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BPAL Madness!
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Switch Witch Fall 2016 Question Master List




Do you subscribe to any boxes? What kinds of things do you like from them?

Any makeup/body/skin type stuff you'd like to get samples of?


ThinkGeek is having a big Halloween sale. Anything catch your eye?


Ginger, or Spearmint flavor?


Are there any commercial candles/tarts/tealights in scents you like? Bath and Body Works, or Yankee Candle?


Witchee, would you like (would you wear?) a long wrap choker?


I'd love to commission a piece of art for you. Would you be interested in a custom piece? What kind of picture/what subject matter?


Would any witchees be interested in strawberry, pumpkin & apple, or milk flavor Pocky?


Though I've been playing with sculpee lately and like making sort of character or fandom inspired bead/pendants, would that be something you'd like or have use for?


Erotica or BDSM - yay or nay, and if yay, what kinds of things?

My local farmers market has a pepper specialist who makes dried pepper powders. Would you like some and if so what level of spicyness.


Tarot cards/oracle decks - yay or nay?
If yay, do you already have any?
Which ones?

Cryptozoology/cryptids (Big Foot, lake monsters, chupacabra, etc.) - yay or nay?
If yay, any favourites?


I'm a honey affecionado (I really love honey) and our renn Faire has a local honey booth we go to every year and our trip is coming up. Anything from http://www.beefolks.com/default.asp suit your fancy in particular (honey or otherwise since they have other products?)

Any other renn Faire goodies in general? I have a friend who is a wood carver there and they make adorable geeky pins amount other things and Harry Potter wands? Here are the artisans there: http://www.rennfest.com/general-information/artisans


The second part of the Haus of Gloi update is live tomorrow (the 25th)- is there anything you're interested in?

I'm going to the NY Renaissance Faire tomorrow- anything you'd like me to look for?

Do you celebrate Mabon? Would you like "witchy" or pagan decorations and objects? For example, pentacle wall hangings, mabon poppets, corn dollies, ritual candles, etc?

Anyone hankering for Craftsy (http://www.craftsy.com) classes? Through tomorrow all classes are $20 or under.

Would you be interested in any of the following: jigsaw puzzles; puzzle books (like word searches or crossword puzzles or suduko); coloring books; card games; board games? Feel free to elaborate on preferences for any of the above!


Would you be interested in Kings Game by Lisa Millraney?

Would you like any brown paper bags of "seconds" from Seattle Chocolates?

Elements & Artifacts has a fall/halloween collection up? Anything catch your eye?

And speaking of shops from BPAL folks, any favorites in the stores on the SW Stalking and Services Spreadsheet

Would you like some hair falls? I can make a single (ponytail) or double (for pigtails). Short, long, types of yarns, ribbons? Extra things (buttons, beads, wire wraps? Colors/color combinations? Stuff to avoid?


Do you have an Etsy wish list, and if so, what's your user name there?

Tokyo Milk? Yea or Nay?

would you like notebooks or journals? Utilitarian or fancy? Lined or blank? Tell me of your stationery lustings.

If you are ok with knitted things, what colors do you like?
If striping, what two (or more) colors together?
If you want yarn, what colors do you want?
--- A color palette would be lovely if you use Pinterest. Or just want to post palette photos in your blog.

Are you interested in fabric? Again, what colors, what themes, etc.

What are your tea and/or coffee preferences? Loose leaf / whole bean or bagged / ground? Do you have a favorite type? Flavor? Retailer?

If you could receive one handmade item - everything from knitted or crocheted gloves and scarves to sewn bags to fanart or original art, what would you prefer?

What are your favorite fandoms, if any?

Skincare- do you use a particular routine? What products would you absolutely not use?

Bath/shower products?

BPTP products? Pre-owned okay?

Essential oils and aromatherapy oils- yay, or nay?

Favorite animal?

Twilight Alchemy Lab oils?


Authors - Jennifer Estep, Faith Hunter. Heard of them? Love them, hate them, or eh?

Knitted things. Specifically scarves/cowls and shawls.....grabby hands or not? Favorite colors? Are you allergic or sensitive to any textiles, ie wools, cashmere, nylon, metallic threads, mohair, alpaca? Knitted washcloths? For the kitchen or for the bath? And again, colors??

Candles or wax melts/wax tarts?


Speaking of snarky, who's a fan of The Mincing Mockingbird?

Do you decorate for Halloween all year? If not, what level of decor do you have for Halloween?

Indoor/outdoor Halloween decorations? What do you do, and what would you prefer to receive?

What's your preferred Halloween decor style: classic/traditional (skulls, pumpkins, bats), kitchsy/cute, retro, elegant/Victorian, horror/macabre?

What's your candy preference?

Does anyone like fleece character hats? Like these? http://wonderlandonline.storenvy.com/collections/354444-anime-video-games/products/13089516-pusheen-like-fleece-hat What kinda characters would you like to see?


Who here is a Raging All THINGS HARRY POTTER fan?

Do you like things with Pumpkin (or Pumpkin Spice?)


Is there anything you would like to get from Japan?

Would you object to re-using of clean mailing materials?


Is there anything you'd particularly like to get from the UK?


Anyone a nail polish fan? What colored interest you?


How do you feel about knitted stuff?
Fancy? Plain?

What types of things do you like to wear?

I'm into beer. How 'bout you?
And booze?

How do you feel about caramel?
Salt or no?
With chocolate or without?

Would you be interested in home made food items?
- garlic dill pickles
- blackberry jam
- dried honey crisp apples
- applesauce (with or without red hots)
- elderberry syrup (with honey and apple cider vinegar - great for immune boosting)
- honey from our bees
- rose petal liquor (made with our own rose petals and everclear but diluted down a bit so it doesn't knock you over)
- baked goods of your choice, what do you like or dislike?

Would you be interested in project bags/pouches? I usually make flat bottom round pouches with a pocket inside and a drawstring. Possibility of embroidery if we still have the huge commercial machine.

And to go along with the previous knitting question...
Are you allergic to any fiber or do you know what kind of yarn you prefer? (merino, merino cashmere, merino cashmere silk, 100% silk, 100% cashmere, merino nylon, BFL, BFL silk, etc. Or do you like acrylic?)

Would you want a quilted pot holder?

Do you have any prefered flavour of shortbread?


What are you interested in from the recent BPAL and BPTP updates? (Lilith, Lunacy, etc.)

Would you like hibiscus seeds?

Off-color needlepoint?


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