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In Which I Obsess Entirely More Over the '21 Weenies Than Any Well-Adjusted Human Wishes to Read

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I think I'm stressing because money is tighter than I want it to be (yay, inflation), but Weenies are something I save for, and while they are not my sentimental favorite update (that will always be Yules), they are the seasonal LEs that have historically worked the best for me. So, like, I want to spend my money, but I don't want to spend too much money, and mostly, I don't want to spend money on the wrong things and then regret the choices I've made. 


Somewhere while reading the update, I got the idea that I wanted a bottle from Vanitas, "The Vampire," Pumpkin Patch, and Freak in the Sheets, which is just silly. I should get what I want and not limit myself into or out of categories. 


So. I want to rethink... not everything, but a lot of scents. 


A Skull, A Music Book, A Snuffed-Out Candle -- I do want a bottle of a skull scent. The idea of the artwork is amazing, and many of the skull perfume names are inherently fun to say. But. That is not enough to get me to purchase a bottle with tulip as the first note without at least waiting for reviews. 


Black Satin Sheet Ghost -- Love the idea, though not as fun as skull fume. But. I like black patch (and all patch) and clary sage. Less so the other notes. 


Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost -- I have questions about the combination of notes. Vanilla good, balsam eh, cognac uncertain, tumbleweeds... who knows?


Dead Leaves, Peppercorn, and Pumpkins -- I want this, but I will regret it. I regret every dead leaves bottle I've ever purchased (or swapped for). (Not in the getting to try, but in the believing I could wear dead leaves.)


Paisley Sheet Ghost -- Everything in here I love or at least tolerate well (oakmoss, lavender). Either it's going to smell like weed (yay) or like plant-y sandalwood (also fine). This is a pretty safe bottle. 


PSL -- Feel like I should wait for Rite of Passage and Kobold Barista to get here before I commit to another coffee scent, even if this one includes Snake Oil evocations and pumpkin spice. 


Pumpkinville -- Love sweet red musk, pumpkin, and pumpkin spice. I'm a leetle leery of the red musk with the pumpkin notes, but I feel like this is another safe bottle as I at least like all the components individually. 


Pyramid of Skulls -- Like sandalwood, not thrilled about tobacco absolute. I should really probably not get this, even though it's my favorite Vanitas pic. 


Skeletons Dancing to a Tune -- Honestly, this does fill my sandalwood needs a lot better. Amber and blood musk are both good. The only pepper note I don't really love is the green pepper I get from dead leaves (though even that could be because it's in a blend where it's supposed to be acting like dead leaves instead of green bell). 


Still Life With Dooting Skull -- Want to love it. Can't get past the licorice. 



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