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  1. mmontgomery


    This is one of my favorite scents by Beth. It's similar to Serge Lutens Miel Des Bois but it is not $95 a bottle! Honey is the scents that stands out for me, with a background of amber and woods. It has lovely staying power. Just goy my third comped imp of it!!! I'm gonnahave to break down and get a bottle one day.
  2. mmontgomery


    Violet with mint? hmmmm... That's what I thought when I first got an imp of this. But I love how the astringent mint/eucalpyus scents unfold into violet leaf. It's a lovely greeny floral, very fresh.
  3. mmontgomery

    Al Azif

    I didn't get any maple syrup with this one. It's all resinous deliciousness like the inside of some forgotten temple with smoke hanging in the air and soot staining the walls and ceiling. It reminds me of all the starnge resins I have lurking in my cabinet like black copal, oppoponax, elemi and myrrh. Mmmmmm. Too bad it's had it's limited edition run. I would have bought more of this one. It's deliriously intoxicating to me.
  4. mmontgomery


    This is a very masculine scent but one that I can imagine wearing. I love the woody elements, especially the cedar notes.
  5. mmontgomery


    This one started very sweet on me but then quickly became more green. If it's Springtime in Arkham it's when the crocuses first put their heads out from the frosted ground and green shoots start to appear everwhere. It's not cloying on me and even has astringent qualities.
  6. mmontgomery

    Miskatonic University

    I just got my Springtime in Arkham collection today and I'm so excited!!! This is the first scent I've tried. It's very coffee like, then unfolds into Irish coffee. It's as of someone snuck out of the library into the nearby Miskatonic U. coffee house. Perhaps they have the Necronomicon under their arm as they sit in a corner with their expresso. Of course someone has a whiskey in the background, and another is sipping some Baileys. There is the leathery smell of worn couches and ancient crumbling bindings.