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Switch Witch '17: It's Happening




Oh, and I should mention... I actually enjoy answering the in-thread questions and copying/pasting them here, but I may ignore questions if a.] I've already written a detailed response about them in the initial questionnaire (which I think applies for things like coffee/tea preferences) or b.] they are about something I'm not interested in at all and have already indicated as such (so that would apply to questions about things like DVDs or nail wraps, which seem common). However, Dear Witch, please don't hesitate to ask for more information/clarification if you need it, I'll be happy to help.

Do you enjoy stationery? I'm thinking cute/quality notebooks, washi tape, stickers, fun pens etc.
Sure! Here's a place I order stationery from sometimes: Kawaii Gifts.

Are you interested in anything from Cocoa Pink?
- Or Haus of Gloi?
Cocoa Pink: Wow, too many scents! I guess I'd give the Whipped Dream or Voluptuous Body Butter a try. From a quick scan, Genevieve, Phantom Kiss, and Sensory Deprivation Tank sound like they could be promising scents.
Haus of Gloi: I have tried their soaps, lip balms, and pumpkin butter before and I like them all. But I think I'm good on everything other than soap, and the soaps always seem to be sold out now. :( Oh, the Cozy Sweater candle sounds nice though, so maybe that?

Would you be interested in a Halloween wreath?
I definitely would as long as it's not overly Nightmare-Before-Christmas like one of the pictured ones is.

Are you interested in anything from the Moonalisa Halloween update?
I'd try the "4in1" product... maybe the Full Moon scent would be good?

What are your coffee and/or tea preferences?
Skipping as answered thoroughly in original questionnaire!

How would you feel about receiving a hand-painted container for your bpal and/or other treasures?
- would you want a big wood box (~50 bottles), a small wood box (~20 bottles) or a tin for carrying imps around?
Big box or small box would work.

Who is into K-Beauty (Korean beauty products like sheet masks)
Not my thing.

What are some NEW things you've gotten interested in this year? Could be anything, from a new hobby, new genre of book, new healthy way of living, new fav brand of whatever...
Nothing comes to mind though I'm sure there's something... I can come back to this later in my blog I guess.

What are your feelings about Scooby Doo?
I guess it's sort of fun to make fun of, but even that seems overdone at this point, so I've probably already given enough info here.

How do you feel about indie makeup (read: loose eyeshadow, blush, highlighter)?
I don't wear blush or highlighter, and I feel like the way I usually receive loose eyeshadow is the opposite of user-friendly (it's usually in a tiny baggie and I don't really want to mess with that). If you have some loose eyeshadow you think I'd like and it's actually in a little pot or whatever, I wouldn't mind receiving it.

I drink this stuff almost everyday would anyone else be interested in trying it out? https://www.criobru.com/
Sure, that sounds very interesting.

Would you like one of the Halloween Teeturtle shirts?
I think I already mentioned liking the Dia De Los Foxes one and the women's relaxed fit. I guess size-wise XL would be safest... from the measurements it looks like an L would fit, but someone said they run small, so I guess I'd err on the side of caution.

New question: Sooo... have you seen this!? And what would you like?
Yes, I saw that on facebook awhile back. I'd try any jelly bomb or bubble bar listed.

Would you be interested in things from Future Primitive?
Their soaps all sound quite nice, so sure, I wouldn't mind trying them.

Are there any UK things you'd like to get?
My husband mentioned a travel guide to Wales? Whenever I get this question, the only thing I think of is Crunchie.

New question: Are you into podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? Would you like any merch related to any of them?
No, I still don't really know what they are even though people have tried to explain them to me at least twice. So they must not be for me.

New question: Would you like something from Nui Cobalt Designs? Or maybe some of Christina's lovely Halloween candles at Sihaya & Co.?
Nui Cobalt: Justice, Liberty, and Health candles sound nice.
Sihaya: Scrying Stone and Sisterhood of the Moon candles sound nice.

ILNP? Who would love one of their awesome holos like Mega, or beautiful chromes??
They all look really lovely. Ava is catching my eye today, but really any of them!

* I am not really a hobbies, crafts, or socks person, but I think all of that is covered in my initial questionnaire.

Would you want to receive a custom spell kit or magical tea? If so, for what purpose would you want it to be made?
I need people to talk to and I need my job to become reasonable (as in, there's too much work to go around right now and not enough guidelines), could you help with either of those?

Do you like poetry?
I may be over-thinking this question but I'm having trouble figuring out what it's getting at, as most people like some sort of poetry, be it rap lyrics, Robert Frost, or Rimbaud. I do like some poetry but I can't think of any poetry-related items that I would like to obtain right now.

Anyone like handmade critters, stuffed animals, or custom repaints?
The first 2 things sound okay, maybe not the last one.

Would anyone like a donation made in their name to a cause or charity?
Last year I mentioned the Lilith Fund and my Witch made a donation there, still a worthy cause for sure. :smilenod:

Please provide wishes from the last two updates? Some of us, some where, somehow can obtain those desired scents!
Hmm... which last 2 updates? From the BPAL Liliths I wouldn't mind decants or 1/2 decants of Storyboard: Julius Caesar and Vampire Princess since I was curious about them but didn't get them, but I wasn't really interested in anything from the BPTP "Dog Days" one. Hoping for BPTP Liliths soon!

Question! I'm in Japan, is there anything specific from here you would want?
I'm one of the many fans of green tea kitkats. I also really like Meltykiss Chocolate... I've tried some of the unusual flavors before like Milk Tea and liked them. I've already mentioned liking Japanese stickers and stationery and such. And... I do like My Melody and Chococat Sanrio-wise, and these kitties San-X-wise.

I live in too warm of a climate for most knitted items... about the only thing I can think of that I'd actually get use of would be something like a cup cozy or whatever (like, a thing that goes on a hot mug or travelcup so that it's easier to hold... I bought a past swap partner a cute one from etsy before), and I'd be pretty open about color/style for that sort of thing... I mean, not neon colors I guess, but whatever else should be fine.

Elements & Artifacts:

Here's a great local soapmaker I love--y'all see anything you would like? https://littleseedfarm.com/
The deodorant cream sounds interesting -- I'd try any of the scents. The liquid soap sounds nice in anything but the patchouli scent. For bar soaps, the "Bearwalker Beer Bar" sounds great, as does the Cocoa Spice.

What are your favorite/preferred Halloween/autumn icons/images? Any to specifically stay away from?
Though I no longer actually like to eat candy corn, I like it as a decor theme. I also like the usual cats/owls/skulls/bats/spiders (rough order of preference), especially if glittery. Also, someone mentioned the recent prevalence of eyeballs in Halloween decor. I'm all for that -- I have eyeball socks (which I actually wear even though I wear socks less than 10x/year) and eyeball washi tape already, other items would be welcome. I haven't really seen Halloween wolves yet (they were also mentioned earlier), but I do like wolves, foxes and such, so those would be welcome too. I'm not really into gory/grotesque things though, and I abhor zombies!

Do you eat candy, and if so would Halloween candy be welcome?
I know I talked about candy a lot in my original questionnaire, so I'm just answering the Halloween part of this. Halloween candy that is in line with preferences stated previously is fine. I do also like the special orange kitkats that come out for Halloween and the thing that's kind of like Hershey's cookies&cream but with little orange bits or whatever (to be clear, in this sentence I'm talking about orange color and not orange flavor, but I do like orange-flavored chocolate anyway so if some shows up that'd be fine too).

Do you want Fidget spinners, desk toys, or other frivolous things that you look at and decide you don't need enough to spend $ on but would make you happy to have?
Maybe if you find something you think I'd really like. I technically have at least 2 offices (though they're sort of shared), and neither of them have huge amounts of knickknacks.

Any zentangle lovers, people who would like to try it, or would you want a piece of someone else's zentangle art?
It sounds neat but I probably wouldn't try it because I am very busy and therefore very lazy on the odd occasion that I'm not busy. Wouldn't mind a piece of someone else's art if you think I'd like it.

Any love of hair toys, clips, ribbons, fascinators, mini hats, etc?
I wish I still wore stuff in my hair but I just don't. I have a drawerful of cool barrettes and such and maybe wear one once or twice a year. :(

What local goodies may be of interest? Local Honey, jams,candy?
All of this sounds great. I especially love honey and have never received any in a swap.

Are you interested in any subscription services like serial magazines, Birch box, ipsy?
I know there are some for Japanese snacks, I'd be interested in those.

Would you like funky Halloweenie costume makeup like Gothic eyelashes, nail effects, black lipstick, etc.?
Probably not but I'm always up for wacky shades of nail polish (just not like the sand-textured or crackle stuff or whatever).

Candles, Incense, or wax tarts?
Candles or incense (stick not cone for incense), not wax tarts.

I got a kitten this summer and he would love just about anything (he has all manner of toys, but currently his favorite is a small bouncy ball... he's also just starting to appreciate catnip since that takes awhile). My dog, on the other hand, mostly likes stuffed squeaky toys. If you are planning to send edible treats (which are the only thing my other cat, who is somewhat elderly, might enjoy), please only send a small amount since I'm not sure how the animals will like them and we don't give out treats super-often.

Post Liliths:
Just pre-ordered decants of My Little Themysciran Princess and Spinning on Graves. Others I'd be interested in trying are Wednesday's Child... and Zip Line.

Trader Joe's:
There are a few of these stores within 30 minutes to an hour of my house, but I don't really consider that to be very close I guess. Just went to one a week or so ago (before that it had been several years) and it turns out that I really love this Peruvian Corn stuff. The question specifically asked about pumpkin stuff though and pumpkin really isn't my thing to be honest. But if you see something else at Trader Joe's you think I might like, go for it!

Is there anything you want from the trading post (or trading post etsy) that is available to order right now?
Sure! I use the bath oils as a sort of bodywash-enhancement, so I go through them fairly quickly these days. From the BPTP etsy I wouldn't mind trying the Bloodbath one, and on the main BPTP site bath-oils-wise I would mind the Morocco, Hedonism, Intensity, Invidia, Luxuria, Patientia, or some more Snake Oil (I do have a little bit of Snake Oil bath oil, but I'm running really low). Would also take an XXL v-neck of the Irretrievable Time shirt.

Who would love some USPS eclipse stamps?

Do you like to cook and/or bake? Could you use any specific ingredients (spices, oils, salts, extracts, etc.) or kitchen utensils/gadgets?
Yes indeed, I could use all kinds of weird stuff. Ingredients-wise: ground flaxseed, nutritional yeast (powder form), hemp seeds (ones that would be legal in Texas, to be clear! :lol: ), gochujang, harissa, ras al hanout, za'atar, um... are you sorry you asked? :P Gadgets... maybe a mandoline? I'll edit this in my blog if I think of more.

I'm at Ocean City MD for bike week......would a witches want anything from here? Bike or beach related??
We have an old Holden Beach souvenir that we need to replace, I asked my husband to look up what it's called and it's called something like a "souvenir waterglobe pyramid pencilholder" or a "cone floating paperweight pencilholder." So if you find one of those, that would be great!

Would you like some Halloween or other themed decor in the form of a banner, something like this http://www.etsy.com/...n-decor-vintage? If so, would you prefer a traditional style or a vertical door type?
I don't really like the one linked to, but the Trick or Treat one from the same etsy shop is okay. I think traditional would be better than vertical-door.

If there are specific fragrance oils or products my Witchee would like from any of the OCYL Fall updates, it would be good to add those to their blog, ketchup, or signature.
This is a really broad question since there are so many companies, so I think I can only really give general guidance (I mean, there have already been specific questions about a few companies [such as Lush] and I tried my best for those, but I don't really think I can do it for every company). So... in general, I'd like to mention that I don't really wear OCYL perfume oils, or at least not more than once or twice a year. So if there is one decant from another company you think I'd really like, go ahead and include it, but I probably wouldn't use up a bottle from another company or try many decants. Otherwise... I think this question mentioned Yankee Candle which I don't really think of as an indie brand, but... I do like some of their gourmand type scents like Vanilla Cupcake and Peppermint Bark and such, so I wouldn't mind something in that vein I suppose.

This has also sort of been mentioned but what are your favorite homemade treats?
For shippable things, cookies/brownies are good bets, I guess.

Favorite gemstones?
Garnet, moonstone, labradorite, lapis, opal... and my birthstone is ruby but since it's literally the most expensive thing there is, I don't expect you to get me rubies.

Are you a Potterhead? If so, to which house do you belong?
Mildly. And I'm an almost completely even split between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, I'm afraid. I alternate between the 2 pretty evenly when I take the usual quizzes, and on the "more scientific" recent quiz I took that took into account personality research, I was... 39.7% Ravenclaw, 39% Hufflepuff, 19.8% Gryffindor, 1.6% Slytherin.

How do you feel about chokers?
I don't really wear the ones I own so they probably aren't a good bet.

I'm in France at the moment, is there anything here you might like? I'm in Provence, the land of lavender, so if you like flower in particular just say so!
I'd especially like culinary lavender (like, to use in baking and such), but whatever is good, really.

If you enjoy jewelry do you like discrete and elegant, flashy and gaudy, small and light, or large and chunky?
Um, it depends on what mood I'm in!

Would my Witchee be interested in a Tarot or Astrology reading done personally?
Sure. I don't do divination myself (not since I was a teenager, anyway), but I still appreciate it. And I've been wanting to get my chart done for years so that'd be especially great. I know all of the specific time and place and such stuff about my birth so can provide that if needed.

Does my Witchee need any magical supplies?
I don't think so but I can try to think of if there are any TAL oils or the like, and update in my blog if so.

Would you be interested in any of the seasonal (or regular) soaps from Cellar Door (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com)?
Aw yeah! I even mentioned them in my initial questionnaire. I'm especially interested in Almond Vanilla, Acadian Driftwood, Good Vibrations, Lavender, Lavender Pumpkin, Merry Manhattans, Midnight Mocha, Once Bitten, Orange Clove, Pumpkin Chai Latte, Tobacco+Oakmoss, and Sandalwood+Amber.

Partial BPAL bottles are fine.

Are you interested in anything from Think Geek?
Hmm... this is an interesting one. A past Witch got me a giftcard or whatever from them and their policy was really weird and caused me to be overdrawn for awhile (my purchase went very slightly over the giftcard amount but their policy, at least last year, was to freeze $50 from the bank account no matter the actual amount of the charge, which wasn't cool when I needed to get a couple of things at the grocery store right before payday and had had only about $20 in my account, not over $50). So I might enjoy actual items from there, but please no giftcards as I'm not messing with that again. :uhuhuh: So anyway, here are some fairly-reasonably-priced things you could purchase/procure for me if you'd like:

If you could decorate your house (or one room) in any one theme, what would it be?
Going to take the easy way out here and say mid-century modern

Yep, I wear an apron sometimes, and I'm trying to do so more often when I'm cooking or baking. The one I have is fine but nowhere near new. I guess I like more feminine ones that are still functional for cooking/baking (i.e., no problem with ruffles or cutesy prints or etc, but the material shouldn't be especially flammable or extremely flimsy or whatever).

Do you like Broadway shows/music? If so what are some of your favorites and/or ones that you hope to see or listen to eventually? Would you like merch from your favorite shows or CDs from shows you want to listen to?
Can't think of any though I don't think I dislike the entire genre.

I'm heading to NYCC in October! Is there anything I can get my Witchee while I'm there?
Ironically, BPAL's Broadway scent sounds really nice. Of course I dunno if I'd like it enough for a bottle, but I'd love a decant. I know they were on offer at Crown and Tulip.

I just realized - I'm going to Edmonton Expo this weekend (It's Edmonton's version of comic con). Would a witchee like anything from there?
I... don't know what they have at those, I've been ignoring the fandom questions because I'm not really "fannish." But if you see something you think I'd like, sure!

- Anything catch your eye from this site (globalgirlfriend.com)?
Wow, apparently yes! Will probably go back to this site for Christmas-wish purposes!

- Do you have any favorite, lesser-known stores? Especially ones that sell hand-crafted or independently made items.
I usually plug Devonshire Organics at some point during Switch Witch, so I guess this can be that time. I have been buying stick incense from them for at least 15 years and feel like nothing else compares (apparently the Vatican agrees since their incense is used there). My favorite is the general incense wand sampler, but I also order the "woodsy" or "cathedral" ones sometimes for winter.

Imagine you're going to the most gigantic art & craft show imaginable, and money is no object - what kind of things would you gravitate towards and probably spend money on? Include as specific as you want to get!
Well, when I go to art/craft shows or Renaissance festivals with my normal limited budget, I always end up buying earrings and bar soap, so that's a first thought. I also gravitate toward stick incense. Pricier things that catch my eye at times but that I don't buy would include the fancy wooden boxes or cutting boards (usually with different colors/patterns of wood), and the fancy coffee cups at pottery places... but I'd still want the coffee cup(s) to be regular shape and not with weird dents or globs of fake crystals or dragons or whatever as I keep seeing those on etsy and wondering how somebody would actually drink out of them. :P

See's Candy. They have special Halloween candy..any of these pique your interest?? Cinnamon Apple Scotch Mallows, Pumpkin spice truffles, pumpkinspice lollypops, caramel apple lollypops, or any other of their chocolates, etc?
I checked out the "Fall Gifts & Treats" on the site, and the Sweet Harvest Box, Brittle & Crunch, Orange Krispys, Orange & Chocolate Wafers, and Autumn Delights sound amazing.

And... after we get Witchees I'm probably going to start a second entry because this is already so long!

:wave: Witch! Nice to see you! Like I said earlier, I will probably start a second blog entry for any new questions.


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