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2022 Summer Swap Sprite Answers

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 Does anything, scent and / or product-wise, catch your eye from the Haus of Gloi summer drop? (https://www.hausofgloi.com/collections/summer) [you're free to pick stuff NOT from Summer as well, of course! ;) ]

Marshmallow Rose summer refresher spray, summer whipped soap, summer sugar exfoliant, or bubbling scrub.   Chillaz or Buzz Off original summer refresher spray, 

Yes, the rumors are true- I'll be in Paris this summer! Tell me up to five things you'd be happy to get from there, including any specific teas from Dammann Freres, my favorite french tea shop! (https://www.dammann.fr/en/#)


I have no idea what is available in Paris besides perfume and tea and I'm down for both!  (especially vanilla perfume!)    Oh!  La bien Aimee is in Paris (yarn!!! Purple speckles!!!)


For tea, Vanille, Rose, anything with Clove, anything with Anise, Smokey Lapsang or other Smokey tea.  Pretty much all of their black tea, kthx.  Violet could be fun too.  I like teas that will pair well with cream and honey.  (I do have Damman and Mariage Freres on my Amazon beverages list too!). Jasmine is always welcome.  I love most flavored black teas.


Maison Souquet candles (Tobacco!!!) are probably too expensive.  

hot chocolate from Angelina? Chocolate in general.  Local candy or snacks?

a bar of soap?   Or something from Buly 1803 or just made in France, indie small batch is always great.


authentic macarons?  Cheese?  Yeah, they probably wouldn't travel well.


something from an artist in montmarte?


anything gothy and local.  Buttons (wood, metal, carved, w/e), lace, ribbon?  

any kind of cool French beauty products you think I'd like.




I recently discovered Khamila Luna and plan to place an order soon to get a present for my roommate. Is there anything you'd like from them?

Maybe the creamy vanilla sugar scrub?  Some of the "men's" soap sounds nice but it would literally just go in my sock and underwear drawer.  (black musk / amber / tobacco / teakwood.)


is there any small gift from mother nature that you'd like me see if I can source for you from old forests?  

Anything!!  I love any gifts that mother nature offers up to you.   I love rocks, skulls, interesting wood lumps, leaves, tinctures or salves made from wildcrafting, everything.


do you wear rings on all your fingers? how about a range smallest to largest? 

I do wear rings in between top and mid knuckle, about a size 6.  I lost my favorite ring last time I was in Seattle, it was a little dragon that I'd had for over twenty years.  doh.  Otherwise I wear an 11 but I'm also doing a ton of weight loss so hopefully ring size will go back down.


If your Sprite were to gift you magical items or workings... a) Would you be interested in that? b) If so, what intention(s) would you appreciate most?

Yes!   Ummm I'm going to be having surgery in a couple months, so health is good.  Determination/motivation, healing, cutting ties with my past, self love, blockbuster/road opener, money, job hunting after surgery.


Would you be interested in a set of (rpg) dice? If so, what colors/aesthetic?

I do actually have some on amazon wish list under either geek or games.  I loathe gold/yellow/beige colors in any format so any numbers on the dies would need to be black, silver, or white.  I love opalescent, blues/purples (blurple), etc.  Glow in the dark is fun.  


What's your favorite creature?

My pigs and my dogs?   I can't just choose one creature.  I love corvids, bats, equines (especially friesians and warlanders and lusitanos), dolphins, pit bulls, and lots of fantasy creatures.  Leafy sea dragons!  I would love to have a hedgehog and a chinchilla someday, also a sugar glider.  I love ratties and ferrets too.  I would totally have a French Bull dog if I could afford one but more pitbulls need homes than frenchies, so pibbles it is.  I have a blue tick coonhound as well, pretty much same reason.  Problem dog who needed a home that wouldn't give up on her.  She is such a butt!!  :lol:  I love snakes and lizards too.  Probably all creatures except spiders and wasps and non kindly creepy crawlies.  (I'm ok looking at spiders but I don't want one for a pet and they get relocated out of the house.  I have found many black widows here.  urg.)


Do you like reading comics? If you haven't really read 'em, would you be interested in receiving a few that match your book genre preferences?

Meh, I'm not super into comics anymore.  Graphic novels are a little better but my eyes are so bad that I really have to do ebooks where I can enlarge the font.  Sad face.


I'm headed to Puerto Rico in July - anything particularly interesting you would like from there?

oooh!  Fun!!!  I have no idea what is available there but yes, definitely interested!  (Did some googling)  Casa BACARDÍ Special Reserve or other rum?  Some local speciality spices (recao), jam, sauce, or hot sauce?  One of their cool wooden mortar and pestles (Pilon?)  Guiro?  Mundillo lace?  Just a handkerchief or something small.  Butterfly art would be pretty cool too, I have some from Panama.  Food or snacks.  Local candy.  Anything really!!  


Would you be interested in receiving a small bottle of home infused whiskey aged from commercially produced moonshine? Any particular flavors you might enjoy (examples include orange chai or cinnamon chocolate or hot peppers)?

yes yes yes.  orange chai sounds lovely, or cinnamon chocolate.  Not a huge fan of "hot" peppers or pepper flavored drinks.  Honey, lavender, rose (not sure how flower ones would go with whisky ?)  I won't be able to drink for a year starting in like August or something so just a small tiny nip bottle is good.  


Would you be interested in homemade shortbread that fits your flavor preferences?

oooh yes.  I love chocolate shortbread but wouldn't say no to lavender or rose or whatever other kind.




If your bday is during the swap, how are you planning to celebrate?

It is not.  My son's and dad's are though, usually cake/candles (for son even though he's over 30) and probably dinner out for both.


Likewise, how do you celebrate relevant spiritual holidays in this time period?

Lately I haven't been celebrating much since I'm so isolated out here in the middle of nowhere and all of my friends are on the West coast.  Sometimes a bonfire, or candles, or quiet contemplation, it just depends on what is appropriate for said event.


Anything you want from the UK?

Like, everything.  I love Bird & Blend tea!   I love cool things from UK Lush that we can't get in the US.  Other indie things are always good too.  As far as B&B products, I like things that are super highly scented.  Also I am hopefully trading for some Ginger Nuts, Jaffa Cakes, digestive biscuits, and some other UK goodies.  


Seeds, y/n?

Right now I think I'd prefer actual plants as we have a really short growing season here and seeds should have been started in March for summer things.  But I do have grow lights if it's seeds that I absolutely need and it will be house plants or something that is not an annual.  


Are you interested in skincare/shampoo/conditioner?

I use The Ordinary (like a set of things) so technically I'm probably good on skincare even though I bet my questionnaire still said I needed a good moisturizer.  I can always use good shampoo/conditioner and my dogs especially can use a good shampoo and conditioner!  I just got a new shower head yesterday so I can give them baths again without using cups of water to get them wet and rinse them.  (The handheld wand was clogged up.  FIXED!  BRING ON THE DOG SHAMPOO!)   I have dog shampoo in my Amazon wishlist "for the pups" -- really gearing towards a professional or highly rated one so I have a bunch of ideas in there.  For ME, I prefer non-SLS/parabens/phlatamumbles as stated in my questionnaire.


Are you interested in tights? If so, what thickness, style, and size?

yeah, no.  I'm doing weight loss right now and don't know what size I'll end up plus I just don't love tights.  PJ's forever!


Do you use tarot decks? Would you like to receive more - and if so, can you list the ones you already have?

I have a bunch of decks but I would love the Abigail Larson one on my Amazon wishlist.  I have .... Nightmare Before Christmas (Abigail Larson, lol!), Wise Dog (my dogs Jake & Lela - rip - are the Two of Cups), Game of Thrones, Last Unicorn, a Vampire one that was second hand, and a couple others that I'm blanking on the names.


What do you think of the art on this website? https://www.printisdead.co.uk/

I love the Bat & Peonies!  I like a lot of their skull items as long as they're not sepia / beige / yellow.  Raven and Full Moon, Lunar Cycle/Full Moon, Celestial Fox, Aurora Fox, uncolored Cat Skul, Bleeding Roses with white background, Skeleton Hand & Hellebores, Raven and Roses, floral pentacle (uncolored), Fox Skull (black/white either one - leaning towards one with black background), Purple Orchids (white background)... I didn't go through them all, but yes.  Although some just have too much color (totally ok on the mostly blue/purple ones.)


Is loose leaf tea good, or do you prefer bagged?

I way prefer loose leaf but I'll do bagged if the blend I want isn't available loose.


I make arm warmers.  I make them from sweaters I thrifted.  They can be all one color, or stripes of different colors.  They can be long, to the elbows, or shorter.

If you would like a pair, tell me your favorite colors.  Solids are more generally elegant, Stripes can be as wildly funky as you wish.  Long?  Short?  Cashmere?  Tell me your fingerless mitts arm warmer dreams.

I love gradient and stripey armwarmers in black + color (usually blurple) and like mid arm.  Cashmere, merino, silk.  All good.




PBSW Summer collection is live!!!  Anything catch your eye?


Bath Streusel or Sorbetto in:

* Journey in Satchidananda

* Red Cow

* Moonshadow (and wax melts in this scent!)

* The Queen is Dead


Tiny samples of Crystalcore and/or Longest Day?    Oh!  I would love some Clean Slate scrub.



It's farmers market season in town and I have loads of lovely local artisans to shop from. Would you be interested in items from any of the following?

The Rod Homestead (I love this one I helped fund her commercial kitchen)

- dill mustard!  Honey anything.


Working Class Coffee

- looks like they only have one type of coffee in a k cup, so that would work, sounds good.


Philly Nuts

Yum!  Mango, peach, or pineapple cashews,  butter toffee or smoked almonds, and zomg honey roasted mixed nuts!!


222 Creations

not really my style


Carol's Epiphany

No thanks





I am learning to do embroidery. Would you possibly like a simple hand embroidered piece?



If you would like this is there a simple favorite flower or summer symbol, like a bee?

a rose or lavender is great!  (Purple rose of course.)


What kind of sprite would you prefer? A ninja or to know the ID right away? I like both styles for different reasons

i like to be surprised at the end!





Are you ok with shunga label art (bpal?)

I'm fine with it on bottles?  I wouldn't necessarily want it framed on my wall or anything.


I dye yarn. Is custom yarn of interest to you?. Sure!

- If so, colors? I have various weights of wool, sport and dk cotton, cotton thread in 3/2 and 5/2, and light fingering weight bamboo rayon that dyes like a dream

so I don't really love variegated yarn.  I'm firmly in gradients, self striping, speckles, and semi solids.  Look at my ravelry stash and you'll see the colors I like.  :lol:   Cool leaning Black, all the  cool leaning shades of grey, blurples, blackened reds, etc.   preferably blackened colors or jewel tones, no navy, no pastels, no fluorescent.  
 fingering through bulky is great for merino.  Light fingering bamboo rayon is fine.  Otherwise no alpaca, llama, bfl, cotton (except for worsted for wash clothes), etc.


My European travels are expanding! Anything you want from Portugal or Berlin???

oh, matchbooks from everywhere!!  If they let you fly with those.  I'll have to google when I get home to answer this more thoroughly.


My friend makes cool art with garbage, is there anything here you might like?

mostly not my style but thank you.




Would you like items related to your astrological sign and if so what is it?

Meh.  I'm a Virgo.    There is some Abigail Larson artwork for the zodiac signs that I like - I think I have her Virgo rendition on my society6 wishlist for one of the travel mugs but of course no one can see it because I can't figure out how to share it!  :lol:



what do you think of plushies?

i love super cute amigurumi (like gothic and nerdy ones, I have a great vampire bat and a cthulhu as well as a black unicorn) but I have to be super careful because my dogs also love them.  To death.  By evisceration.


Are there any Korean or Japanese food/craft/self-care items you would be interested in in receiving?

i love Japanese incense but I don't burn a lot because respiratory issues.  Low smoke is good!  I could really use a good soy sauce dish for sushi but I can't seem to find any super gothy or cute ones and I forgot to look while I was in Seattle.  One with a lucky cat would be fun (blue?  No brown please.)  Japanese Kit Kats!!!!   Whatever else you think I might like.  


Is there anything for your garden or houseplants that you need, or would like (tiny, hand thrown cachepot for a prized astrophytum, etc.), or are you proudly black thumb and shun any plant that isn't resin?

I know this is not about plants themselves, but if did want to get me some plants, I love scented geraniums, the more unusual the better.  (Like no citrus or citonrella.)   Attar of roses, oak, musk, coconut, lavender, cinnamon, apricot, pineapple, cedar, strawberry, almond, apple, peach, ginger, nutmeg, etc.  https://www.colonialcreekfarm.com/Scented-Geraniums_c_29-3.html for example.   Other than plants themselves and maybe potting soil, I don't think I need anything, we have tons of plant tools and pots.


How many books is too many books?

so I read almost constantly but I get a lot of ebooks from the library and also my friend in France sends me tons and tons of ebooks.  So books really aren't a priority for me, I have sooooo many to read and the round will be over before Nona the Ninth comes out (almost on my birthday, I think a day off, lol) and that is the book I'm most excited about and would like my own copy of.  (My son ordered me the artwork from the covers of Gideon, harrow, and Nona... still waiting for it to arrive.). I love Gideon.  I .WOULD TAKE MOST things Gideon!  Also excuse caps, I'm typing in iPad and Zuul is getting in my way, because there is no iPad, only Zuul!!!!  https://www.tommyarnoldart.com/nona-the-ninth-torcom-publishing





I’m knitting up washcloths right now. Would you like some?

I'm good, still living with others so don't need things like that.  

any spices you need/want?  I’m fleshing out a Penzey's order!

i have spices on one my Amazon lists!  I do love me some penzeys and would totally take some of their smoked salt and maybe some chili seasoning (900?) since we make a ton of "bad to the bone" vegan chili.


your feelings on chocolate?  Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, White chocolate? with or without nuts? How about truffly goodness?  

you're obviously not my sprite because I have so much chocolate on my Amazon snack list.  I really try to do fair trade / slave free chocolate and a lot of those brands on my Amazon list meet that criteria.  I loooooove truffles.  White is not chocolate, chocolate must contain cocoa butter.  Nuts are good, especially almonds or pecans.  Milk is better in bar form, dark chocolate is good on caramels or truffles or in baked goods.




Do you want anything for your vehicle? Like bumper stickers or magnets?

I don't put any stickers at all on my car or car windows anymore.  I used to but kind of fell out of the habit.  It used to make for interesting conversations on the ferry or in a huge traffic jam in Seattle;  I'd have people get out of their car to come talk to me (which makes me super uncomfortable!)   Right now I live in a red area so I try to keep my weirdness to a minimum.  I do have some pibble window vinyl things but I am too lazy to actually apply them since it seems like a big ordeal.  Plus they're packed up somewhere with the majority of my belongings so I have no idea where they even are, I'd totally forgotten about them until now.


any interest in Japanese fashion-ish items? (kanzashi hair pins, and other things made form old kimono fabric, fans, tenugui, etc?)

I would LOVE a stack of recycled kimono silk in blues, purples, greys, blacks, reds, greens.   Lots of it.  All the kimono silk.   But I rarely leave the house and don't have any place to put a lot of items that aren't consumable (I would absolutely use the kimono silk to make things) and I'm not fashionable.  :P   




Would you use cbd infused bath products? 
absolutely!  Parents have a medical license and grew a lot of their own last year (no one smokes here though.)  Mom makes infused coconut oil for edibles and salves for skin/muscles.


What colors are your kitchen stuffs? 

I am in a shared living situation right now and don't have my own kitchen, sad trombone.  When I do have a kitchen it's pretty much black, white, and pops of cool jewel tones (rich darker purple, burgundy, sapphire blue, sometimes green.)  And I have a skull / skeleton theme with NMBC cookie jars.  I shall never grow up.

If I knitted up a scarf/shawl/something in the wearable area what colors would you like and please be pretty specific.

I like gradients and honestly I mostly wear my white to black gradient shawls the most.  (and only shawlettes as I wear them like infinity scarves or double loop cowls.)   Sometimes I might wear cool toned blurples over a black or black/white dress.  Grey is good too. 


—->. One big box or a couple starting now??

Well, I've already gotten some!  But I'm good with little things all along or just one at the end, whatever is easier for my Sprite.


How close to the final deadline would you prefer to receive your package?  Should we try to squeak as close to August 31st as humanly possible, or would it be okay to send the package earlier?

If you're going to be traveling and need to mail sooner, do what is good for you.




I am afraid to send chocolate in this heat.  What other things might you enjoy? 

Gourmet lollipops?  Handmade Marshmallows (not by me LOL)?  Flavored cotton candy? other ideas?

I have lots of idea in my etsy treats list that do include flavored cotton candy and other things.  Tea is always good as well.  I can't have too many sweet things as I'm going to be going on a liver reduction diet pretty soon, I also won't be able to do caffeine, so maybe some herbal tea / tissanes?  I have a few hibiscus blends and other non caffeine on my wish list if you need to compare.  (I hate chamomile.  Please nothing with chamomile in it.)

do you have any reservations about wearing leather, like in an accessory?? 

No, I wear leather.  




Does any August Uncommon black tea or their other tea sound good to you?  (because sale on black tea until 7/4.)  

I already have a ton of my Amazon Beverage wishlist.  However...


In no particular order other than the order they were on the website:
Golden Arrow (Smoky Toffee Black Tea)
Outlaw (Smoky Cherry Black Tea)
Civil Disobedience (Smoky Cardamom Black Tea)

Gold Rush (Orange Rosemary Caramel Black Tea)

(I'm not sure how I feel about malty flavors so I left the ones with malt out otherwise maybe a 4 cup sample of Bourbon Sugar Black Tea!)




So apparently there's this cute little outdoor market here that sells locally made dishcloths and similar- would you be interested in having some tea towels or similar from Portugal, dear Spritz?

All of the cute locally made things that Suki picks out!




Anything look appealing from the Nocturne Alchemy gemstone scent drop today?

Eternal Ankh Purpurite 

Eternal Ankh Tanzanite

A sample of the Malachite and/or Azurite

ENTERNAL ANKH PINK   But it sold out already, weep!!!

I was absolutely going to do an order RIGHT NOW and get a couple of bottles of pink but I guess it wasn't to be.  I still haven't ordered the summer LE's because I am so broke from having to buy hay for the winter.  So really, it being sold out has saved me from further credit card debt!  whew!!  :lol:


I have already the Red, Black, and Fluorite (and love them!) and I've tried the Blue, Cobalt, and Claret. (I liked the Claret but I have sooo many red musk scents.  Or did.  I did a thorough destashing and might be almost out, ha.)


After looking over the scent notes again, I can't believe I haven't tried the Orange (it sounds very incensey!) or the Purple (I think I was scared by the Jasmine but I've had NAVA's Jasmine work on me since then, so ...)  Would also love to try the Orchid and Spice.  Really I'd be ok trying samples of any of the ones I haven't tried, I just don't especially gravitate to florals or fruits.


How about the BPAL Dragon*Con Peaches?

No thank you, I don't really have luck with the peaches.  

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