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BPAL Madness!
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NYE Solstice Swap

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Would you like anything from Spireside candles? https://spireside.com/

I freaking LOVE candles but right now I'm having a hard time burning them and still being able to breathe (chronic respiratory issues) so those and incense are probably out for me.  I just told my son that he can have/use my huge stash of partylite candles from when I was a seller.  So I guess the answer is "no candles please" - if I burn them, I pay for it with coughing, wheezing, and much emergency inhaler use over the next couple of weeks.  Would totally welcome tarts though!  I don't see a scent list there and I don't want to click through things one by one (it hurts to sit at computer for very long, sorry.)  Doesn't look like wax melts are up at Sihaya yet either but honestly, all of their winter 2019 collection sounds like it would be lovely as wax melts.  Maybe especially Fireside Tales, Warm Woolen Mittens, Winter Rose (I LOVE ROSE), and Everwinter Woods.



The WInter Collection (Winter 2019)

Cookie Party!: The scent of cozy kitchen chaos! Snickerdoodle cookies baking in the oven, oatmeal cookies piped with marshmallow frosting, and sweet sugar cookies cooling on the rack!
Courage, Comfort, & Joy: Glad tidings of warmth and hope. A collection of traditional wintertide scents to brighten the darkest nights. Mulberry, lingonberry, red apple, fir needle, and cozy wintry spices.
Everwinter Woods: The scent of the mountains shrouded in ice. A forest of evergreen and spruce, chilling ozone top notes of whipping winds, and a hint of shivering eucalyptus.
Fireside Tales: This scent is in honor of the nearly-forgotten tradition of telling ghost stories around the Yuletide hearth. Crackling boughs of cedar and birch, glowing embers, and the soft spice of saffron.
Gingerbread Latte: A steaming cup of cheer. A gingerbread latte topped with whipped cream and a decadent drizzle of caramel.
Old Saint Nick: Cherry pipe smoke, cozy hearth woods, and roasted chestnut.
Spiced Wassail: Fine health to thee! A warm mug of cider spiced with a strong kick of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove to keep you snug while the carolers sing.
The Court In Splendour: Glad Tidings from the King! The scent of the Tudor court at Yuletide. A festive blend of bayberry and tart cranberry on a bed of warm balsam and spice.
The Memory Of Snow: Silky almond cream, delicate spun sugar, a dash of nutmeg, and the memory of snow.
Warm Woolen Mittens: Comfort in the coldest months. Warm wool, sprigs of lavender, and softly smoked vanilla.
Winter Rose: A single red rose, freshly plucked and placed upon a bed of bayberry and green boughs of holly, ivy, and balsam.
Yuletide: A classic home for the holidays scent. Pine boughs strung with orange clove pomanders and cranberries, and then merrily wound throughout the home! 



Are you interested in anything from Bird and Blend Tea Company? (https://birdandblendtea.com/us_en/)  

Bonfire Toffee
Great British Cuppa
Terry's Orange Chocolate
Aniseed Balls
Smoky Russian
Vicky's Sponge Cake

- small amounts (1 oz or less) would be great since I have a *lot* of tea and I hate my parent's kettle, so I rarely make tea.  I need to get an electric kettle for my room or something.




The story part-Books... Can you be more specific about any particular books you are interested in reading?   Do you have any wishlist links? 

I tend to get way more books than I can read (advance reading copies and the like) and I only do books on .mobi or .epub (kindle or ibooks) since my eyes are going and I need to be able to enlarge the font.   My amazon wishlist is linked in my SW Help in my signature, but for ease... my amazon wishlists.  Please make sure it's sorted by priority.   


I'd be happy to have "story" interpreted in artwork or a knitting pattern on my wishlist or however you want to interpret it.   Are role playing games stories?  I think so!  I have a wishlist on gog.com and another on Steam though I'm not sure how to share it (right now the only thing is Anchorhead which is a Lovecraftian graphics/text adventure, so retro and very interactive story.)  So a steam gift card would be lovely!   As far as dvd's as stories, I'm missing Red Dwarf V, VI, VII, and XII on dvd and would gleefully welcome those.  The only other things I really want right now are the extended versions of LOTR and the Hobbit movies on blu-ray and those are expensive, so ... 


As far as music goes, I would greatly welcome something like an itunes GC.  But I'll take CDs, mp3, or whatever as well if you want to send a thumbdrive or burned cd.  I can always rip back to mp3 and put on my computer and then phone/ipod or I can play cd's in my car. I mostly only listen to music when driving (on cd or my ipod/iphone) or when showering (on my ipod.)


On the decorating spectrum, do you head more towards classic/stylish or towards cheesy/kitsch?

Probably neither?  hahaha.   Nerdy/Gothy?  My furniture and desk are grey/black and are marble/granite style.  My bistro table is grey marble.  My bed sheets are generally grey/black/eggplant.  I have Nightmare Before Christmas comforters.  or eggplant/black/dark grey.  I have many iron/glass/silver/plaster with grey finish sconces.  My artwork frames are all black.  A lot of my artwork is black/white.  I have tons of grotesques and gargoyles.  I collect NMBC cookie jars.  I'm pretty overloaded with decorations right now since I'm staying with family and can only decorate my room.  Most of my stuff is packed up.  OH.  You probably mean Christmas decorations.  Ummm I would love more gothy/nerdy tree ornaments, like NMBC.  Unicorns, dragons... but not cheesy ones, nice ones.  *wink*  My mom used to get me a different Hallmark series ornament every year for my birthday but I think she forgot this year (right now the series is "a pony for christmas" or something like that.  I have all of the rocking horses in the series that ended.)  I would love a cthulhu tree topper... I really like Krampus things too.  Or a weeping angel tree topper... (I have a weeping angel tree ornament.)


Fiber artists! (Knitters, weavers, crocheters etc) How would you like to get some nice yarn?

I'm pretty overloaded in yarn right now but as long as it isn't acrylic I can probably find a use for it.  I prefer black/grey/white/blues/purples/dark reds/dark greens.  (no yellow, orange, tan, cream, brown.)  No variegated yarn please - I'm only doing solids/semi-solids and graduated.  Self striping is ok if it's DK or above.


Is there any animal you feel a strong connection with?

Many.  Pit bulls, Friesian horses, bats, corvids, dolphins, leafy sea dragons.  Mythical would be gargoyles of all sorts (especially winged dogs), hippocampus and equines of all sorts... thestrals!  (so many creatures in the HP world.)


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