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    I'm a foody, with floral tendencies. I can do musk, amber and smoke as long as they're not too dark. I dislike strong patchouli, incense and resins. My dream scent is Sugar Moon 2008 (basically: blue musk with sugary berries, black orchid, rose and a hint of woods. Heaven.)


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  1. Wet: super strong tobacco comes out and punches me in the nose. smells like an old fashioned oriental-style perfume Dry: Florals come out, and this is now a pleasant blend. the tobacco still provides that hint of incense.
  2. kelpsoda

    Cat Chasing Butterflies

    WET: very peach - almost fruity. I get almond cookies behind that! DRY: an almond/amber/musk combo. Peach blossom has disappeared completely. The musk is actually pretty strong. A little sharper than I would like. . .
  3. kelpsoda

    Vivid Enjoyment of the Memory of Rupture

    WET: I get an odd licorice smell. There's creaminess behind it - this may be the cardamom mixed with the rice milk? DRY: it's less licorice and more. . . . I'm not sure, amber like? Whatever was striking me as licorice is softer now. I never quite get cardamom spice, though, or floral ginger. I like this dry version - the creaminess is nice.
  4. kelpsoda

    Caressing the Wild Rabbit

    Not surprising, this smells a lot like White Rabbit! Lots of sharp white tea. I smell a little floral in the background, but it's mostly tea. Very nice, but it fades fast.
  5. kelpsoda

    Visiting the Sumida River with a Geisha

    This smells a clean and soapy - probably the lily? I actually don't get orange blossom at all in the decant. It reminds me of water - not a true aquatic, but a clean smell.
  6. kelpsoda

    Die Begierde

    Lots of rose! Every so often I catch a softer floral , and that might be the carnation. There's something sweet grounding it - maybe the cognac? Pretty, but not too different from my other rose scents.
  7. kelpsoda

    Initiation Sentimentale

    In the decant, I get soapy florals. It's a bit too strong for my taste. I'm not sure I can wait until dry down - had to wash it off. The florals are giving me a headache. Too bad! I was excited for the pepper and clove, but it never appeared.
  8. kelpsoda

    Consoling Pussy of Horse Face Mountain

    I just got punched in the face with wisteria. It's really strong in this one. After dry down, I get a bit of incense but it's not enough to balance out the florals.
  9. kelpsoda

    Adventure with Bandits in a Kago

    So juicy! The peach/nectarine combo is luscious. On dry down I get a bit of frankincense in the background, but not much. Just enough to keep it grounded.
  10. kelpsoda


    Fruity! with florals! I'm in love. I get some of the tuberose, but it's grounded by the other notes. On dry down, it's a delightful soft orange blossom.
  11. kelpsoda

    Festival Orgy

    I get a lot of ylang ylang/floral when I first applied this. I don't get a huge amount of mosses coming out on my skin, which is too bad. When will I learn that I amp floral ? :/
  12. kelpsoda

    Cave of Treasures

    Unlike other reviewers, I get very little lilac in the decant. It's all honey-amber-musk for me. There's a touch of something floral, but it disappears quickly.
  13. kelpsoda


    Pretty! I get all crisp, white tea. It reminds me a lot of Kumiho. I wish I got some of the fig! But it's pretty much just tea. A little sharp still after dry down.
  14. kelpsoda

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    I got unlucky with this one. I want the creamy mimosa that other reviewers got! Alas. from decant: Cherry/almond syrup. pretty strong - like being hit on the nose. wet: Almond to the max, plasticky background drydown: plastic and vanilla. awwww. . . . it does share some similarity with Snow White, but I like that better.
  15. kelpsoda

    Who In the World Am I?

    awww.... I just got this today, and I'm not getting very many notes. I get super strong lavender to start out with. Then it dries down to soap. Soapy soapy soap, like shampoo at a hair salon. No vanilla or hinoki wood? rats! Will update tomorrow. maybe it needs a day to sit?