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BPAL Madness!
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Shotun Samhain Swap 2021

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FIRST QUESTION:  what sizes do you wear for jewelry purposes - rings, etc.

No rings please. Necklaces of pretty much any length are appreciated! Earrings that are super hypo-allergenic (I can do gold, silver, and surgical steel posts). I rarely wear bracelets. 


Question: what's your favorite fall food based treat?

Ummmm...... any fall fruits. Ciders : apple, mulled, etc. Mulled wine. Pumpkin pie/pumpkin bread/pumpkin everything else: pumpkin, not just pumpkin spice :D . I function at my highest when I don't eat gluten. 


Are you more interested in a spiritual service you haven't mentioned practicing yourself, or would you prefer to receive something you do practice? Do you have a preference for if it's provided in writing/placed in the package vs over a skype/phone call?

Any is great! I would prefer a zoom/skype/phone call vs a physical spell, but I accept any and all manifestations of good energy. 


For item no.5, what kind of thing would you most appreciate?

Anything handmade with love! Anything curated for me with care!


Anything in particular you're interested in from the UK?

I love local art stuff, and interesting treats that you can only get in your neck of the woods. 


Any interest in apothecary style indies, e.g. essential oils, natural skincare, flower waters?

Sure, especially if they're related to the changing seasons and celebrating the passing of time. I don't do floral smells for my body, and I don't scent my house. 


What is it that you're most wanting out of this fall season? (e.g. that could require magical assistance)

I mentioned this in my questionnaire, but I'm looking towards a big... hatching is the visual that's coming to mind, oddly - a new growth spurt, which I would love to support in any and all ways possible. I'm also finding that time is passing by without my noticing lately, so anything that helps me take notice and celebrate the change in season would be great. 


Books. Are you a big reader? If so, do you prefer ebooks, audio, or printed? Would you enjoy an art or photography book? Do you like poetry?

Yes. All the books. Many books. I like pre-loved paperbacks or Kindle editions. I love to read magical realism. I enjoy poetry. I'm not the best audience for an art/photo book. 


Is there anything typically sold at a Renn Faire that you'd be interested in?

Not specifically, but anything that fits into my other gift genres is great. 


Candles. Any preferences? Taper/Pillar/Votive/Jar/Chime/etc.? Scented vs Unscented? 

No preference, but I would only like to receive a candle that has a ritual/spiritual significance, since I don't scent my spaces (and I also sell very nice candles in my gift shop that I can take whenever I want). 


Are there any types of makeup/nail polish that you would or would not like to receive? 

No makeup or nail polish, please. 


Is there anything you definitely DON'T want (either because you don't like it or already have it)?

I can't think of anything right now. I trust your instinct!


Are there any art/craft supplies you currently need?

Not that I need, but I do knit and spin and I like adding thoughtful yarns and fibers to my stash. 


 Homemade treats...any likes and preferences?? AND YES, I am also wanting to know what flavor/s of fudge you would love to get if I happen to be your Adept ;)

All of them, please. All of the fudges. I don't like raspberries, raw celery, onions, or caraway seeds. 

Quick question for the group: What are your thoughts on sweet treats? If you like them, what are your favorites? And what is one that you consider extra special?

I enjoy them! I especially love anything home made, or local to you, or small-business-made. I prefer fruity, tart, creamy, or dark chocolate, but I love small tastes of pretty anything!

Or Butterfingers. I really love Butterfingers and I have a rule to never buy them for myself- they’re a strictly gift/steal/nab from the candy jar treat for me.

EDITED TO ADD: I'm avoiding refined sugars at the moment for health reasons!


If I were to knit you an adornment would you prefer a hat, fingerless mitts, a cowl, or a shawlette (small shawl, worn like a scarf.) 

mitts, please! But honestly whichever feels like the most fun, or whatever pattern you're itching to try out. 


If yes, are you ok with soft wool (I have mostly merino)?  What colors would you prefer?

yes wool. Blue, purple, black, cream, grey. 


Do you have a wishlist for BPAL perfume / gloss / atmosphere sprays?

Yes, it's in my signature. 


Are you interested in a sewn or knitted tarot bag?



Would you like to sample our home made liqueurs?  (Rosepetal and/or lavender vanilla bean and/or plum)

Yes, all of those sounds lovely. I'm most attracted to the lav/vanilla.


How about jams?  (peach, huckleberry, cardamom plum, cardamom/cinnamon/clove plum, anise plum, ginger jalapeno peach)

Yes - no raspberry please. I'm especially a fan of peach jams, but I love them all - we make (GF) pancakes every Sunday and I eat them with jam/preserves.


Other canned goods?  (green tomato relish, chokecherry jelly)






Lemon blueberry zucchini bread?

My heart wants to say yes, and my body needs to say no unless it's gluten free ALTHOUGH the rest of my household eats all the things, so I could have a nibble and they would eat the rest. 

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