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EML298's Switch Witch Fall 2018 Questionnaire Addenda Blog




would you like a crocheted doll related to one of your interests? Huh. I can't think of anything off the top of my head, though I've seen some "ugly monster" dolls done by some forumites at times that seem so cute!

Would you want me to put a collection of rocks/gems together for you? And if so, is there anything you'd want me to focus on? (health, peace, protection, creativity, love, etc...) Oh, that sounds fun! I'm just recently learning about stones. I have picked up a couple medium to large (?) pieces of quartz and rose quartz, because I like how they look. I'd love to learn more! Hmmm...health would be good?


I have a new question! I'll be headed to the PA RenFaire the end of this month. Is there anything you'd be interested in? http://www.parenfaire.com/faire.html(if you scroll down a bunch there's a list of merchants) I want funnel cake! Lol. Do they even have that at Ren Faires? A friend of mine went to a carnival recently and posted a pic of it on FB. NOM! Anyway, I am not familiar with any of this, but you have a lot of info about my preferences and if something I've said suggests I'd enjoy something here to you, I bet you're spot on!


Are you a board game nerd like me? Is there a game you want right now? Not for a while.


There are some really awesome spice shops in NYC. Would you like/need any herbs or spices? I'm just starting to experiment with Penzey's Spices, and am enjoying that. I like to spice salads, veggies, and cheesy things. No meats.

Anything from this curiosity shop the type of thing that interests you? Dreadful Curiosities: https://www.facebook.com/pg/dreadfulcuriosities/photos/ The white plates with skulls or other bone designs on are interesting to me.


For those of us Switch Witches who ARE witches....if you have a Book of Spells would you like a page for it from your witch? I am uninformed byt curious about *actual* witchery.

What house were you sorted into? Hufflepuff per University of Cambridge research quiz, but then I just took the official Pottermore one, and I am Ravenclaw.


Practical Magic or Hocus Pocus? Probably Practical Magic.

Does anything from either of these shops interest you? While my style used to be completely fitting to this, I have been more geared towards light colors and themes in the last few years. I really appreciate the creativity and stories behind the art, especially the rat with the engagement ring.
The Stitchety Witch stitch creations and patterns
Black Abbey Studios art w/ a gothic tendency

Is there something (either a specific item, or type of item, like bath/body, perfume, candy etc) you're really looking forward to or hoping to get? Not specifically. I enjoy the fun and thoughtfulness of this!

What's something you want or look at, but always talk yourself out of buying (or for whatever reason never purchase)? Sofa.

Are there any subscription/subscription style boxes you have an interest in? (This could be a very specific sub like sihaya or lootcrate or an idea/concept you're interested in without a specific company in mind, like "book related candles"). No, thank you. well, unless it was for my dog or cat.

Coffee or Tea? Yes, please.
Anything from David's Tea(esp the new Halloween) that catches your eye? I would like to try their things! I like herbal teas mostly, without caffeine.

What are your DISO BPAL dreams? I love original Antique Lace. The new release isn't the same on me. Such is life. The Lick It! candle from years back was amazing.


Spooky stuff! D'ya like... ghosts? Skeletons? Aliens? Bigfoot? Unsolved mysteries? Skeletons.

Is there anything from the Lush christmas line that was just released that you're interested in? I love LUSH. I enjoy all the Sleepy line items *except* the massage bar they release due to the weird sparkly powder inside it (at least, it was there last year). I also enjoy LUSH Pud, Christingle, Candy Mountain, the vanilla bear stuff, and am curious about Holly Berry.

Is there any scents from the more current releases you have been wanting to try (Weenies, Motherhood/Fatherhood)? I think I put some in my w/l for the ones I didn't buy full bottles of... I liked Puppet Kitty the best of my full bottles.

How do you feel about buttons, pins, and badges? Cute, but I don't need any.


Are you witchy or like witchy things like incense, sage, palo santo, crystals, tarot, altar supplies, candles, etc.? Whatcha like/need? I am uninformed but curious about actual witchery,

Do you need decanting supplies? Sample vials? Pipettes? Standard labels? No, thank you.

Can you link to your non forum wishlists/goodreads if you haven't already done so? I'm eml298 or my real name any place I have one. Don't think I've updated any in a while. I used to keep Amazon updated.

If you're a yarn user, what kinds of yarn do you like best? I find yarn beautiful but only have use for finished products given my lack of knowledge and skill.


Let's get specific about this knitting thing! Do any of these items/styles appeal? I've numbered these so you can just reference numbers if you like! #11 Little Kindness Monster is really cute!

If your witch was able to obtain digital media that you could not access (TV, movies, books, etc.), is there anything you have been in search of for quite a while? If yes, what devices do you use to play such (i.e. Windows, Mac, etc.)? I would like a new audiobook series to listen to, or HIIT videos to work out with.

Is there anything you want from Japan? Some kind of food, cute stationary, fandom merch, maybe you collect lucky cats, anything! I know there are cool candies that are often specific to Japan. Not sure of specifics?


Are you interested in anything from Nerdlacquer?
Wow! Had never heard of them before. Pretty stuffs! I would possibly enjoy an Iconoclast: Flash Gordon with Vultan (the pinky mauve neutral) and silver/white, pink/violet shimmer...but, how do you apply the glitter if it's not premixed? (I'm pretty basic in my polish skills, methinks!)


Speaking of OOS/Discontinued - Are there any old favorites from no longer operating companies that you would like if either anyone had a stash OR could find a reasonable dupe?
Huh. I would be very thrilled to find a candle that smelled and burned like Puddin's Lick It! candle from years back. (Now, I mostly diffuse EOs, but I bet that'd change if this existed.) That's not exactly what this question is asking, but it's what came to mind.

Booze, yea or nay? Favorite kinds?
Yes. Bourbon, white tequila, smooth vodka.

Knitted stuff? Need/want anything specific? Colors?
I have a pair of mary jane style slipper socks that I would love to have a "dupe" of. I love them to death.

Feelings re: Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland? Love it, hate it, meh it?
I feel positively about it. :)

Are you thinking of participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Any merch or pre-Nano supplies you might want?
I never knew about this until just now! Sounds fun!

I just recently discovered MoonMagic -jewelry with a focus on moonstones but also opals and labradorite. They currently have a sale. Anything that stands out to you? (moonmagic.com)
I <3 moonstones and labradorites. All my bloodmilk pieces are such. :) And this is a new site to me, too! Nice! I notice the Moon Trance ring and White Virgin ring.

Do you like quirky socks? Any preferred styles (ankle, thigh-high..)?
Yes, but not too bright. I love fuzzy socks to sleep in. Given that I am of the plus size variety, I don't enjoy socks that are tight on my ankles. Sock Dreams had a sock called "space dyed terry shorties" that I loved, for example.


Would you like a postcard from the fancy schmantsy St Pancras Renaissance hotel that I'm about to stay in several times over the next month? (Witches, I'll happily send one to your witchee if they would like it)
Why not? :)

Does anything catch your eye from Future Primitive, including oos things?
Their stuff looks beautiful. I'd love to try anything within my typical scent preferences. I'd be most open to body moisturizers, soaps, and bath stuffs (as opposed to hair stuffs or wax melts).


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