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    Warm, spiced, and vanilla/creamy combinations seem to be my favorite. Antique Lace Bengal Blood Kiss Bow & Crown of Conquest Dorian Dracul Fenris Wolf Haunted Hearth '04 *** Jacob's Ladder *** King of Spades Lilith Loviatar Lurid Lyonesse *** Monster Bait: Closet Morocco Ozymandias Perversion *** Saint-Germain Snake Charmer *** Snake Oil Snow White Spooky The Tell-Tale Heart Three Witches Tombstone Whitechapel

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    Reading, drawing, painting, embroidery, interior design, Tarot, traveling, and many others. I'm back in college, so most of my time ends up being sucked into the studio.
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    Virgo :) Moon in Cancer, Gemini Rising, Mercury in Libra, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Leo. Yeah, I'm complicated. Chinese: Metal Cock (Rooster :) )
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  1. Fyre_in_Winter

    Faiza, the Black Mamba (2006)

    Despite the caraway, jasmine, and gardenia, I had to try Faiza because it has a whole bunch of my absolute favorite notes. It smells quite odd to my nose, and I wouldn't wear it everyday, but I find it very appealing for those occasions when I want a rich "perfumey" perfume. It smells really expensive and a bit piercing, but still unique and unusual.
  2. Fyre_in_Winter

    Western Diamondback

    I was expecting a sexier/ more leathery version of Tombstone... alas, I mostly got a similar leather to Quincey Morris on dry, green, not-so-Snake-Oily base. It wasn't bad, but I see no reason to get a bottle when I much prefer Tombstone or layering Snake Oil and Quincey Morris (or De Sade).
  3. Fyre_in_Winter

    Red Currant, Black Currant & Cassis scents

    Well, they don't have black currant in them, but I definately get "dark berries" from Blood Countess and Morgause. I'd also recommend giving Blood Countess a shot. You might also like Montresor, thought its an LE.
  4. I'll second (third?) the Tombstone recommendation. It's a little drier and less fruity than SO. Yes, you do need to go try Snake Charmer again! Also, give Scherezade and Fenris Wolf a shot for the red musk action. And maybe try Loviatar, which to me has a similar spice as Snake Oil.
  5. I love both Dracul and Haunted. I'd suggest finding an orangle peel/woody blend and layering it with Haunted.
  6. Fyre_in_Winter


    Lyonesse has dethroned Perversion as my all-time favorite scent. I think I may have found my signature scent. This is gorgeousness, bottled. It is the perfect balance of amber, vanilla, sweet musk, and a hint of.... something ethereal. ETA: Oh yeah, this is The One. It's perfect for any occasion and has decent lasting power. *@^#&$, this smells so good.............
  7. Fyre_in_Winter

    Femme Fatale Scents

    For the "dark, manipulative seductress" (mind you, this is probably based on my own scent biases): Al-shairan Blood Kiss (the vetiver in this particularly says "blade" to me..but I'm weird, I like vetiver) Bloodlust Lilith Loviatar Sin Spellbound and if you're into layering, I'd give Perversion (or Snake Oil) + De Sade or Iago a try. "Ninja geisha" conjures up Nosferatu or straight De Sade to my nose, for some reason. For the Ice Queen archtype that aren't minty or pine-y, perhaps the grapefruit and zingy lemon scents would be more what you're looking for... or violets (i.e. Numb)- I can't make any recommendations there, because those are generally notes that hate my skin. And as for ethereal, misty gossamer scents, I'll second Empyreal Mist. Have fun on your search!
  8. Fyre_in_Winter

    What to wear to a rock show?

    I'm going to see Il Divo at an outdoor venue in June in Atlanta, GA and I have NO IDEA which BPAL to wear. I'll probably be wearing something black and attempt to look classy. As far as my scent preferences, I'm totally into heavy resins, tobacco, leather, spicy, and incensey scents, especially foody ones. But, what the heck do I wear outside on a summer night in Georgia?
  9. Fyre_in_Winter

    The Bow & Crown of Conquest

    The first time I tried this, the lavender went all crazy and I tucked it away with a few other scents for when I wanted to smell herbal in warm weather. Now that aforesaid warm weather has come, I put some on today. To sum up, it smells like Antique Lace, De Sade, and Snake Oil had a threesome on my wrist. Needless to say, I am one satisfied customer here Beth.
  10. Fyre_in_Winter

    What BPAL is the most like Shalimar?

    I just got my imp of Ozymandias, and the opening note is almost exctly like that of Shalimar. And it has a warm ambery drydown that I adore.
  11. Fyre_in_Winter


    Forgive me, I'm an artist and a Vrigo, so I'm going to be a little analytical. And of course these are only my own perceptions. Lavender/ Blue Violet Scents:Somnus, Tisiphone Violet Scents: Intrigue, Queen of Spades, Spellbound Dark Purple/ Red Violet Scents: Bewitched, Montresor, Queen of Clubs, Wanda Fuscia/ Magenta Scents: Bordello
  12. Fyre_in_Winter

    Aligning with Goddess

    Hunter Moon springs to mind.
  13. Fyre_in_Winter

    I need more Cherry!

    Blood Kiss and Hearth '04, if you can find it. Also you might want to give Black Phoenix a shot.
  14. Fyre_in_Winter

    The Tell-Tale Heart

    This is the good stuff right here. I was wary because of the dragon's blood and cocoa, but couldn't pass up on the black pepper and allspice. quikslvr kindly decanted me an imp of this scent and I'm considering buying a big bottle. On my skin this concoction becomes a warm, spicy and comforting scent. The cocoa smells like it's supposed to and stays submissive, which is good. The spices are glorious but not too spicy. The db thankfully does not turn into cinna-berry-bubblegum. Vetiver is usually amped up on my skin (in a pleasant way, it gets citrus-y tangy) but I've only gotten a whiff once out of the Tell-Tale Heart. I chalk all of the notes behaving themselves up to the blood musk, whatever that is. All in all a very, very nice scent. After a bit, I think I detect some similarity to Snake Charmer in the undertone. So if you like thick, warm spicy/incensey scents, definitely give this one a go.
  15. Fyre_in_Winter


    I'm pretty leery of any scents containing wine, as they have a tendency to turn into grape cough syrup on my skin (and I abhor grape anything). I was extremely pleased with Montresor, however. I won't beat around the bush and just say that it smells like really funky wine in the bottle. I put it on my wrist and my gods, it became incredible. The black fruit was very reminiscent (to me) of whatever combo is in King of Spades and Queen of Clubs. Yummy stuff, though it seems to stay in the throw pretty much. Up next to my skin is where the delicious oaken vanilla mojo really works its magic. A very comforting and laid back scent. Being a Hearth '04 fan, I wish there was more of the cherry tobacco to it that others have reported, but Montresor is more than sufficient on its own. I bought Andra's bottle on the spot.