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12 Days of Christmas 2016




I love crocheting, it's my favorite hobby. Can I make you a scarf/cowl/sweater/lap blanket to keep you wintery-warm!?

Absolutely! I am not much of a cowl wearer, but otherwise, bring on all the homemade goodies, especially since yarn-craft and I do not get along.

How do you feel about knit socks? (Plain stockinette, lacework, cables, etc). Are there any other hand knit items you'd especially like? (Mittens, fingerless gloves, hats, etc).

Yes please! Fingerless gloves are another desire of mine.

How do you feel about amigurumi (i.e. little crochet toys), either characters from a fandom, wee animals, or as decorations?

I don't really have feelings about them, to be honest, which is a good excuse to show me why they are awesome! (This is as good a time as any to mention that I forgot to include Ghostbusters on my list of beloved fandoms.)

What kind of snacks do you like? Does dried fruit or crunchy dried vegetables sound appealing? Do you like (raw) honey? Jerky? Jam? What sort of local products do you like to receive as gifts? If you're familiar with products in the Pacific Northwest, is there anything specific you'd like to try?

I love dried fruit/veg/nut combos. I love honey, like good jerky, jam is fab. The only thing that jumps out at me from PNW that I wouldn't want is salmon anything. ;) Otherwise, I love to try local snacks, bread mixes, that sort of thing.

If there's one place you could go in the world, where and why?

I really want to go to Australia and New Zealand. Truly, I want to go everywhere, but that's my next big desire.

What sort of dollar store items do you always get a kick out of?

I inevitably get distracted by the wall of tacky jewelry, but I never actually buy anything.

Do you like to receive plants or gardening stuff? Do you grow plants? What's your favourite flower, if you have one?

I would not want gardening stuff or plants. I generally prefer not to receive things I will inevitably kill. Calla lilies are my favorite flower.

If you had a custom perfume/beauty/bath product made for you, what would it be and what would the scent description look like? (everything from prose to the specific selection of notes)

Something spicy/creamy/red musky. Text would be a silly bit of poetry.

I love drawing! Either fanart chibis on the tablet or portrait work in graphite pencil... but it's been a while..so I'd love to use this as an excuse to draw something for you! If you could commission an art piece, would you choose traditional or digital artwork- and what would it be of?

I...have no idea. Sorry, that is totally unhelpful. Maybe sketches of my kids?

Have we already answered questions about Christmas tree themes for this year?
We always do a tree, but it's not themed. Generally, we do a combo of modern bright colors, ornaments from my childhood, things my kids have made, souvenirs from vacations, and whatever characters my kids are currently into.

When it comes to makeup, what is your coloring? Fair, dark? Sensitive skin? Eye color? Hair color? Style....funky, natural? Any additional makeup info?
Fair with ruddy cheeks. Blue eyes. Dyed dark red hair. Makeup style is definitely funky - if I want to look natural, I just don't wear makeup. Otherwise, I usually do a bit of powder foundation, vibrant eye shadow crayon and black or blue/black mascara (note I DO NOT need more black mascara). Then a red or berry or burgundy lip color. I don't wear blush or lip liner or usually eye liner, although I will play with that sometimes. I am always in the market for more bold eye or lip colors, nail polishes (glitter is good) and could legit use a "glue" for loose powder shadow.

Is there any craft or hobby that you are interested in trying?
There's nothing I'm particularly jonsing for at the moment, but I've been a little curious about needle felting if there's an all inclusive kit you like. My daughter also loves crafty stuff, so things we could work on together would be fun.

Would anyone mind bath and body works items? Such as hand sanitizer, lotion, candles, car scents or soap?
I love their lotions and shower gel and some of their specialty spa stuff. I also love their candles, perhaps a bit too much.

Any Lush showergel (or other product) you'd like to try? I sort of collect their showergels, mostly from The Kitchen. So if there's anything you'd like to try, now's the time to tell!
My fave Lush products are their bath products, which I have no current ability to use, sadly. I don't care for their soap at all, their shower gels are okay. I do love me some Lemony Flutter, though.

Do you like licorice or would you like to try it? Would you prefer salt or sweet?
ALL THE LICORICE!!! I generally prefer sweet, but like salty if it is combined with something sweet (Nemi gave me some chocolate covered salty licorice last year that was AMAZING.)

I live in The Netherlands but I will visit England soon and might pay a visit to Germany. Anything special from here that you'd like to try?
Magnets, jewelry, local sweets and candy are among my travel related loves.

is you BPAL wishlist updated? If not: please do!
I will try to get that taken care of ASAP.

Do you like office supplies like pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, etc?
I particularly love pens in all sorts of colors and sticky notes.

How do you feel about spicy, cheesy, or sour snacks?
Sure! I particularly like cheesy..

Would you like any cook-able mixes like for soup or baked goods, cooking ingredients like spices, sugars, salts, oils, or cooking gadgets?

Would you prefer bar soaps or bath gel?
I marginally prefer soap, just because I'm more likely to grab it to use.

Candles, wax melts, or incense - yea or nay?
Candles are fine, although I am kind of drowning in them. Please no incense or wax melts.

Jewelry - any preference about length of necklaces, earrings, etc?
The bigger and bolder the better. I do not wear post earrings, though. Otherwise, in terms of length, anything goes.

I don't do artificial sweeteners.Honey, agave, other actual sugar alternatives are fine. No stevia or stuff like that though.

Handmade items & homemade food:

Shakespearean swag:
This is my question, so I am pretty well set, but yes, I do love me some random Shakespeare.

Favorite Christmas story:
A Christmas Carol all day long, the book, adaptations, everything other than the Jim Carrey version.

Numbered packages or random:
Whatever you prefer, Snow Angel.

Goodreads or other wish lists:
Everything is in my swap help blog entry linked in my sig..

Books in a series-- in order?
If books are pretty much standalone, like Discworld or a lot of police procedural series, I am cool with random entries. For anything that is truly serial and the series is meant to tell a full story together, then I want them in order.

Trader Joe's:
I have one super close but I never actually go there, so it is fair game.(I love cookie butter ; -)

Shoe size
US womens 8, socks are wonderful

I'm going to San Diego next week. Are there any souvenirs from there you'd like? How about any little souvenirs in general that you appreciate receiving?
I can't think of anything SD specific, to be honest, but see above re my usual souvenirs.

Do you like Steampunk? Would you be interested in any jewelry inspired by steampunk?
I yes and yes! The biggest catch is a lot of steampunk jewelry I see is very gold/bronze based.

I make paper albums and journals. Would you be interested in receiving something like that? Would you like some other type of handmade paper craft?
I have so many journals that I never get around to using, so I should probably pass.

Are you currently ISO any BPAL new or otherwise? What are your top 10 scents?
I a not ISO anything in particular right now. I will try to get my wishlist updated ASAP. I listed a lot of my faves in my survey, I think.

Black Friday will be a thing during this swap, anything you might want that will be on awesome sale?
I'm sure there will be some deals on movies or games that are up my alley, but there's nothing specific I can think of (I tend to avoid any offline black Friday shopping).

Homemade stuff specifics:
Would you be interested in:
- Dried honeycrisp apples Yes
- Applesauce (with red hots for sweetness and cinnamon) Yes
- Rose petal liqueur Yes!
- Blackberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, or Peach Jam Yes!
- garlic dill pickles Yes
- raw honey from bees on our property Yes!
- Baked or homemade goods Always. Of particular interest from the list are rum balls, cranberry bars, fudge and trail mix. If you make extra fab brownies or breads, that's cool too. :D
- handsewn project bags or makeup bags? If you have thematic fabric or the desire to make something that fits with my fandoms, that would be super, but I don't really need them in general. Of particular interest would be Harry Potter, Doctor Who, NMBC, MLP. Bigger bags that could hold some of my daughter's huge MLP collection would actually be pretty fab.
- yarn, roving, batts, fiber? No thank you.
- any cross stitch items like a small wall hanging or bookmark? Bookmarks, dishtowels, pillows, other usable things would be great. I don't have much wall space for hangings, though.
- if you said you'd want a knitted item, are there any particular favorite patterns you'd like - I have no idea and am not on ravelry or relevantly on pinteroist. I am not real big on cable-knit or that sort of classic texture, though. For some reason, I now have an image of some sort of cephalopod texture and would be all over something like that, though. In terms of colors, any of the jewel tones I mention in my survey, especially black/gray/purples/teal.

If you said you liked candles/incense/etc., what are your favorite scents for such things?
I love anything evergreeny this time of year, or spicy foody kind of scents.

Do you like to cook and would you be interested in cookbooks?
I do cook, but I have a lot of cookbooks. I do love quirky fannish ones, though. I have Dining with the Doctor. :lol:

Do you like games (board/card), and if so for how many players?
Yes! I would particularly be interested in games that can be played with 2-3 players as well as larger groups.

If you have a Goodreads "to read" list, are those mostly books that you do not have and would like copies of, or are those mostly books that you already have piled on your shelves/lurking in your e-reader?
I have tried to break down what I have and what I want via an "on-my-shelves" sub-category. Anything on my to-read list that is not so marked is something I would be happy to receive, whether it specifically says "want a copy" or not.

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace or fire pit, and if so would you like handmade firestarters or scenting bundles to throw on it? (think bundles of apple wood chips and cinnamon bark, or little wax/herb/paper bundles with a wick)
Technically we have both fireplace and a metal fire bowl thing, although we have never used the former and rarely use the latter. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed, but these sound like the sort of thing I would acquire and never remember to use.

What animals do you think are considered cute?
Penguins, owls, birds generally, bats, lizards, seals, and I have a fondness for arctic animals specifically - white foxes, wolves, polar bears, etc.

You mentioned scarves in your questionnaire. Are you referring to a chunky thick keep-me-warm-in-a-snowstorm scarf, or a light and lacy could-be-warm-if-I-wound-it-a-hundred-times scarf?
I don't think I did, actually. :lol: But generally, I like big shawl like winter scarves more than light lacy scarves.

I stalked your etsy and noticed you like gemstones in jewellery!
If yes, what's a list of your favorite semi-precious gemstones?

Sapphires, garnets, moonstone...honestly, I care more about color and overall style than gemstones themselves.

And what is your ring size in US?
I really would prefer not to receive rings. Sorry! I can barely wear my wedding and engagement rings anymore, let alone others.

Would you like to receive a photography print? My pictures are mainly of animals or landscapes. What would you prefer? Any favourite animals you'd like to receive a picture of? Would you also like to receive postcards?
These are beautiful, but outside of owls or birds that I could share with my daughter, I really don't have wall space right now. :(

Thinking about your package arriving and unwrapping, would you prefer more foody items or more non-foody things?
Non-foody, please. Some food items are wonderful, but I would prefer that less than half be treats, thanks!

Name a handful of things you would LOVE to see in your 12 Days gifts!
Jewelry, books, a mix cd of seasonal music, fun sparkly decorations, socks or arm warmers... Grabbing this from the thread, but I also love fandom blind bags, incl. Lego!

Anybody else pay attention to Solstice Scents?
Nope. I am a BPAL only gal and do not wear anything else.

If I were go get my shit together to actually bake before December 7, would you have any interest in fruitcake?
My own question, so the YES I LOVE IT answer can probably be assumed, but yes, I love fruitcake - even the stereotypical brick - but especially people's different recipes. I go pretty much gaga over any holiday fruit bread - panatella, stollen, etc.

If I were still feeling the alcoholic spirit and decided to make boozy chocolate balls of some sort, do you have a preference for bourbon, rum or Irish whiskey?
I have no real preference. In terms of drinking, I lean toward whiskeys, but all the booze is welcome over here.


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