be balanced by the sweet fruit with it. Wet: Fruity, juicy, lush with the rose more in the background than the forefront, which is the opposite of Persephone. I'm not sure what fruit might be in this, but it's sweet and...hmm...almost smells like mango on me the more that I think about it. The rose is so background in this, though, which makes it nice and lovely. Persephone has a slightly jaded quality to it that isn't present in Oshun. This is a fresh fruit and fresh rose smell. Quite nice even though it does have the tendency to smell a little like gum to my nose in that it has an artifical sweet quality to it. Dry down: Hmm..well, it doesn't seem to be mango anymore. Now it does have the kind of citrus tangerine quality to it that has been mentioned in other reviews. In fact that tangerine is almost drowning out the rose, which is very background in this always surprising on my skin. Although I have the slightest fear that there might be lilies in here because the floral is getting some of the same musky smell that usually happens when I have lilies on my skin. There's still that tangerine sweet to it, though. And now more citrus and less floral than I had expected in this blend. It's not that I don't like it because I think it's very nice and it still ranks number one of the scents I've tried lately. It's just that I have an awful lot of rose blends and this one doesn't really strike me as something I'm gonna wear much. I like the juicy rose but this has an odd background note of...it reminds me of Moxie and Persephone blended together not that I'm smelling it. Like there's some cardamon or cinnamon lurking under the surface of the cirtrus/rose top scent. Dry: Yeah, this is Moxie meets Persephone on my skin. It's nice but not really me. Plus something in it is causing that Ingenue-caused headache to start kicking around again. I'm lucky to have had the chance to try this, but I don't think I can keep it.