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    jasmine, lavender, patchouli, ginger, almond = good cedar, rose = bad Desire, Vixen, Oneiroi, Morocco, Queen of Sheba, New Orleans, Namaste

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  1. orangepaas

    BPAL Patchouli - there's nothing else like it

    Definitely the Coiled Serpent...it's pretty plain as far as patchouli goes and you can try layering it with other stuff.
  2. orangepaas

    India Bouquet

    So it is curry- and anise-licious, but if you layer it with O...it's a dead ringer for Lush's B Never shower gel!
  3. orangepaas

    Has No Hanna

    I smell mostly violets here, and it's very similar to Ingenue in that sense. A round, open floral scent. I don't particularly care for it but let's see what it can do!
  4. orangepaas


    This is very similar to Angel on me (I had forgotten about Gucci Rush until I read some of these reviews) and has now become my holy grail of BPAL. I cannot believe it. It's amazing!
  5. orangepaas

    Dragon's Milk

    I want to like this; I also want to drink it. It smells like a yummy cherry vanilla icee (snowcone? something)...or like those Bonne Bell lip glosses in cherry. But that is not to say it's got a plasticky odor to it. I like it enough; but I'm not too keen on wearing it all day.
  6. orangepaas


    I'm a big fan of this one. To me, it's like a toned-down version of Vixen(must be the ginger?), plus that berry note that is easily not noticed if you're not paying attention. I would say it's like Vixen the morning after a night out, faded away (it's really light on the skin).
  7. orangepaas

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    New Orleans made my skin turn red wherever I swiped it--so I had these big red stripes on my neck and elbow crooks. It didn't itch though, and didn't turn my wrists red. Lesson learned....but random. And Eos gave me the migraine of the century, plus I coulnd't stop sneezing!!!
  8. orangepaas


    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was grapey. What's up with that? I don't know what labdanum is though, I thought it was something incensey or resiny. The sweetness carries this for the first few minutes, and the musks never really came out to play as much as I would have liked. It's still very, very sweet, but at deep drydown all I can smell is ylang and honey (which is good because ylang without sweets = ) I would classify this as a deep red scent, almost plum in color. Overall, I think I am gonna swap it. It's okay but waay to sweet for me. Which is too bad, I was pretty excited about this one
  9. orangepaas


    To me, this was a sweet, soft version of Old New Orleans. Beautiful and floral. Honeysuckle is more prominent over jasmine here, but the caveat is that I wouldn't really recognize the buttercup. A light yellow, like sunshine. Aptly named (isn't Eos some kind of sun god?) The bad news: A sinus headache to end the world. Not sure if it was the allergens in my area or from the perfume, but I'll hopefully be able to wear it again...it smells so lovely.
  10. dana o'shee - queen of sheba - (skuld? - salome?) queen of sheba - morocco eos - old new orleans old new orleans - bayou desire - la petit mort desire - vixen There are so many whose differences are so *subtle* it's hard for me to tell them apart without wearing one on one wrist and one on the other. Nuts.
  11. orangepaas


    Cocoa and marshmallows, with a hint of darkness underneath. This bears a tangential similiarity with Lush's floating island bath melt (must be the cocoa + sandalwood?) I mean it just about encapsulates a S'mores. It's not particularly musty to me.
  12. orangepaas


    Madrid. A little disappointing. First sniff was grape soda. I don't smell wine. Which is great because I don't want to smell like I've been drinking at 10 am. As soon as the grape soda opens the curtains it's in-your-face clove. After the clove fades it becomes this powdery grape-spice candy scent, a lot like those valentines candy hearts--but the green one that is a little spicey (or is it the purple one?). Not so much medicinal, but definitely candy. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure I like this. I was intruigued by reviews saying it smelled like Sangria--but the sangria I've had before must have been more fruity. Maybe I should save it for summertime.
  13. orangepaas

    The Caterpillar

    I so wanted to love this. Instead I feel like an old lady (carnation anyone)--all those florals mixed together is almost giving me a headache I wonder if cedar is included in the heavy incense notes, either that or there must be some cedar left over in my skin from another day, because my skin drags the tiniest cedar out kicking and screaming and overruling any other lovelies that might be there. I really need to get an oil burner so I can enjoy this somewhere else. Either that or it's going up for swaps.
  14. orangepaas


    This was like a warm, sweet, caramelly scent on me that was just plain perfect. I think it's that orange blossom plus patchouli that was great!!! If I hadn't just bought a 5 ml of Desire, I would Totally buy this one in 5 ml instead. Totally.
  15. orangepaas


    Immediately, I was encompassed with a warm feeling that I was sure was ginger (probably lemongrass? patchouli?). After about a minute, it was ginger plus old lady perfume (jasmine + rose +sandalwood = Lush's Fever). But something there was just soooooooo relaxing. It was unreal. Five minutes later the cedar came out to play, unfortunately cedar is my skin chemistry's schoolyard bully. I was so upset at the way my skin pulled that cedar out and hit me in the face with it and took my lunch money. Four hours later, the cedar's finally gone and I'm left with a spicy, tangy wrist. It's pretty much gone at this point. I wanted to like this a lot, so much so that I will invest in an oil burner so I can use it to fragrance my home instead of my body