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BPAL Madness!
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SW Halloween Notes Part 2



I've been pretty scattered lately, but I though this might help you:

I'm a big Disney fan. I have an annual pass for DisneyWorld in Florida, and my favorite thing to do is go for a few hours, ride a few rides and people watch. My favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion (I am obsessed with the wallpaper) and my favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast (I'm very excited for the new live version!). I have a soft spot for Atlantis though, because I think it's really underrated.

If you're crafty, I really love unique and hand crafted items. These don't have to be limited to physical objects though. Digital items or art is good too!

On that note; I don't have any of the cute image "signatures" I see many folks have now. I have the ability to make them in Photoshop but not the time. So if you're really good at such a thing, go for it!

I have a current obsession with mug cakes. I think they're marvelous.


I love maxi dresses. Love them. They're perfect for my shape, and for Florida weather


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