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    love me black rose samhain bloodlust i love resiny smoky scents clove scents are good too

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    bpal, mua, dogs and cats, books, movies, music, computer, working with the elderly, jeeps,
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    i'm a capricorn!
  1. raven


    I got this from the lab the other day. This one smells like leather and cinnamon on me. Like the smell of a slick smooth leather coat and a soft cinnamon scent on top of it. I really like it, but I noticed nobody else thought it reminded them of leather.
  2. raven

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Hi You don't have to put it directly on your skin though to wear it! You could use one of those perfume lockets or necklaces to wear around your neck or use it to scent up your home. Just a thought.
  3. raven

    Black Rose

    I just got an imp of this and I've been wearing it for about an hour now. It sounded interesting, but I know most rose scents smell like the perfume you would get along with girl toys, if you know what I mean? But this is just awesome. I definitely smell the rose, but it's a darker rose, sorta an incense smell with it and dusty smelling. It the bottle it smells sorta green, but on me I don't smell that at all. I'm gonna ask my fiance what he thinks of it when he gets home, but I love it and hope to get a bigger bottle of it!