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BPAL Madness!
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A-Mech's 2022 Summer Sprite Swap Supplementals!

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1) Does anything, scent and / or product-wise, catch your eye from the Haus of Gloi summer drop? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/summer) [you're free to pick stuff NOT from Summer as well, of course! ;) ]
- Ohh I really like Haus of Gloi, I'd be down for anything from them :) I try to avoid being too picky about scents because I've learned over the years I end up loving things I thought I wouldn't!

2) Yes, the rumors are true- I'll be in Paris this summer! Tell me up to five things you'd be happy to get from there, including any specific teas from Dammann Freres, my favorite french tea shop! (

- I can't think of anything I would need from Paris, but unique local items from anywhere are always cool!


3) Is there any small gift from mother nature that you'd like me see if I can source for you from old forests?  Obviously no promises; but if I don't know what to look for, I certainly won't find. 

- Wild growing rue, agrimony, or mushrooms, dead bugs, bones, birds nests, rocks ❤️


4) If your Sprite were to gift you magical items or workings... a) Would you be interested in that? b) If so, what intention(s) would you appreciate most?

Yes! I think confidence, calm, self love, etc would serve me now


5) Would you be interested in a set of (rpg) dice? If so, what colors/aesthetic?

At the time of writing this my Sprite has already purchased me some and they are sooooo cool! (I'm so sorry I'm so behind, Sprite!)


6) I'm headed to Puerto Rico in July - anything particularly interesting you would like from there?

- See my note above re: Paris. :)


7) Would you be interested in receiving a small bottle of home infused whiskey aged from commercially produced moonshine? Any particular flavors you might enjoy (examples include orange chai or cinnamon chocolate or hot peppers)?

-Ohhhh yum! 


😎 Would you be interested in homemade shortbread that fits your flavor preferences?



9) Tell me your fingerless mitts arm warmer dreams.

- I would maybe wear arm warmers in the winter but I'm notoriously bad at accessorizing myself properly for cold weather. In the case that I am smart enough to remember to pull them out and wear them, a long pair of black ones would look nice with my aesthetic!


10) Seeds, y/n?

Sure! I am still struggling to learn how to keep baby plants alive but I can only get better! (but obviously don't spend a lot because it's like a 70/30 chance I'll kill them)


11) Are you interested in tights? If so, what thickness, style, and size?

No thanks


12) Do you use tarot decks? Would you like to receive more - and if so, can you list the ones you already have?

I'll always take more! I have: The Earthbound Oracle, the Wheel of Fortune deck, The Fountain, Creature's Secrets Animal Divination Cards, The Illest Tarot, Rana George Lenormand, Cartes de Visite 2019, Arcana of Astrology, The Playing Card Oracle: Alchemy Edition, Mildred Payne's Oracle of Black Enchantment, the Somnia Tarot, and a Welcome to Night Vale tarot.


13) What do you think of the art on this website? https://www.printisdead.co.uk/



14)  Would you possibly like a simple hand embroidered piece?

Always! It will go directly onto my wall :) I think my 'style' is communicated pretty well in my questionnaire.


15) Is custom yarn of interest to you?

That's so cool but I don't do anything with yarn :)


16) Would you like items related to your astrological sign and if so what is it?

Sure! I'm a Leo moon and sun and Pisces rising. :) (I usually identify more with Pisces in most cases but have that Leo pride!)



Knitted washcloths: I'm probably good on those! But the textile colors in my kitchen tend towards southwestern/new mexican colors (greens and peaches and oranges).


Penzeys: I LOVE them! My favorites are Fox Point and Mural of Flavor but I got a sample size of Forward and it's soooo good, I want to get a jar. I also need thyme, lol.


Chocolate?: I don't have a huge sweet tooth but I do like little delicate or decadent truffles. I think I mentioned in my questionnaire that I'm a fan of weird flavored chocolate like rose or herbal. Nice truffles are good.


I realized today something I failed to mention in my ?naire-- I am running low on my Red Fig and Patchouli hair gloss! And ran out of Shub Niggurath hair gloss! :) I use tons of hair gloss, I know some people can only do one or two sprays or their hair gets greasy- I do like ten pumps at least after a shower :x 


New question: Do you want anything for your vehicle? Like bumper stickers or magnets?

I just got a Fringe Division sticker, and Captain America "on your left" decal. I also have a "my kids have four paws" and a Colorado x Pride paw print magnet. My car is a bright green Kia soul named Elphaba! Decals or magnets work for me in any of my nerdy or witchy interests!


 I took a "viking knitting" class (which is really wire weaving) and can now make necklaces and bracelets.  Would you be interested in either one?

What color wire would you like? What length would you want (on either or both?)  

Oh yes I quite like that chunky style. Necklace length would have to be over 18" (maybe 17 as a choker) and adjustable if possible (i.e. a toggle and chain end) for bracelets. I like silver, but black, teal, and purple work too.


I prefer vegan, but I won't throw it away or not use it if I get something in leather.


I am afraid to send chocolate in this heat.  What other things might you enjoy?

As others have mentioned, caramels and (vegetarian, obvz) marshmallows would be nice!

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