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  1. etherealchild

    Rain Scents

    Sea of Glass reminds me of a light spring rain. Its very soft clean smelling. I still have a bottle of Storm Moon that has aged beautifully. It is musky and a tempestuous thunderstorm. The kind that come in the early evening in the summer. It vaguely smells like a yummy boy, the musky note, which certainly doesn't hurt the appeal! Empyreal Mist, Hurricane, June Gloom, St. John, and Hurricane smell like rain/storm too, but those scents don't particuarly do anything for me. Meh. lol.
  2. etherealchild

    Blue Moon 2007

    I have been waiting for almost 3 years for this scent. Three long loooooong years. BTW I did a cartwheel down the hallway back to my apartment when this came. lol In The Bottle An airy swirl of wet woods. Not damp and mossy, but watery. A clutched handful of herbs, cucumbers and forals underneath. At first I am a bit disappointed because it lacks the sugar and crispness in the original, and I am quite afraid it won't hold up to the original. But several sniffs later, I am getting a little intoxicated off of its sublime lovelieness. Wet Oh sweetness, there you are! The familiar cucumber and aloeswood rises, and all of the lovely soft florals open on my skin. The iris and buttercup and orchid and moonflower....... so pretty. The juniper offers a solid ground for the often translucent florals....... The cucumber prevents some of the other notes from weighing it down with dark herbs and woods. ::sniff:: ahhhh! Drydown Fainter...... more settled. My nose is glued to my arm. Sniffing like a dog. It wafts in and out. When it comes over you, it intoxicating and beautiful. When it recedes, you are trying to sniff it out again to keep the scent. God, it is really beautiful. One Hour LaterThis is it! Blue Moon. All the yummy goodness of the original but this time more subtle, more complex. In the original, a lot of the notes disappeared on me..... in this one I can faintly make out the Green tea, and cypress, and palmarosa, and ylang ylang. It is soft and lovely, yet complex and woodsy, and all the while sweet and delicious. The cucumber is round and warm, but this a grown up cucumber. Not all sugar and loud sweetness. Verdict The original Blue Moon was hands down my favorite scent PERIOD. For a long time. I didn't think she could do it.... but she made it better. The cucumber is a more plesantly subdued sweetness, and the mint has been traded for green tea, which I think offers a more grown up and sexier version of Blue Moon, and is a better compliment to the aloeswood, IMO. Seriosuly kids, I am ordering two more bottles. Seriously Beth, you outdid yourself. This is your best perfume to date, and is now my new favorite. I adore this one. THANK YOU BETH!!!!!!! I wasn'y sure if it was just me, but it seems as if this one doesn't quite have the potency the original did. As a matter of fact, I seem to remember overdoing it accidentily on multiple ocassions, with the cucumber taking over the whole room in a very delicious manner. lol I totally have been reapplying, trying to keep that wet and delicious cucumber alive. And I do recognize the difference between somethin being subtle, and something doing a disappearing act. But as the day has gone on I do admit that I miss the old one a bit. I know that more often than not the newer Blue Moon will better suit my persona and moods....... but on the days when it doesn't....... when I will want that deliriously and unapologetically sweet and fresh and girly cucumber........ iI don't know if her more subdued cousin will cut it. Nonetheless.... absolutely gorgeous.
  3. etherealchild


    In the Bottle cold air, shadows, and tightened limbs....... a coiled sexuality...... and dirt..... I am stunned. This is really beautiful. I had imagined something very heavy, resiny, and robust. This is dark, but subtle and implied. Airy and dry lingering sensations. Wet It became somewhat intoxicating when it hit my skin, as if the notes deepened and expanded. It's still quite airy and cool. Sexy without the fleshy sweat and heady lust. Mysterious and languid. ::pats Beth on back:: Drydown I am completely taken aback by this perfume. It's been awhile since a perfume had this kind of effect on me. I didn't think I would like it. Especially the dirt note. Here it isn't mossy or damp, but dry dustings that ground the rest of the fragrence. It makes me feel powerful and seductive. 2 Hours Later I feel confidant and alluring, and the scent isn't perfumey..... it's airy and layered and beautiful in a very different manner. I can so see Angelina Jolie wearing this. Verdict A new favorite. ::adds to list::
  4. etherealchild


    In The Bottle olives, tomatoes, and something sweet. Wet cypress, resin, olives...... ehhhhh. I don't really like this one. I smell very woodsy. Yuck. Drydown olives, sap, cypress/woods, and something slightly sweet...... vanilla maybe? It's not quite so resiny anymore. 2 Hours Later It got powdery and fainty. Olives and baby powder. lol. Never would have come up with this smell on my own. Verdict No thank you.
  5. etherealchild

    Storm Moon

    In the Bottle Rain and musk Wet This is rain, lightening, woods (NOT woodsy) and damp pavement. Kudos to Beth. Drydown I love it. I love rain, I love storms, this is so clean and wet and wonderful. YAY. 2 Hours it became slightly masculine, but that's okay, I still like it. Now, I must find the right boy to put this on so I can snuggle up to him. Verdict Definite keeper. It also makes a wonderful oil for home fragrence btw.
  6. etherealchild

    The Living Flame

    In the Bottle Pulsating floral Wet This is...... different. It's not damp or warm, but HOT. Never smelled a hot floral. Orchid, a dark orchid, very musky........ gardenia and jasmine in there somewhere. Other florals I can't pick out or recognize.... something fluid and juicy.... And something kinda spicey and resiny..... cross between saffron and cinnamon..... I don't know what it is. Drydown PLUM! Aha! Fleshy hot plum. You guys were right. The floral is fading and whatever that spice is is taking over....... the plum is dripping....... 2 Hours Later The smell simmers down to it's base elements...... juicy fruits, spice, orchid...... nice. Verdict One of the most interesting blends I have ever tried. I like it.
  7. etherealchild


    Beautiful, radiant daughter of Demeter... her loveliness was so exquisite that even Hell itself could not resist her. Pomegranate and rose. In the Bottle Juicy wet yumminess Wet I smell DIVINE. Ohhhhh....... mmmmmmmmm. The rose and pomegranate are so beautifully intertwined....... Drydown The rose has pushed ahead slightly. I have to apply more to keep the pomegranate going. 2 Hours Later It fades somewhat. The rose eventually takes over. Damnit. Verdict It's so lush and gorgeous...... I just wish it was stronger and had more staying power.
  8. etherealchild

    The Star

    In The Bottle Sugary cold mint. Wet Correction, sugary cold coconut with mint. It's strong. Really strong. Drydown Lime? Yes..... lime. With the mint it's not citrusy, but chilly. Strange. And the coconut is like a macaroon........ It is really really sweet. 2 Hours Later Woooo, baby does this one have staying power. It gives me a headache. Mint always does this to me. And the coconut is still really sweet. It's making me kinda nautious. Verdict I can't do mint or strong food smells. This one really disappointed me. I don't associate any of these smells with the card. I really wanted to like this one because The Star is my favorite card in the deck. It is the one I am drawn to the most, and the one whose meaning is the most inspiring to me.
  9. etherealchild


    In the Bottle Red musk and spicey spic-ay. Wet I am getting patchouli. It is like a big dog humping your leg that you are trying to push of. "Get DOWN patchouli, DOWN!" Drydown Oh my. OHHHH MY. Now I feel like the leg humping dog. My mouth is watering, and my pulse is picking up. It musky, and slightly cinnamony. Holy Crap. I believe if caught off gaurd, Lust could very well induce orgasms in it's users. ::applauds Beth:: 2 Hours later The scent is soft, musky, and red. The individual notes are so well blended and complementary they are almost indistinguishable from one another. I don't know how wise of me it was to try this while I was home alone..... Verdict Yumyumyum. I am almost scared to use around any penises. This shit is good. DAMN GOOD.
  10. etherealchild


    In the Bottle Holy mother of HERB Wet Sharp lemongrass. And something else.... someone said witch hazel, and I'm inclined to agree. It's got a bite kiddies. Drydown Quickly fades away into a dreamy lavender. It isn't powdery yet it somehow has a softness and simultaneous body to it. ahhhhhhhhhhh. Next Morning My dreams were vivid. Damn vivid. I feel like I slept a million days. like I am aware of every moment of dreaming. And I have this lovely lingering scent on my wrists. YAY Verdict These dream formulas are friggin' awesome.
  11. etherealchild

    La Belle au Bois Dormant

    In the Bottle Magnolia...... mmmmmmmm Wet Soft full magnolia, in the background unidentifiable florals . Shadows and dew. Lovely. Drydown Pulmeria, shut up! Stopbeing so damn loud! get back in the shadows, damnit! lol. Ugh. Plumeria. ::tries to seek out Magnolia:: 2 Hours After the ugly plumeria got quiet it became pretty yet faint. I want to make a room spray of this one. Verdict Lovely, but I need to keep reapplying. For the love of magnolia I would kill for a version of this without the plumeria.
  12. etherealchild


    In the Bottle ::sniff sniff:: Sweet, candy, Sweet Pea. Wet Pear. Oh baby. PEAR Drydown The Sweet Pea got loud, and faded a bit. It smells like a watered down version of Juliet. Hmmmm...... 2 Hours Later Mostly just Sweet Pea. I am not getting the complex scent I was expecting. Perhaps I need to try this one again when I am not on the rag? lol. Verdict I thought I would LOVE this one and it just ended up being a poor man's Juliet. It's nice but...... I'll have to try it again.
  13. etherealchild


    In the Bottle warm flowers..... mmmm delphinum, musk and spice....... Wet Musky, warm........ somewhat spicey.... I am trying so hard to find the florals but alas, they are nowhere to be found.........there is a scent I am trying to place, and I can't it is so familiar, and for the life of me, I haven't a clue...... Drydown Oooooh oooh, I just got a hint of the rose. Barely. But it's there. The scent is really fading..... Two Hours Later It settled back to musk, skin, and delphinum........ hmmmm...... kinda blah now..... Verdict Was really hoping to like this one. It was just, ehhhhh.
  14. etherealchild


    In the Bottle Almond fluid langour Wet Oh, wow. The smell of the crushingly beautiful moonlight, full silvery lovliness in late summer....... How does Beth do it? Drydown This is the kinda of perfume you wear just for yourself. ::swoons:: this isn't pretty in the way that most perfumes are..... pretty in the sense of how it makes you feel, and not what it smells like. The almond has simmered down. Pale translucent florals, without the sweetness or greeness, or headiness........ underbrush, shadows, and softness......... Two Hours Later Soft mimosa, almond, honey, gardenia/wisteria, and skin....... I am so sad this was discontinued........ It's so lovely..... and the mood it leaves you in....... Verdict Lovely. Just lovely.
  15. etherealchild


    In the Bottle Sharp, acidic, herbal Wet ::in best Ralph Wiggum voice:: "It smells like burning!" fire, metal, heat, sage, darkness. Like woah. Drydown The fire is slowly being tempered..... and the sage or sweetgrass is emerging. This isn't smokey...... just firey. And metal.... I can't believe the distinctness of the metallic smell. Amazing. Two Hours Later This is such an uber masculine smell. Not saying that I'd wanna hump a guy wearing this, but damn, this is a man's smell. lol. It's mostly just sage, sweet grass, and embers. Verdict Time to go shower. It was interesting, and I am glad I got to try it, cause WTF, who else could make a perfume smell like something like that? It's just nothing I would ever ever ever wear. lol. ::in best Beavis voice:: FIRE lol.