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  1. Mayfair

    Eat Me

    My experience exactly. It started out as this delicious sweet cake scent on my skin, but then turned very perfumy pretty quickly. Usually berry/fruity scents work well on me, but the currants in this are just off somehow.
  2. Mayfair

    Drink Me

    Starts out as a nice foody/cakey scent, which reminds me of Beaver Moon only a little more subtle. Sadly the caramel-butter note that also seems to be in Gluttony overwhelms everything else and makes me quite nauseous.
  3. Mayfair


    Chimera is simply delicious! It starts out as hot and heavy cinnamon, but then mellows down very nicely. The copal really adds a sweet touch and the overall dry-down is a warm, spicy, sweet cinnamon-vanilla scent.
  4. Mayfair

    Punkie Night

    I really, really wanted to like this one but it just doesn't like me back. It starts off as a really fresh, nicely sweet juicy apple scents with just the right amount of tartness from the cranberries. Sadly the crannies disappear rather quickly and the apples turn plasticky and fake on my skin. I guess I'll just have to stay clear of the really fruity scents, as Fruit Moon did the same thing to me. Maybe it's just the apples...
  5. Mayfair

    Pumpkin Queen

    I'm really having trouble making up my mind about this one. It starts off as a warm, buttery pumpkin with a nice twist of orange, which I really like. But the dry down is definitely more spicy and a little sharp to my nose. It's a rather sophisticated and posh pumpkin scent, but I think I prefer the sweeter and softer Jack.
  6. Mayfair

    Trick or Treat

    In the bottle: sweet, creamy and buttery. On my skin: spicy and foody, this smells EXACTLY like Gingerbread Poppet! I cannot for the life of me tell a difference, so either my bottles have been mislabled or candy corn is supposed to smell like this. Don't get me wrong, it's yummy. But not at all what I was expecting.
  7. Mayfair


    This is really minty! It starts out very cool and fresh on my skin, but a dark coolness rather than crispness. Then a strong, very dry wood note creeps in, which I'm hardpressed to identify. Could be vetivert, which I usually hate with a vengeance, could be myrrh as well. It's certainly dry and slightly masculine. I don't get the rice pudding at all, but it's somehow a very comforting scent. I don't think I'll be buying more, but it was interesting to try.
  8. Mayfair


    At first this wall all lovely, herby lavender on me. But then the jasmine reared its ugly head to the point where this was all I could smell. It really didn't have a calming effect on me at all, if anything the strong floral smell got me all confused.
  9. Mayfair


    Wow my skin chemistry must really be different. I don't get lemon at all, but ripe, zesty oranges. Freshly squeezed when you get the sweetness from the juice but also smell the bitterness from the peel. There is also a touch of pine in this, which thankfully vanishes very quickly though. This stays very true to the oranges for me, a really uplifting scent.
  10. Mayfair

    Blood Pearl

    Thankfully this is not as floral as Black Pearl. It's more dark and spicy, which will be the red musk. The coconut adds a sweet softness, without being overpowering. It doesn't really smell very coconutty (as in suntan lotion coconut), but rather soft and almost powdery. I think I like it.
  11. Mayfair

    Juke Joint

    I love bourbon, I love sugar, I love mint. Sadly this smelled of neither very strongly on me. Initially it is verry smoky and kind of dry smelling on me, then the mint peeps out a bit. There is no warm or boozy scent though and no sugary sweetness. It is a very rough and masculine scent and for some strange reson it smells very woody on me. Although it is not at all what I had hoped for, I guess it fits the description. Smelling this reminds me of a big, unshaven lumberjack in a flannel shirt who is chewing tobacco. Definitely a rugged and manly blend, but not for me.
  12. Mayfair


    After I tried the single note of Fig, I discovered that I love fig scents. So I hunted around my imp box and found Carnal, which I had tried only once before. The initial smell was of warm, sweet, ripe figs. Then the mandarine peeped out and added a sort of bitter touch. Later the fig becomes more prominent again, in a sort of dried fruits/raisin sweetness. Now both nothes are balanced really well, with neither being overpowering. I like this A LOT.
  13. Mayfair

    Silk Road

    Wow this is really complex indeed, like the other reviewers I have a hard time picking out any individual notes. At first it is really spicy and floral, but not spicy as in cinnamon or clove, but just a bit sharp smelling. It softens up pretty quick though and smells almost spicy-creamy now. I think I can definitely pick out carnation and maybe some myrrh and ylang ylang. I usually don't like florals, but this is really special. I don't think this will be a big bottle for me, but I think I'll get another imp of this at least.
  14. Mayfair


    Ooh I love Maenad! I got a bottle of this in a swap without having sniffed it first and I'm so glad I did. It starts out very green and doesn't smell too strongly of strawberries. More like the green strawberry stems or the tiny white strawberry blossoms. After a few minutes it sweetens up nicely, though it never turns sickly sweet. It's juicy and fruity and girly and bubbly, but there is a naughty core to it. It has a dark and slightly bitter base, which I'm assuming is the black poppy. This is a Lolita fragrance I think. It seems girly and innocent, but there is a very sexy and almost sophisticated base note.
  15. Mayfair

    Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Intimidation, Power

    Snake Oil is fab as a power scent, but other than that I think you'll have to find out for yourself. We each have different tastes and body chemistry, so will perceive certain scents completely differently. You'll know when you have found a scent that makes you feel strong and confident. Good luck with your new position!