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  1. Just put on some BPAL Voodoo and had that "why does this smell familiar" moment, and on my skin (which can do weird things to bpal oils, so YMMV) it reminds me a lot of Lord of Misrule, for anyone still looking...
  2. liquideyes

    Ruddy Daggerwing

    This is gorgeous! Tyically I cannot wear chocolate or coffee, but as soon as I put this on I get a gorgeous blast of citrus (mostly orangey, but there's a sharpness underneath) layered over chocolate, reminiscent of a terry's chocolate orange but more interesting and less sweet. I could not stop smelling myself. As it dried, a wave of creaminess appeared, and mixed with the orangish scent to smell like the fanciest creamsicle ever. On further dry down it all melds together and started to smell familiar... and I wound up with a scent very similar to what the Enlightenment of the Courtesan Jigokudayu smells like on me. Odd, because they don't share any notes, but from both I get a creamy skin scent with a bite of fruit. Now, to decide whether I need a bottle of both...
  3. liquideyes

    Butterfly Nectar Bath Oil

    From the bottle I am reminded the gorgeous light honey from Half Elf v5 (and possibly shared by a variety of pleasing amusements), then on my skin I get hit with a bright, sweet, juicy floral that I am totally unfamiliar with, but after a while it fades back into the honey and it all swirls together. Butterfly nectar indeed.