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  1. plumlicorice


    oh my! persephone is utterly delicious. i've never smelled anything so fab before! it's just gorgeous, i can't stop sniffing myself. i feel radiantly feminine, and i cannot get the words ripe, wet, and luscious out of my mind. i want to drink this stuff, it's that incredible. it's like a sort of intoxicating sugared elixer, much like dragon's milk. they don't smell similar really, but they have the same amount of sweetness. beautiful persephone, where have you been all my life! i want to bathe in you. :D :D
  2. plumlicorice

    Order Shipped Emails???

    i've never gotten a usps email, either, but i'm *pretty* sure that mine is on its way because i ordered on 4/6, and i think i remember reading that batch had shipped.
  3. plumlicorice

    Typical time...

    yup! that's my experience too... a month. i ordered on april 6 and my card hasn't been charged yet either, so we are both in the same batch of orders i would guess.
  4. vice and bliss! they smelled exakkerly alike to me... although some people smell other notes in vice besides chocolate, i don't. it's still nice though, of course.
  5. plumlicorice

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    i would just die if i ever met a boy who smelled like imp! i never thought of that as a masculine/neutral scent, but i can see where it would be now that you mention it on the list. mmm. i can just imagine what he would look like... tee hee! i'm goofy.
  6. plumlicorice

    Does BPAL stain?

    i just spilled my imp's ear of glitter all over my favorite light pink shirt... damnit!!! do you think i will stain permanantly? i'm such a moronic buffoon today. tripping over my own feet and everything. i went into the bathroom and scrubbed myself but it didn't work. now it looks like someone either peed on me or i got into a fight with a bottle of musturd. has anyone else ever gotten one of the yellowish colored oils on themselves and caused a nasty stain? any advice on how to get it out...?
  7. plumlicorice

    Input, please!

    Name Michelle, April, or "HEY YOU who goes by her middle and first names to confuse people!" URL, if applicable livejournal.com/~plumlicorice Photo, if you don't mind or if you want one that isn't an artsy fartsy self portrait... my friend lesley and me in san francisco on a ferry. Sin of choice Lust and pride. Virtue you embody Humor. Hey, they call it a virtue here! http://www.novaroma.org/via_romana/virtues.html Astrological Info All I know is that I'm an Aries. This sun/moon/rising/falling stuff is befuddling. How you found out about BPAL I don't remember, but for the longest time I had lost the URL... until a post on the gothfash Livejournal community. Any comments you'd like to add about the Lab or life in general I feel much less guilty when I overspend at a small company like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as opposed to some huge franchise, which is good for my overall retail therapy experience, although not always healthy for my wallet!
  8. i think it was katrina! or some varied spelling of that. but either way, that sounds beautiful! let me guess... limited addition?
  9. plumlicorice

    Formula 54

    sugared allure with a dark and dirty underside... just my type! i got formula 54 in a swap with gothabillywench and i adore it. i knew i would when i read the description. this stuff is addictive! i love the way the party-girl brightness darkens into a clove cigarette smell on my skin; it reminds me of smoking djarum specials and riding around the san francisco bay area with my friend katie last april. i would buy a 10ml of this, i love it that much. of course, maybe that's because i've never had an especially negative experience with boozing/clubbing...
  10. plumlicorice

    Licorice Bark

    i got an imp's ear of this as a freebie with my last order. i didn't find any other reviews of it on the forum, so i suppose it's new...? apologies in advance if i'm posting this in the wrong place. this is probably the lightest BPAL fragrance i have tried yet; it's barely noticeable even five minutes after applying. sweeter than the real stuff and almost powdery like some sort of black confectioner's sugar, this isn't overpoweringly licorice-y, although it would have been fine with me if it was! i thought it would be a bit spicier, but it is lovely as it is. Edit: Nope, no review yet but it's in the single note section. Don't worry about posting it in the wrong spot, it happens! -s.violet
  11. plumlicorice


    at first i disliked glitter lots and thought it smelled like cheap soap. it must have been my allergies though, because i ended up loving this after reapplying later. i can't distinguish specific notes, even after having it on my skin for an hour, but it is a tarty little number that reminds me of sweet girly mixed drinks and like others have said, juicy fruit gum! accessorize with a rhinestone garter belt and enjoy!
  12. plumlicorice

    Dragon's Milk

    i knew i would adore this one, so i bypassed ordering a sample and went straight for a 5ml. dragon's milk is lushly sweet and candyish with a pleasantly exotic bite. it's probably not for you if you dislike vanilla; that is what i smell mainly and it is what ends up sticking to my skin. it's also quite strong and does not fade easily. maybe i overapplied, because my mother said that she could smell it as soon as i walked into the room. a delicious scent, it is one of my favorite BPAL offerings.
  13. plumlicorice

    The Queen of Hearts

    it's funny... the queen of hearts does not smell red to me at all. my nose says it's more of a crisp white floral, very feminine but not at all wishy-washy. i could see myself wearing this to a business luncheon or something similar, because it has a powerful, womanly beauty to it while still being fresh. it smelled a bit sharper in the vial than it did on my skin, where it mellowed and unfortunately, faded quickly. still, it's gorgeous and i like it a lot. i would definitely consider getting a 5ml of this one.
  14. plumlicorice

    Bust Magazine, March 2004

    huzzah! that's fantastical! i've never read bust, but they can't be all bad if they're writing about BPAL!
  15. plumlicorice

    Queen Mab

    it absolutely does smell purple! now i don't feel so crazy for thinking that, since someone else picked up on it too. queen mab reminds me of a smooth and dark elixer when i first apply it (i can't pick out any specific notes at first), not overwhelmingly feminine but gorgeous all the same. it's sort of otherworldly, majestic. exotic? what stands out the most on my skin is the jasmine, which is lovely. since it was my first 5ml bottle from BPAL, i wear this quite a bit but i'm still not sure exactly what i think of it. very complex... i would wear this when i got tired of my usual favored candy-ish/fruity/sweet scents, as it's more sophisticated. j'm sort of lousy at writing these things, aren't i?