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SW Halloween 2016 Notes: Part I



Got this idea from neptuneanblues (if you're reading this, thanks! :biggrin: )

My brain has a bad habit of freezing whenever I need to pull information out of it. So, even though it took me 2 hours to fill out my SW questionnaire, I found myself thinking of things I wish I had included, long after I'd submitted it.

So, some random bits of information that may, or may not,be of help :D

I'd like more funky socks
I love pumpkin spice (And I don't care how "basic" it makes me)

I love coffee but also tea

I'm kind of a foodie and love unusual salts, spices, etc

Dark Chocolate is king in my book. The darker the better, although I think I hit my limit at 85% :D
I miss my german shepherd dearly (she passed away 2014) but I've become enamoured with Corgis. I desperately want one, but I have to wait until my energy levels are more stable. Until then I am ok collecting and looking at Corgis :D

I'm 1 year post chemo, and 18 months cancer free from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.My hair is still growing back, and it's cute but still short, and kinda floppy. I am finally comfortable putting color in it again. I used to have crazy colored hair for years before.

Although I don't do it for a living, my heart belongs to science, especially biology/molecular biology. I was supposed to go for my Master's in Molecular Biology after getting my Bachelors, but life and things, and it didn't happen. Now, I'm setting my sights to be a full time writer. (I really, really REALLY hate my current job). I'm not sure if I'll ever get to do Bio research, but it still fascinates me. I still want to learn as much as I can about it, and I love anything science/bio related.

Even though I'm aspiring now to be a full time writer, I've always been a "writer". I have an unhealthy love of notebooks and pens (and office supplies in general).

I love games of all types, and enjoy all manner of video games, but I've recently become enamored with "Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure Games" (really, puzzle games, I don't really like the hidden object part as much). My energy and cognitive functions are still pretty low, and these are great because they're interesting and challenging but not taxing. I've played all of the "Dark Parables" games except the most recent. (as an example of what I'm talking about)

I can't keep plants alive to save my life (Except for the mint that won't die) but I love having them around!

I love Fall clothes, but being in florida never get to really wear them. I am hoping to live in a cooler climate, more permanently, one day!

If you want to be sneaky and see if I'd like something or get more info, you can message my significant other, john at: steppsensei(at)gmail
Be sure to tell him it's for the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Swap, or he may think it's spam.

I've included my SW answers as a link in my signature. The link leads to a google doc that I've kept open for editing. If you want to ask me additional questions, you can add them to the bottom. Because the document is set to "anyone with the link" you don't need a Google account to access it, and if you do have a Google account and are logged in, it still registers you as anonymous. :)


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