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    Favorite Notes: -vanilla -leather -tobacco -musk -amber -tonka -lilac -sexy -watery/fresh My WISH LIST: -Belladonna -Snake Charmer -Mouse's Long Sad Tale -Loup Garou -Vixen -Loviatar -Marie -Wanda -Smut -Eat Me -Bordello -The Lion -Bastet -Versailles -Lyonesse -Antique Lace -Dana O'Shee -Morocco -Sed Non Satiata -Black Cat (voodoo blend) -Black Opal -Les Bijoux -Fae

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    Art, Classical Roman + Greek history, playing violin/mandolin, hooping (hula), Mediaeval Baebes, SCA, cats, frisbee, PEACE.
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  1. poolsoflaughter


    In the vial: Dry, sweet woods...I can see how people compare this to Chanel No. 5 Wet on skin: Yes, very soft, vaguely sweet and dry like faded perfume Dry down: This gets even better, going to a dry, soft woodsy floral. Gorgeous scent! (my favorite so far)
  2. poolsoflaughter


    Sniffing the imp: Very light, crisp and citrusy. Wet on skin: This went on with a screeching high note, sharp, and very in-your-face. Dry down: This just didn't work for me...it went kind of soapy. Darn.
  3. poolsoflaughter


    Sniffing the bottle: Yes, oh my! My first impression is warm vanilla cookies and tea. Wet on Skin: At first, all I get is a warm, almost buttery lemon. Dry down: Here comes the tea! The lemon slips into the background, and this turns into an all-out winner! I'm so glad that I tried an imp, and this will go on my bottle list.
  4. poolsoflaughter

    Al Azif

    A sinister, sinuous incense of summoning, a herald and paean to the Primordial Gods of Darkness, Chaos, Madness and Decay. (imp given as gift) In the bottle: dark and smokey Wet on skin: Very sweet, dark, smokey with a hint of incense Drydown: Mostly the dark smokey smell..the sweetness fades rather quickly. To me, it smells masculine, but when I got my husband to try it, it turned all sweet and fruity on him. Oh well, I'm just going to hang onto it for a little while...
  5. poolsoflaughter


    In the bottle: Very strong floral...I put off trying it on for a few days, because I dreaded smelling so pungeant... Wet on skin: Holy smokes, I've gotta go wash this off.. It was just too strong of a floral mix for me. I bought this thinking that it would be softer, and enigmatic, but not with me, I guess. Tomorrow I'm going to see if a fellow BPALer wants the imp instead.
  6. poolsoflaughter

    Dragon's Heart

    This imp was given to me as a friend, and I thought I'd add my two cents.. In bottle: Dragon's blood, but it smells dark and juicy! Wet on skin: It's still dark, but also sticky sweet...very warm. Dry down: Now there's only a hint of fruit for me; musks are dominant, with the dragon's blood still in the forefront. Softened down, very pleasant, like a dragon giving you a back rub. This would be my signature scent if I wore a corset all of the time. Edited to add: Okay, now that I've worn this a few times, it has become my favorite scent! Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of oil left in the imp she gave me, so I will HAVE to get a big bottle of this, pronto! I highly encourage anyone who likes warm/dragon's blood scents to try this one.
  7. poolsoflaughter


    In the bottle: predominantly rose, but not one that's overpowering. Wet on skin: Oh my! This is actually a rose that I can wear, and not smell like a chapel. What's this? Oh yeah, there's milk and bergamot in this too. Dry down: Yes, I do get the innocence of the scent; it's very soft and delightful. I ended up wearing it to bed, because it's like a gentle hug.
  8. poolsoflaughter


    In the bottle: Very sweet + sharp baby powder...strange Wet on skin: Ylang ylang is the first to announce its presence..as it dries, the patchouli makes its appearance, but very subtle indeed! Dry down: A little like incense..very warm and pleasing! Definitely incites lustful thoughts.
  9. poolsoflaughter


    A master storyteller who possessed unfailing courage and compassion, a sharp, quick wit, and a true understanding of human nature. Saffron and Middle Eastern spices swirled through sensual red musk. In the bottle: Very heady, strong musk and warm spice. Wet on skin: I can't distinguish any single note, it just smells warm and inviting. Dry down: The scent doesn't last all day on me, but it's worth applying often...the soft musk, spices, and saffron all are so smoothly blended together that I still can't tell one from the other. One is reminded of strolling through stalls at an Egyptian spice market.
  10. poolsoflaughter

    Coral Snake (2006)

    A friend was gracious enough to give me the last of her Coral Snake, so here goes: In the bottle: Hmm, peculiar..almost like bubble gum. Wet on skin: Bubble gum scent gone, still sweet, but fruitier with almost undetectable floral. Dry down: Snake oil vanilla scent comes out to play, but the fruitier scent is in the forefront. I can't see wearing this everyday, but I definitely like it. It seems to be a very fun, playful, yet deadly snake.
  11. poolsoflaughter


    In the bottle: Oh yes...no wonder it's called: "O", because that's the first reaction I had. Immediate detection of the honey. Wet on skin: There's still the initial honey impression, but it's being wrestled down by the amber...it's pretty strong at this stage for me. Drydown: Okay, here comes vanilla, but all three settle down and play nice. The scent lasted a long time, but wasn't overpowering. I really want a big bottle of this one!
  12. poolsoflaughter

    Snake Oil

    In the bottle: Soft, yummy vanilla, and nameless spices that I cannot pick out. Wet on skin: Not too strong, and cannot stop sniffing! I still detect the vanilla, and the sweet/dry spices are lurking in the background. Drydown: Numerous friends sniff the air in my general direction, get wild looks on their faces...then they demand to sniff me, and proceed to tell me how nice it is! This happened several times just today! I love the soft scent of a not-to-sweet and spicy vanilla that attracts positive attention. Two thumbs up!