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BPAL Madness!
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My Fall 2017 13 Days of Halloween answers




Do you like to read seasonally, or do you like to read whatever whenever?
I have a large queue of books to read and review. :/ So please no books.

Would you like to receive a scarf or hat?
As I said in the question about knitted things, I don't wear scarves (unless they are super special that I picked out, sorry) and the only hats I wear are newsboy type caps, but again I am really picky and would probably need to pick it out and try it on.


Do you want wax melts?
I wouldn't say no - but I rarely rarely rarely use them. Like once a year, if that.


I'm in Japan, is there anything specific from here you would be interested in?
Mmmm fun flavored kit kats!!! (I can get green tea and strawberry here.)

I'm in The Netherlands. Is there anything from The Netherlands/Europe that you're interested in?
I have no idea since I've not been there on what is available. Chocolate? Yarn?

Bath & Body Works - love them or hate them? If the former, fave product types?
Well, all of their stuff has SLS's and they are definitely not phthalate or paraben free so pretty much a hard pass on any of their bath or skin products. I don't mind their candles and wall flowers (sometimes. Usually scents are much too overpowering and perfume-y but the vanilla scents are ok, although I'm totally sick of vanilla bean noel.) I really wish they still did the honey lavender pillow spray. I hate chamomile but I might be interested in the lavender pillow spray if it actually smells like real lavender. :) edit: I was just in there for shopping for swaps and their new Lavender Cedar wall flowers are great! Maybe the sprays too -- the Vanilla Patchouli and the Lavender Cedar. (I think they have both pillow sprays and room sprays.)

how would you feel about receiving a hand-painted container for your bpal and/or other treasures? if you are on board with that, would you want a big wood box (~50 bottles), a small wood box (~20 bottles) or a tin for carrying imps around?
I'm good on containers, I use the IKEA FIRA 9 drawer boxes and while they're full, I have another one left to build. But I'm trying to destash my collection since it's pretty much beyond life expectancy so I'm hoping to never build that one. I also use tea chests. Now if I could get someone to paint these IKEA chests for me that would be the best ever. I'm not an artist. I have have plenty of tins for travel purposes. I'm no fun, sorry!

Now, if you wanted to send me a hand painted container for something else, I'm your girl!! I have one of the (newly available again in the US) IKEA MOPPE chests and I'm using it for my witchy stuff, but I could definitely use a couple more. Their drawers are much too tall for BPAL bottles and aren't as deep, but they're great for chime candles, incense, sage smudges, etc. (3 drawers on top, 2 in the middle, and a wide one on the bottom.) They're about $14 so pretty reasonably priced, and they're pretty light - just bulky, so no idea on the shipping. But if you happened to be in Seattle or whatnot, I'll be traveling there in October and I'm sure you could find a minion to meet up with me.

if you were to receive something hand knit, what type of item would you like? hat, cowl, handwarmers, etc. and what color(s)?
As a knitter, I am already overflowing with hand knit things. I don't wear hats, cowls, or scarves normally. I loathe triangle shaped shawls. If you're a knitter, you're probably friended with me on Ravelry (or you can go look at my profile) and see my favorites and other details like what I like color, yarn, and pattern wise. I have some bundles called "Make for Me" and some swap specific bundles for halloween/vampire swaps that I would be delighted to receive things from.

Nail wraps - yay or nay? Would including a small manicure set to go with them help?
No thank you. I have a friend who does jamberry and is always pushing their stuff at me. I bought some once to shut her up but I've never used them.


Disney? I like going to disneyland and would love to someday go to disneyworld...
If so, any favorite characters? Bambi (what, I like deer), Eeyore (what, I have depression too), Mèrida is best princess imo but I doubt I would purchase anything specifically to do with her? I also grew up as a tomboy riding horses and stuffs, although I currently have no archery things. The compound bow and targets were left behind with the ex. Also Scottish. <3 <3 <3 Oh yeah, I always forget that NMBC is Disney. NMBC FTW! I have tons of NMBC stuff and collect the cookie jars. I could really use some more PJ's, mine have a hole worn in the bottom. :P
And to be more specific about Disney: How do you feel about Beauty and the beast? I like the movie(s)? The first one came out after my son was born (I think The Little Mermaid came out right before? I didn't name my son after the movie, but my friend named her daughter Ariel and my son was named Eryk.) At one point we had to stay in a small apartment between one house being sold and waiting for the new house to be ready to move into and Beauty and the Beast was the only vhs tape we had... my poor son got to the point where he was saying "NO BEAST! NO BEAST!" I still tease him about that. I kind of want to make a lace pattern based on the photo of the windows from the recent movie. Also I love that Gaston is incredibly gay.

And what about Harry Potter related items?
Well, I mean it depends on the item. I have all kinds of Harry Potter related yarn and patterns because it's something consumable that I can use. There are some cute Harry Potter clothing items from Torrid that I drool over. ALWAYS speaks to me and I have a mug that I keep makeup brushes in that says ALWAYS on the side and has a doe on the other. I would LOVE to go to Harry Potter world and I do enjoy receiving owls and chocolate frogs. I kind of drool over the Harry Potter lootcrate (and Firefly and ....) Dunno if lootcrate has relaxed women's babydoll type sizes, probably not. I don't wear regular men's t-shirts, I'm much too curvy and they don't fit me comfortably.

Pokemon? Any favorites?
I used to play Pokemon Go on my phone when I still paid for it, but I can't afford it anymore. Other than that, no. My son was really into Pokemon when he was little. (He's 27 now.)

Is there any thing, category, or brand from which you would absolutely NOT like to receive things (ie., you're overrun with candy corn, you don't do scents outside of BPAL, or if you ever see another Stephen King item, it will be too soon)?
* Bar soap. Please $deity, no bar soap. (unless you make it! then please bring ALL OF YOUR SOAP.) I make soap and I have SO. MUCH.

* I also don't need any tealights, I buy those unscented by the 100's.

* Also no books, physical or electronic, unless I specifically request them. Please ignore my Amazon book wishlist, it's mostly there for me at this point.

* no socks. I rarely wear socks and I am very picky about them when I do. I have super large feet so most women's socks don't fit me anyway.

* coffee mugs. I have boxes and boxes of starbucks city mugs because I used to collect them, but I'm considering getting rid of them all. The only mugs I would want would be a 20oz mug with a lid so bugs didn't get in it, but something that is machine washable.

What kinds of art/art medium do you most enjoy, or would you most like to receive, in the context of this swap?
I do have room to hang things on the wall since all of my other artwork is packed up and in storage. I collect grotesques and gargoyles. I have an artwork section on etsy too if you want to look at the kinds of things I like.


What rares are you dying to try?
There are a ton of eclipses and liliths that I'm going to miss out on - just updated my wish list with them. Goth Queen and Snake Oil Jelly Donut both come to mind. Blue wig spray? I JUST GOT SOME SNAKE OIL JELLY DONUT, WOO WOO.

Do you like comic books and/or graphic novels?
I do, or I used to when I could see, lol. Sandman, Watchmen. I have the first Lucifer graphic novel on kindle.


Are you ok with homemade food?
Yes, as long as you follow proper food handling techniques (I have a food handling certificate so hopefully people will be comfortable receiving from me) and - well, I'm really picky about non-GMO, no corn syrup, no red dye 40 or food dyes if possible, organic stuffs only. I also can't have nuts or dried fruit right now because of my kidneys. Or sodium. Or too much protein. :/ I'm not supposed to have coffee, chocolate, or dairy, but I would die without my daily coffee with cream. I figure all things in moderation but am still trying to follow the guidelines when I can. I'm not actually on a diet restriction YET, just guidelines. One more test next month to see how things are. But my GFR has been in the 40's which is third stage kidney disease and one level above dialysis. My GFR *should* be above 90.

If you are ok with decorations, do you have a preference for table-top, wall hanging, or window decorations?
I'd have to have wall hanging since I am staying with family while going through my divorce (god this is dragging on forever, it's been almost a year since I moved out of his place) and I only have one small room and no table space. I'd rather not cover the window since it is very small and my dog likes to look out it. I do love the halloween bottle containers (without corks, the ones that actually fasten so you can really use them) that come in different colours with cool bottle toppers and labels. Michaels had some really cool ones with bat or skull toppers. My mom got me a bunch of these for my birthday so I'm pretty much set...
I also kind of have an animal skeleton collection going. I have a raven, rat, small pug type dog, and larger floppy eared dog. I'd love a bat or cat!

How do you feel about stationary and/or papercrafting supplies?
I absolutely do not ever write anything except jotting a super small note down (my hands don't work properly - sometimes it's hard to knit or mouse) but I like spooky washi tape with skulls or bats!

How do you feel about kitschy/silly Halloween jewelry?
I feel like no fun! I don't wear even nice jewelry except my scent locket or occasionally another necklace or pendant. Sometimes rings/bracelets/anklets but right now I'm very swollen from kidney problems. So I'm sorry, but no.

Would you be interested in a Halloween wreath?
If you were to make it, sure! I love black and purple, skulls, bats, ravens... I'm a huge NMBC fan. absolutely no brown, red, orange or country cute type stuff, gothy only for me. I like the two black and white ones but not the one with coloured balls. I even have a wreath hanger on my door.


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