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May 1: Mme. Moriarty Misfortune Teller '08 (Red musk, vanilla bean, pomegranate, patchouli leaf and wild plum.) vs Mme. Moriarty Misfortune Teller '15 (Red musk, vanilla bean, pomegranate, black currant, patchouli leaf and wild plum.) -- '15 is on my left wrist, '08 is on my right wrist. :) Both bottles were purchased by me from the Lab. They are definitely the same basic scent, sweet, red, musky, and rich, with a fruity undertone that makes me think more incense and not so much fruit. '08 is smoother, with a stronger vanilla waft, even from the bottle, and almost reads as woody on my skin. '15 is a bit sharper, and the plum & currant combine to add a deeper, purplish aura that '08 doesn't have. I feel sure that some of the differences are because of age, which often softens notes, and I'll be curious to see where the '15 is in about five years, but as it stands, I do prefer the '08. If I'd never tried '08, I'd probably still love '15. It's a gorgeous scent, especially if you like red musk.


I'm going to spend the next twenty-three days going through the Only Lovers Left Alive scents alphabetically. I have a full set from the first release -- my SO very, very kindly enabled me into buying them in two batches -- plus one bottle of re-released Eve, and I've worn some of them quite a bit (Eve, of course, but also Adam, Quintessence of Dust, Café Mille et une Nuits, and Shelley, Byron, and Keats) but never reviewed any of them. So. 😄


May 2: OLLA Adam '14 -- Leather and ambergris -- like the leather in Peter Quint or Kvothe or Hatta, soft and worn, but sweeter & more complex than any of those -- gently laced with dust, wood, wool, and chemicals. It doesn't sound that pleasant, but for me, it is. It goes on leathery, but it backs way, way off fairly quickly, until it's more like the memory of wearing a leather jacket, not necessarily a classic moto, but a leather blazer that might have been in a closet for a long time. The ambergris is surprisingly present early on, along with the magnetic tape scent, and a slightly earthy note. I suspect there's a bit of costus in this for the wooly note. It's not a very strong scent, nor does it have powerful throw, but it smells so nice up close. As is usual on me, the late drydown is dominated by wispy ambergris. Good stuff, great interpretation of the character. 


May 3: OLLA Ava '14 -- This was never going to be a favorite of mine because I cannot stand tuberose. 😂 Buuuuut it's not bad and I don't hate it. It's a somewhat thick vanilla musk at first -- I have a very, very old ('95 or so) vial of Moroccan Vanilla Musk from a long-gone local oil blender, and it reminds me of that at first -- but then it lightens up and becomes the tuberose-vanilla very modern concoction that I expected it would be. I don't find either mandarin or almond as separate notes, it all blurs together into a sweet floral Perfume Smell. It's a bit impressive to me, tbh, that Beth can make all the wonderful weird atmospheric and unusual blends, but still be able to construct the ones that wouldn't feel out of place spritzed out of a fancy glass bottle and representing a first big splurge into the wild world of adult perfumes for some young person. For me, personally, it's fine. I could wear it, but it's not really very me. :) (That said, this set I am keeping as a set because I do have an emotional attachment to the inspiration.)


May 4: OLLA Blood Popsicle '14 -- ...I'm kind of surprised at how many of the reviews, especially the early ones, aren't pegging this as mostly dragon's blood with a bit of the Lab's frost/frozen note, even though a lot of people are describing it the same way that DB always gets described: slightly floral, fruity, reminiscent of red musk, etc. It has that distinctive BPAL dragon's blood hint-of-sweetened-lilac on me, plus the slightly piney version of cold. The frozen aspect wears off pretty quickly, maybe twenty minutes in, and it starts smelling more like dragon's blood incense. There's probably some actual red musk in there as well, or the blend that comprises blood musk, as it does get muskier & thicker as it wears, then tapers off until it vanishes. Man, IDK what else to say about it; this one feels pretty 'does what it says on the tin'-ish to me. It's nice, it suits the theme, and I like it, but I've always found it difficult to wax poetic about dragon's blood.


May 5: OLLA Café Mille et une Nuits '14 -- This fragrance has always been stronger on the sweet, sticky shisha tobacco & spices on me. The coffee note is there, and it's darker and deeper than most other BPAL coffees I've tried (except for The Turkish Village), but it's not and never has been the most prominent note. It's very atmospheric in that it doesn't smell like coffee and tobacco smoke, it smells like you've been in a hookah lounge, surrounded by people drinking coffee and smoking for hours. I find it calming. The late late drydown is a dark-roast coffee bean sort of scent, but it takes quite a while to get there. This is one of the few OLLA bottles I've made a noticeable dent in. ;3 I'm not usually that into tobacco, but this one's really lovely.


May 6: OLLA Diamond Star '14 -- This has aged into thick & sticky territory, which is kind of neat. I've barely touched it, which is slightly odd considering it's fairly solidly in my wheelhouse of scent types I like. The bottle sniff is a bit sharp and myrrh-heavy, almost sneezy, but on the skin it blooms beautifully. It's an interesting contrast, both heavy and light in almost equal parts -- woody and resinous with a vanilla-esque sweetness and dim background salty skin-like undertone. It doesn't have huge throw, but it lasts for hours and as always, the last note to go is the ambergris. I think I know why I've mostly ignored it, though -- the immortelle almost pushes it into sickly territory at times and doesn't (imo) mesh well with the other notes on my skin. Once that fades, I love it a lot, but it takes a while to get there.


May 7: OLLA Eve '14 & '18 -- I always feel a bit bemused when my favorites are everyone else's faves. 😂 But honestly, in all ways, Eve is my favorite from this series. It's a beautiful perfume, complex and both deep and bright; herbal, resinous, woody, and rosy by turns. It shifts and flickers on my wrists, with different facets coming out throughout the fairly long weartime. It doesn't have strong sillage, but every so often I catch a whiff of it as I type. I have '14 on one wrist and '18 on the other and they're pretty much indistinguishable. I love it as an interpretation of the character, as a scent completely divorced from the source material, and for the way it makes me feel when I wear it. It's great in all weather, for most occasions, and I could wear it to work without offending anyone. This, as they say, is the good stuff.


May 8: OLLA Funnel of Love '14 -- I've never been able to make up my mind about this particular scent. It's simultaneously beautiful and nauseating on me, full of both notes I hate and notes I enjoy, and all of them are present. It wavers between something I like to wear, a rich, spicy patch with a backing of red musk and champaca and other good things and a rather indolic jasmine with bitey black pepper and strappy leather. Later drydown (because of course this lasts a long time, of course it does) is mostly woody patch and musk and champaca. Oh, you know what -- ...I smell like going to a club, like, everything about it. The sweat and the way decades of smoke have seeped into the walls, the kind of gross toilets that you don't care about after three or four drinks, the low lights and and close whispers and grinding on the floor with someone you don't know, and they sure are wearing leather pants and that's hot, but also you can practically taste their perfume, which is neat but also a bit much. Nothing's going to come of that dance-that-isn't-really-dancing, but it's pretty intense while you're in the moment. Yeah. Anyway, that's what Funnel of Love is to me. ^___^;;; An experience I don't regret, but would be pressed to say that I really enjoy.


May 9: I'm skipping today -- I got my second vaccine dose yesterday and I feel awful.

May 10: Same today. =_= Plus nausea! :D … 🙃


May 11: OLLA Hal '14 -- Well, the last two days pretty much sucked, but I'm feeling much better today. :) So. Hal. Gorgeous, yes. Mildly funky jasmine backed up by woods and a whole lot of sweet, sticky honey. The overall effect is a deep but still translucent amber with black flecks. It has a lightly toasted aspect to it -- Leo '07 has a little of that on me as well, so I suspect the saffron is playing into it -- but not burnt. I agree with a number of other reviewers, tbh: this shouldn't work on me, but it's absolutely beautiful. This one is good times, sexy and warm and not too much, at least on me.

Eta: Well...Hal only lasted about 4 hours on me, so I've washed off my wrist to clear the last vague hints of it and now I'm moving on to...


May 11b: OLLA Ian '14 -- Compared to many of the other character scents in this series, Ian is so simple. Leather, sweetened (but not spiced) rum, bit of very distant, slightly dirty patch that gets stronger the longer it wears. ...and that's it. No surprises, no oddities, just a simple perfume for a simple boy. I've worn this a few times over the years, but I'm not actually that fond of rum in perfumes as it usually ends up pretty cloying on me. It's not bad for cooler weather, but it's a bit dense for late spring according to my tastes. ^_^; The leather reminds me of a fringed buckskin jacket I thrifted in high school, slightly musty and worn, sueded, not smooth or dry.  The patchouli is also rough & woody. It has moderate throw, and I probably wouldn't wear it to work, but it's nice.


May 12: OLLA In Templum Dei '14 -- Woodsnresinswoodsnresins -- okay, but seriously though. For a mellow, meditative incense blend, this one is difficult to beat. Starts a little sweet, then dries out until it reminds me of a soft drift of incense smoke curling off my wrist. It's just complex enough to reward deep huffing; I can tease out just a bit of the labdanum after a while, but it doesn't ever overtake the pale sandalwood & frankincense. It does fall into the category of scents I think of as 'antisocial' in that, when I wear them, I prefer to be alone and not have to talk to anyone. Most of those scents are cold or have chilly notes, but this one is soft and warm. Gentle throw, lasts forever, clean, patient, holy.


May 13: OLLA June 23, 1868 '14 -- That just looks like number hash. XD And the scent, on my skin is a mess of flower hash. =_=; It's not surprising, I don't get on at all well with most of these big white floral fragrances. I have a moonflower SN from another company, and a similar note is very much present. I can tell the warmer notes are under there -- the slightly sweaty costus (and a need to give it a full chance) is about the only thing keeping me from just washing it off because that note is like catnip for me -- but mostly this is about pungent white florals. The hilarious thing about this perfume to me is that it encapsulates an experience I would love. Being in gardens full of night-blooming flowers is a wonderful experience and I treasure many of these notes as actual flowers. I just don't love those scents on my skin. Late, late drydown, I do get a hint of tobacco, and the whole experience is probably sweeter because of the tonka and vanilla notes, but overall, very fragrant white floral.


In the end, I took a bath, and it vanished. So I'm moving on (gotta catch up on those two lost days) --


May 13b: OLLA Kit '14 -- Ah, Kit is much more to my taste. It starts out a bit sharp and very distinctively inky (with a hint of parchment, perhaps?), but that fades pretty fast. Mysore sandalwood is often sweeter than other sandalwoods, and here it is very sweet & creamy, backed up by some not-terribly-sweet benzoin, aged fabric notes, and ink, with just a tiny hint of marjoram. It seems a little smoky to my nose, slightly diffuse and very old. I really love it. It's largely a skin scent, with minimal throw, unobtrusive but so pleasant to huff. It keeps my interest and is pleasant to wear, and lasts for several hours while fading gracefully. I've worn it several times over the last few years and each time I pull it out I want to sigh happily. Calming, complex, ancient, mottled green/brown, evocative.


May 14: OLLA Our Hearts Condemn Us '14 -- I really wish this were something I liked and wanted to wear, but I just don't enjoy cedar or teak and those are the strongest notes on my skin. The rose otto and oudh are there, but this is almost entirely pencil shavings, antique store, and sadness on me. Low throw, doesn't last too long on me, better for those who like *waves hands* that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against wood & rose scents, but I really prefer sandalwood or pine or rosewood or literally anything other than cedar or teak. Later on it becomes mostly rose oudh, which is fine and I like much more, but I also have Elizabeth of Bohemia, which is that from the get-go and skips the parts I don't like. ^^;


May 15: OLLA Quintessence of Dust '14 -- I went through a very long phase where I was absolutely obsessed with beeswax scents. I still like quite a few, but I've discovered that it doesn't always work for me anymore. Even a few scents that I went berserk over a few years ago are now surprisingly cloying on my skin. I don't think it's the scents aging, I think it's my tastes (and possibly skin chemistry) shifting. 😕 Anyway, this is one of those. I wore it a lot shortly after I got it and loved it to death. Now, it's stickier to my nose and I'm not as in love with the particular leather -- it's not the softer worn-jacket leather of Adam or the fuzzy suede leather of Ian -- it's smooth, brown, and ...well, it does smell like libraries. Old books, slightly musty. Unfortunately, the blood is on the sweeter side as well, and the salt isn't quite enough to counteract it. The ink is nice, lending a blackened swirl to the scent, and the way it dries down is still beautiful (especially once the leather settles down a bit)....but it's no longer a favorite. It doesn't have major throw and lasts 4-5 hours. I don't get the incense until about the midway point, at which point it's mostly a slightly smoky, dusty haze.


May 16: OLLA Shelley, Byron, and Keats '14 -- This reminds me quite a bit of L'Heure Verte, but that one is strongly absinthe with a bit of rose and this one is strongly rose and carnation with a bit of absinthe. :) Both feature opium, though, and both have a heady, brooding aspect that evokes a similar time period and aesthetic. I do prefer the lilac in L'Heure to the carnation in SBK, but unlike many carnation scents that end up too sweet and unpleasant on me, that note is tempered by the rest. The mercury note is very low-key on me, lending a silvery cast to the whole experience without standing out. It's got a fairly significant throw -- I can smell it without bending my arms at all, and my SO has commented on it from across the room -- and lasts several hours. I like it a lot, but I have to be in a Mood to wear it. I used to wear velvet blazers and ruffled shirts more often and this felt just right. :3 


May 17: OLLA Spooky Action at a Distance '14 -- Starts as a burst of rosy sandalwood, much like The Little Wooden Doll, but fresher and brighter and better. :)  This one is very harmonious on me, everything blends well and feels intentional. There's a mild citrus-like aspect to it, making it one of the cleaner scents from this series, and the geranium is pleasantly herbal but not bitter. I really like it! Elemi can develop a slightly peppery note as it dries, and that's what happens on my skin, buoyed by the geranium & violet leaf & not-quite-coniferous frankincense. It's not a deep scent, it's not thick or rich or heavy at all. It's light, but not airy -- it kind of....echoes? I guess? is the way I want to describe it. Like, when you walk into a open air temple? I've only been to those in Japan, and this isn't a Japanese scent at all, but it has that sort of feeling. It clears my head. Throw is very mild, I can't smell it unless I lift my wrists near my face, but it's got a surprisingly decent lasting power. Late drydown is just a wisp of sandalwood. I'm not really shocked that this one doesn't, overall, have great reviews, but I enjoyed this slightly spare, softly resinous scent journey, and I'll wear it again for sure.


May 18: OLLA Streets of Detroit '14 -- Good lord, this is incredibly strong. It's dark, a little dirty, and very thick, with throw and lasting power for days. Black musk often has a slightly lemony tinge to me, and that aspect is present here; the combo of the musk with the myrrh and motor oil is very intense. I'm learning (slowly) that oil notes are a bit iffy for me at times, and this isn't really increasing my confidence in it. Once it's dried and has been on for a while, the motor oil fades and I like it a lot more, but the oil makes me almost a little queasy while it's damp. It's odd, because the throw is captivating. What I smell from a slight distance is absolutely fantastic, but when I sniff close up, blergh. It's like, on me, it's a scent that was meant to be smelled by someone else. And it lasts forever: it lasted through a shower, it beat my fairly strong lotion into submission, it wore through the night and was still strongly present when I woke up. It's just a beast. The only thing I can think of that I have that begins to compare is Minotaur, which is also black musk & resin, but that one is a baby compared to this, and the other notes mellow it out a lot.


May 19: OLLA The Diamond's Gong '14 -- After the initial white musk & pale champaca blast, like a brilliant white KABOOM on my wrist, it subsides into a mild, twinkling, almost-soapy-but-make-it-incense scent. I'm neither a fan of nor do I dislike white musk, and likewise with champaca, so this is fine for me, but just fine, and not exceptional in either direction. I have some tagetes SN, and I think here it's giving the fragrance a little more body rather than being a primary note -- tagetes is remarkably bitter, and this skews sweeter on me -- but there is a hint of it that comes out periodically. It never feels specifically fruity to me, but it has a fruitiness to it that comes and goes. The scent as a whole is scintillating on my skin, in that I can smell it very strongly one moment and then it seems to vanish almost completely the next, and which note seems strongest varies wildly as well. Throw is variable, and longevity is fairly strong in that it continues the peekaboo act for several hours before it decides it's done.


May 20: OLLA The Edge of Doom '14 -- This is a peculiar scent. It's very pale and plasticky, hitting me as a very beige scent at first, but there's something underneath that feels darker and muddled green. It's not really very pleasant, but as a person who has been on a whole lot of airplanes over the years, it hits right in that spot of clean and slightly off-putting that being on one often has. It's not a scent for the place you've been or the place you're going, it's that odd, liminal perfume of the non-place that air travel represents. I get a hint of rosemary, green and prickling my nose, and the faintest hint of almost grassy, slightly cucumber-y violet leaf. There's a saltiness to it, almost sweatiness, that starts appearing in later drydown that I find weirdly appealing. The opoponax, I suspect, has melded itself to the bottom of the bottle, as there's a thick opaque layer that won't budge no matter how much I roll or shake it, and the decant I have has similar sludge. This is definitely unique in my BPAL collection. It feels closer to a niche-style perfume. No throw to speak of, lasts a short time at strength but then pops up mysteriously hours later. Fascinating.


May 21: OLLA The Hourglass '14 -- The opening is a pleasant orange blossom and white rose pop, and then it sours and the lily takes over. Fortunately, that stage doesn't last too long -- after it dries, the darker notes come out and it gets sweeter and suddenly I love it. The myrrh/opoponax form a soft, round resinous warmth at base of the scent, and there's an almost musky woodiness over that, with the clove and violet a vague dusty overlay that comes and goes. But the dominant note wafting off my wrist is a soft, glowing white rose. It has a pretty strong throw; I can smell it very clearly as I move around, but it doesn't have a lot of staying power for me. By the end it's just a hint of myrrh and rose. I do have quite a few rose and resin scents, even one specifically white rose and resin (Parlement of Foules), but this one is sweeter and more languid than most of them. However, The Hourglass, unlike most of the rest of the OLLA perfumes, feels very much like it could have come from a normal BPAL release; specifically, it feels like it could've been a Luper.


May 22: OLLA There's Water Here '14 -- That sure is cement. This starts out very gray and very tough, but it melts into a softer, sweeter, greener scent in under ten minutes. There's a strong (expected) aquatic element, and a milder metallic note, plus some light florals. As it wears it starts developing some murky aspects, like pondweed or algae blooms, but it isn't a salty aquatic at all, it feels very fresh. It's not bad, however something in this is giving me a mild headache, so it isn't getting a full weartime. The throw, for as long as I lasted, was considerable, but I can't comment on true longevity because I had to wash it off after two hours. I feel pretty lucky that this is the first of the OLLA series that I've had a bad reaction to, and based on the notes for the two that remain, probably the only one. :)


May 23: OLLA This is Your Wilderness '14 -- Cool, mentholic, green, foresty with a soft, sweetened patchouli that shows up as it dries and a mild tobacco underlying it all. Holy mackerel, this is lovely. It was a little sharp when it was newer, but it's aged into something truly glorious. It shifts gently once it's fully dry, with the pine and patchouli taking turns to be the dominant note. It has a good, solid throw and lasted for about six hours before fading away cleanly. I consider this a bit of a trilogy with In Templum Dei and Our Hearts Condemn us (and maybe Spooky Action), all are woody and contemplative. Wear this one for hiking, meditation, calming, or reminding yourself that the world is large, but not that large, and you can find wilderness anywhere.


Just one left, and then I'll have to think of something new. :) Maybe a week of Lunacies or something to finish off May.


May 24: OLLA Wooden Bullet '14 -- I really liked this for about two minutes. The balance of wood and metal notes was lovely, smooth and rounded. Then it went very wrong -- cocobolo has a slightly floral woody scent (it's a rosewood relation) and it did not mix well with the lighter brassy notes for me; it became very sour and unpleasant on my skin. I don't get anything smoky from this at all, just polished wood and brass. It had a pretty solid throw and got louder with wear. It was giving me a bit of a headache, so I ended up layering it with a different scent that was also mostly wood plus actual rose notes and that toned it down, but that scent wore off and Wooden Bullet was still there underneath. It's still there now, twelve hours later. Have you ever had an brass figurine or pendant and played with it for a bit and then smelled your hands? I used to wear a pendant that was a hand-me-down from my mother, who I think got it at a garage sale; I fidgeted with it constantly and my fingers used to smell like the brass note in this. Excellent ratings for being evocative, but wearable for me, not so much.


May 25: Sugar Cookie '08 -- I'm doing Yules. XD  We're creeping on towards the beginning of summer, so what better time to dig out some old Yule decants (and one bottle). ....I thought I remembered this one being kind of weak, but it is not. The blast of buttery sugar cookie wafting off my wrists is pretty impressive! It's not especially complex, but it's definitely a Good Cookie. This is another that, up close, is not amazing, but the throw is fantastic; I smell freshly baked. This was one I swapped for extremely early in my BPAL habit, the label is torn and stained and it's still about half-full. If I liked these pure cookie scents a bit more, I'd buy a bottle of 2020, but obviously, while I do enjoy them, they aren't high on my wear-list. I might toss the remainder of this one in the bath because I looooove bakery-scented bath goods. :3


May 26: Nowhere in Particular -- The Wind in the Willows collection is one I slightly regret not buying more bottles from. It's a bit late now, twelve years later, but I do periodically keep my eyes out for them. This one's very soft and lovely, slightly dusty and with a hint of the mist note I love so much. It's a little soapy ozone for a bit, but it evolves into pale green leaves and yes, just a hint of apple. At first it smells distant, even with my nose pressed to my wrist, like I'm smelling something from far away, but it's not faint, if that makes sense. Over time it strengthens, as if I'm getting closer. It morphs a bit at this stage, developing a stronger apple with a slight hint of spice (not cinnamon, maybe a drop or two of carnation in the blend?) and a bit of dirt. It has mild throw and only lasts a few hours, but while it's there, it's a very fine wandering scent. I should wear it on one of the days I go aimlessly walking around in the evening; I think it'd be perfect for that.


May 27: The Last Evening of the Year (The Little Match Girl) -- Did you remember that they did this series? Because I sure didn't until I pulled out this partial decant. 😅 This is one of the Lab's pale, frosty rose scents, plus a bit of skin musk and some white musk masquerading as fabric softener. It manages to be pale, thin, and melancholic -- definitely giving the impression of a waif in rags in the snow, dreaming of warmth. It's not by any means unpleasant as a scent, but it has an aura of misery that makes me somewhat averse to wearing it; I suspect part of the reason I didn't buy bottles of any of these at the time is that it's a pretty miserable story. Even if you take comfort in her spirit being swept up to heaven to be with her grandmother, the story makes it clear that her corpse remains on earth, and that she died alone in the cold on a day that for most represents hope and renewal. I was not raised in a church-going family, so this particular fairy tale has always given me nightmares. Fragile throw, fades out quickly.


May 28: Braving the Ice -- Mmm, more cookies, sweet, buttery, and bright with a hint of pomegranate tartness. Decent throw, solid wear time, does entirely and precisely what it says on the tin, though the mint is not especially strong. I'm marking this confection down as another that's pleasant enough for a decant, but didn't distinguish itself enough for me to buy a bottle. It does, however, tempt me to try to make something with these flavors as an actual dessert. I feel like I'd enjoy eating it more than I enjoy it as a perfume. (I loved the brief time when the Trading Post offered candies inspired by various perfumes. I still have the empty tin for at least one lurking somewhere. Knowing my tendencies, it's probably full of imps. XD)


May 29: Snow Bunny '05 -- This one is another I got very early on in my BPAL journey and haven't touched in years. It's pretty straightforward and mellow -- a soft, piney, snowy top with some indistinct light floral base. From the reviews it sounds like it's chilled out a lot from when it was fresh. ...though, to be fair, the reviews are all over the place. ^^; The place this gets fun for me is in the later drydown, where it warms up to a soft powder with a hint of skin musk, like the ghost of perfume. It's a weirdly meta little fragrance, constructed to be a perfume that smells like a perfume that has been worn for a while and partly sweated off. Whether this was intentional or not, only Beth can say. ;) I'm not sure I can say I like it more than a decant's worth, but it was definitely interesting.


May 30: Skadi '04 & '13 -- When '13 came out, the decanter I purchased from included a 1/2 decant of '04 along with it, because they were amazing and generous, so I have both versions to test. The good news is that they're pretty much identical. '13 is a little bit more sharply minty at first but both go from snow to pine to berry with a little pause at delicate white musk at pretty much the same pace. The later drydown is mostly a cool berry with a hint of pine. It's pretty nice, I like it, but it's not in my personal OMG LEGENDARY list; there are just so many pine & snow scents out there, and the berries aren't distinct enough to my nose to make it pop.


March 31: Visiting the Temple of Auspicious Fortune Alone on the Winter Solstice -- Finishing this run of Yules (and the month!) off with a winner in the longest names club. :) I had a decant of this and used it up, but I recently acquired a bottle so I can wear it again. ^__^ It's a very quiet, mellow perfume. The incense is soft and hazy, not distinct, and mostly hides under the rain and dust and ozone until late drydown. I'm very fond of this kind of thing. It has similarities to many of the misty scents, Nowhere in Particular, Mountain Temple, etc. None of them are clones of each other, but they all have a light presence without being flowery or overly bright. They're like neutrals in the color palette. This one is sort of middling brown and grey, and I really like the way it's aged. Low throw, but surprisingly decent longevity; I can still smell faint smoky incense after several hours. As a person who enjoys being alone, and who wears perfume primarily for my own enjoyment, fragrances like this really appeal to me. *happy sigh*

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