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  1. Azrhiaz


    As noted by others, this is a strong blast of eucalyptus wet-- enough to actually clear sinuses. Which is a nice side effect, but I'm pleased that the eucalyptus is gone within ten minutes, since I don't really want to smell like Vaporub. Drying down, the orange comes out, and it's not a dry orange-- somehow it's creamy on me, rather like a Creamsicle, and I LOVE Creamsicles, so that's nice. The pine isn't very piney, actually, but that's fine-- there's no musk listed, but I swear I smell black musk (my favorite). Either it's there, or the pine is turning black-musky on me. Either way, this stage is completely gorgeous. Warm and sunshiny. It doesn't last as long as I'd like (I think it made it about three hours on me, which is better luck than some have had with it), but I like it so much it's on the big bottle list anyway.
  2. Azrhiaz


    I agree with Luxuria that this is very like one of those break-apart chocolate oranges (only I don't get the dirt). And I adore those; in fact, it reminds me of my favorite coffee, long since discontinued from Panera-- Cafe Borgia (*shakes impotent fist of rage*). All velvety chocolate-orange goodness, with perhaps a little bit of cherry peeking through. Range for long-lasting is about medium-- reapplying at five hours. Not bad, if not as pervasive as some others. Delicious and sinful, and I'd love a big bottle.
  3. Azrhiaz


    Well, I just knew I'd love this, seeing as I'm such a rose fan. Didn't call that one right, though. Wet, I love it. It's just what I pictured-- sexy, lush, cinnamony rose. On the drydown, the cinnamon evaporates (pretty quickly on me), and then I smell the same rose as Silentium Amoris, so I'm loving that...until it turns into a sicky-sweet rose powder. It's almost...rose bubble gum? Right now I don't like it, but I also think I'm getting a cold, so my sniffer might be off. I'll give it another shot on another day before relegating it to swaps.
  4. Azrhiaz

    Blood Kiss

    The imp I was most looking forward to getting with my order is here, and it's love, it really is-- this smells *exactly* like I was hoping it would. It's rich-- spicy and thick, honeyed cream and wine and the darkest cherries, dribbling stickily down your chin, and underneath it all my beloved vetiver makes it all positively feral. It's so sexy I want to gnaw my arm off. Big bottle STAT.
  5. Azrhiaz

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Hamadryad gave me the red welt action, which sucked because it smelled lovely.
  6. Azrhiaz


    As others have noted, a light, bright floral. The incense doesn't assert itself much on me; rather, it keeps the florals from being overly sweet and warms them up a bit. This makes me think of sunlight on white petals. Truly lovely, although I'm really not a white-floral kind of girl. This would make a stunning wedding fragrance, I think. In sum, very pretty, but I don't think I'll get a big bottle.
  7. Azrhiaz


    This is the best example I've seen yet of an oil that I would do anything to fast-forward. Wet, it's overwhelming, powdery lilac, skirting the edges of headache territory. But on the drydown, oh! The myrrh comes through (I love myrrh) and the amber warms it up, while the lilac gets relegated to the back seat (thank goodness). An oddly fruity note comes out, but I like it. Overall, the drydown is warm and beautiful-- womanly is the word that kept coming to mind-- and I'd love the oil if I could just skip the wet stage.
  8. Azrhiaz


    I'm so in love with Beth's rose scents. This is another lovely one, and yet...I don't know that I'll get a big bottle of this one. I can't smell the apple blossom; what I *do* smell is a freshly cut tea rose. It's so clean and so *real* I feel like I'm in a garden, which, hey, apropos. But as lovely as it is, it seems to be lacking the complexity of Silentium Amoris, Psyche, or Rakshasa, my three favorite roses. Since I've got bottles of those either now or on the way, I don't think I'll go for Eve. But I'll definitely use up the Imp.
  9. Azrhiaz

    Chaos Theory

    I got an Imp of Chaos Theory XXVIII as a freebie (don't remember who threw it in for me, oops). Unfortunately, this is so wrong on me. Lemon Pledge crossed with Bounce dryer sheets. Yarch. Hate it! Ah, well, can't win 'em all. Previously reviewed by fragrantgrasse.
  10. Azrhiaz


    Almost entirely violet on me-- I couldn't get more than the tiniest whiff of my beloved rose. That said, I like violet, and this was so very period I halfway felt I should be curtsying today. I do really like it, but I don't think it's quite love-- it's a little more delicate than I prefer. However, it *did* last. Along with Regan, it's the scent that's lasted longest on me. Marie made it a good eleven hours, no joke. That alone might make me give further consideration to a big bottle.
  11. Azrhiaz

    Snake Oil

    By far, our most popular scent! Magnetic, mysterious, and exceedingly sexual in nature. A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla. Oh, well-- my turn to add to the pile of Snake Oil reviews. *g* I confess I almost wanted *not* to like it-- the side of me that immediately balks at whatever's most popular, combined with the fact that the name hardly invokes something wonderful for me. But with so much swooning going on, I had to see for myself. Wet, it's medicinal, as others have noted, but not unpleasantly so. As it dries down I get more vanilla, and the spices warm up just gorgeously. It smells divine on me, but the thing that's most interesting to me is that holy cow, I feel *strong* wearing this. Like I really am a goddess. It doesn't immediately evoke sex for me in the way that Kali did, although it *is* sexy. It's sexy *because* it's strong, not because it's debauched. Haven't gotten any compliments (yet), but I'm a definite Snake Oil fan now. And I'll definitely be wearing it when I meet Elijah Wood. Heh.
  12. Azrhiaz


    Oh, I thought I'd reviewed this one already-- how did I miss it? I'm very glad I ordered it on faith before it was discontinued. I've since received an Imp of it and I *do* love it, although it isn't for every day. It's the perfect embodiment of my beloved cemetary angels-- cold and beautiful and very, very sad somehow. The lily is most prominent on me-- I don't get any rose at all-- and it's a much colder lily note than the one in Tiger Lily. Perfect for the days when I'm sad and want to wallow in it, rather than snap out of it. Other reviewers have mentioned it fading, but this is one that lasts quite well on me. I catch whiffs of it on my sweaters where it hasn't even come out in the wash.
  13. Azrhiaz


    Wet: roses and spice. Nice, can't wait to see what develops. Drydown: oh, soooooo gorgeous! Spiced Indian roses, indeed. Sweet and spicy, like rose candy sprinkled with coriander. This smells so incredible, like Queen of Sheba with roses strewn around her divan, and it's lasting a lot better than the Queen did for me. I want a big bottle of this in the worst way. I smell delicious. LOVE!
  14. Silentium Amoris is my favorite oil (and my favorite rose thus far) but of course it's gone. *sob* Psyche is gorgeous and very rosy and complex. Rakshasa is also quite nice, like a spiced Indian rose.
  15. Azrhiaz


    oh, I am so glad I bought a big bottle of this. Good guess this time. This is soooo beautiful. I'm a big rose fan, and this one is just fabulous. I love lavender, too, and I get them both when wet. The rose seems to me to be rather sweet, not dusty to my nose. On the drydown the musk comes through, but it's very delicate and very well balanced overall. I can't pick out the frankincense on me. And I'm totally thrilled that, so far, this is the most evocative of Silentium Amoris for me from among the other oils. Yes, it's different, but it's got the same feel to it. Pure, true love, indeed, and I feel beautiful wearing it.