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  1. jcdracon


    Eh, on me this is mostly fake peaches and musk. it's not necessarily bad, but I've had a big bottle of peach body mist for years I've barely made a dent in, this hardly seems worth it.
  2. jcdracon

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    *sigh* I got a frimp of Phantom with my last order, imagine my dismay when I loved it and it was no longer available. Any rough equivalents people can rec to me?
  3. jcdracon


    mmm, this is what Bengal should have been for me. All of the lovely sweet/spicy goodness with none of the nasty Skin musk afterscent. 10/10
  4. jcdracon

    Recommmendations for Green Scents

    Hmm, Robin Goodfellow smells exactly like fresh green leaves to me if you want to try something a little different. And I am very fond of Shanghai, it's very bright and fresh.
  5. jcdracon


    In the Bottle: Sweet manderin oranges On Wet: Gummy orange candy, not bad but I was hoping for something a bit fresher. Dry: I kept sniffing on my bus ride to work trying to figure out who was chewing fruity gum. All in all, not bad, but not nice enough to merrit a big bottle. 6/10
  6. jcdracon


    It's not too bad in the imp, pleasantly fruity, but the second it hits my skin it starts to morph. Before I knew it I was reeking of headache inducing generic perfume and fake peach scent. Also, it's got wicked throw so after wincing through my 20 minute bus ride to work I had to race to the bathroom to try and wash a bit of it off. Too bad, I had high hopes for this one.
  7. jcdracon


    UGH! Old lady soap, pure and simple. I can only assume twilight refers to your twilight years.
  8. jcdracon


    ^^ the labbies were all about the Wanderlust this time around, this was my third freebie from the Wanderlust group with this order, which I've gotta say made me really happy. In the bottle: sweet green tea and honeysuckle. Mmm, this is gorgeous, gentle and clean. Wet: sweetened lemons, a hint of green tea Dry: ooh, this is really nice, a clean, lemony scent without smelling like lemon pledge. There's something underneath that's probably the honeysuckle and green tea. I'm thinking it's the honely suckle that's keeping this nice and sweet. All in all a very nice scent, I might get a bottle for summer time.
  9. jcdracon


    This was a frimp with my last order, so far I've had pretty good luck with the Wanderlust scents, here we go. In the bottle: very dark florals, it's very sharp in my nose. There's something else in there too... probably the frankincense, but it's mostly floral On Wet: Pretty much the same as in the bottle. Dry down: ugh, not liking this one at all, it's too pungent. I'm not getting enough lily to save it, it's almost entirely dark, bitter rose. Off to the swaps pile it goes.
  10. jcdracon

    Vampire Tears

    Hmm, this was a freebie with my last order. Not really high up on my list of things to try but it we'll give it a shot, I do love me some Grapefruit. Wet: Clean, crisp and fruity, purhaps a little sharp, a bit like under ripened fruit. Dry: Ugh, I still get some of the crisp fruitiness but I'm getting something else (I'm thinking the Jasmine) that's turning it into pure stank on me. Bah! DO NOT WANT! Rating: 3/10 Off to swaps with you my friend.
  11. jcdracon

    Schrodinger's Cat

    This was a frimp, which was cool since I'd eyeballed it but then decided it was just a bit too odd to drop actual money on. ^^ Thanks labbies for reading my mind! Hmm, in the bottle this is a fascinatingly complex citrus scent, can't stop sniffing to try and catch everything that's going on under all the grapefruit I'm getting. On wet it's very bright and clean with something sugary sweet going on underneath. Mmmm all of the yummy grapefruit of Cheshire Cat with out the evil medicinal ick of the camomile. On dry more of the lavender is coming out, which doesn't thrill me as I am most definitely not a lavender fan. Still, it hasn't gone all old lady soap on me like Twilight or made me want to run and scrub my arm like Bluebeard so it's ahead of the game. I might try it a few more times, see if it grows on me. 7/10