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liked and disliked notes



notes i love (or mostly like):
oakmoss, violet, tea, tonka, leather, white musk, skin musk, red musk, black musk, neroli, amber, tobacco, carnation, orange blossom, orchid, incense, smoke, clove, benzoin, dirt, moss, opoponax, green tea, lime, stephanotis, chrysanthemum, oudh, saffron, iris/orris root, tuberose, honey, ylang ylang, honey, heliotrope.

notes that sometimes work:
rose, vanilla (bpal's), iris, wine, cherry, coconut, tea rose, berries, myrrh, sage, patchouli, sandalwood, bergamot, ylang ylang, lily, dragon's blood, lotus, orange, lemon, cinnamon, lavender, tuberose, vetiver, honey (bpal's), woods, champaca, ginger, nectarine, heliotrope, pomegranate, fig, pine (not very often), peony, sweet pea, almond, pumpkin, mint, sugar, grapefruit, lilac, jasmine, honeysuckle, milk, teak, coffee, caramel, oudh: bpal's black oudh doesn't seem to like me but the white and red varieties do.

notes i dislike:
cedar, frankincense (bpal's turns to pencil shavings on me, same for cedar, unless very subtle), peach, strawberry, plum, civet, chocolate (except DDLM), cake, milk, cassia, opium, poppy, cocoa, apple, rum, ozones/aquatics, dragon's blood, currant, eucalyptus, banana, blue musk, pomegranate, peony, sweet pea.


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