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BPAL Madness!
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wishlist etc

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since the forum 'revamped' or whatever, I cannot figure out how to fix the links in my sig. Instead of going to the specific posts they are supposed to, they only seem to go to the thread in question. So I'm going to hunt the posts up and put the links in here, for Switch Witches and such, and so i do not have to spend an hour again trying to find them when I finally puzzle out how to fix it.


wishlist: https://www.bpal.org/topic/127-wishlist/?page=32&tab=comments#comment-769023



big bottles: https://www.bpal.org/topic/3819-what-do-you-have-big-bottles-of/?page=36&tab=comments#comment-801030

(this one seems to be working okay from the sig)


The one marked 'SW hints' is in a dead topic, and won't let me find it at all. When I figure out how to edit my sig, I will just remove it.

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