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BPAL Madness!
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Summer Vacation Swap 2021 Auxiliary Answers

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Do you travel with needlework projects? Not needles but crochet, and not big projects but small busy work things, like pot holders and face scrubbers and maybe beanie hats. Like, something I could finish in an airport if my flight got delayed 2 hours. 


Are you interested in any games? Yes. Categorically.   


If you mentioned you liked bracelets or earrings to wear.... I did not mention this thing. 

Say you like or collect travel mugs:   do you want them to have a city or state name?  Ceramic, stainless, or is plastic ok?   Size preference?  (12oz, 14oz, etc.) I do not collect these. 

Are you interested in some travel size tastes of homemade liqueur?  Currently I have rose petal, lavender vanilla bean, and plum. No alcoholic spirits for me, please. I don't drink, and also, I think it's actually illegal to send alcohol through the mail in Arizona. 

If someone were to make or get you a fun beach hat, what size is your noggin? Hat size 7.

Do your pets like treats? Yes. One cat loves catnip. The other cat and both dogs love dog treats of all types. 


Do you have fiber preferences or allergies for knitted/crocheted items? Nope! 


Are you BPAL only as far as perfume is concerned? Like, 95%? I've been purchasing BPAL since circa 2006. I own one bottle of Solstice Scents (Smokewood Apiary), for which I swapped on the BPAL Forum, and I recently (like, this week) made my first Hexennacht order. 


Are you part of any fandoms? Ish? I've liked Harry Potter, but have really not wanted to support JK Rowling more. I removed myself from fan outlets in which she has or had a financial interest, and the result is that I've stopped following a fair bit of the fandom.


But, since I’m going……..is there anything that you would like from the shore?  Shells, salt water taffy, some soft of delightfully tacky souvenir?? My heart is with saltwater taffy, but my receiving temperature most decidedly is not, unfortunately. There will always be a special place in my soul for tack. 


Enameled pins, yay or nay?  Patches vs stickers, which do you prefer, or neither, or both?? Probably none of these? I have a lack of places to put items like this, so they often do not get displayed as they should. 

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