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  1. nageira

    Viking or Norse-themed scents

    Don't forget Vinland! It's discontinued though...
  2. nageira

    Black Lily

    mmm! I love this sent! Its the same in the imp as on my skin which is great. Its a lovely clean light sent that will be perfect for spring. A 5ml for sure.
  3. nageira


    In the imp: A sage-y musk. Not a hint of the berry notes. On skin: SAGE! for about 10 seconds and then it turns so amazing! Wonderful berries and musk with just the tiniest bit of sage. I love this sent! I've worn it almost everyday since I got it. Definitely going to get a 5ml
  4. nageira

    Snake Oil

    In the bottle: pure cough syrup. I nearly cried. I was hoping for so much more. Wet on the skin: no change. Still cough syrup... fancy expensive cough syrup but cough syrup none the less. On Dry down: The spiciness is starting to come out but I had to wash it off. I'm going to leave this to age and hope that it turns out to be what I hoped for.