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13 Nights of Halloween 2016

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Paintbox Soapworks: Red Right Hand sounds amazing. Creeping Horror looks amazing. Pink Sand, Sky Blue Sky, Tiger Bar, Mister Blue Sky, Gardensong, April Fool, and the Summerhouse seem like they could all be fabulous, and Whiskers is a favorite. I love PBSW soaps and sorbettos.

Dia de los Muertos: Don't really celebrate it, but I like the aesthetic, and appreciate the practice of remembering and honoring departed loved ones in such awesome, happy ways. So totally send those calacas and flor de muerto seeds over here, if you are so inclined.

Handknit items: Totally! Whether it's wearable of decorative, hand done anything is always much appreciated, especially fall-themed.

Are there any fandoms or specific collectible genres you would appreciate things of/for(ex: you collect shot glasses, or the ninth Doctor is your bae)?

Books, blank journals, plants/seeds, and have been wanting to expand my strange and old photo/card collection. Probably more things, but don't even know right now. Dresden Files, LotR Pokemon, Dr. Who, Harry Potter(was sorted into Gryffindor, would probably be Ravenclaw, IRL, got sorted into Hufflepuff once[probably because they asked me questions about gardening and finding things, which are now Hufflepuff characteristics?], have nothing against Slytherin, except that the logistics of having to live in a dungeon for any length of time would drive me insane-- dungeons have no windows), Legend of Zelda, Sailor Moon, bunch of other stuff.
I'm not a hardcore fangirl on anything, but I fringe and enjoy lots of fandoms from the sidelines-- like Monster/Ever After High. Though I did just discover that there is a TV show of Ash vs. the Evil Dead, and my immediate drive was that I *needed* that, stat. Thankfully, I have honed my impulse control, for fear of becoming well-merched, but homeless. But you can bet that when that paycheck gets deposited next week, the awesomeness of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi *will* be my treat. *mwahahahaha*

Do you have a favorite Fall/Halloween symbol?

Mine is bats. Bats all the time, doesn't even need to be seasonal. Cats, leaves, hedgehogs :heart: and creepy trees are also awesome.

First, talk to me about soaps- do you like them, and what kinds of scents/lather/varieties do you like?
I like soap, so long as it doesn't have any skin irritants, like SLS. Bar soap, soap scrub or whip; it's all good. I like the same kinds of scents I tend to like in perfume, I guess.

Second, tell me about teas! Favorites? Anything you'd like to try?
Tea is awesome. A really good jasmine tea is my favorite, I go for green over black, generally, and I seem to have developed a caffeine sensitivity over the past couple of years. This means a good decaf is even more appreciated. Herbal infusions are great, too. Not such a big fan of rooibos.

Lastly, I go to Renn Faire- is there anything from there you might like?
Beautiful costuming bits? Oh, and there always seem to be vendors with really nice perfume or aromatherapy oils and incense. Also, I don't know if all Ren' Faires have this, but the people with the poundy thing where you make your own amulet, and the ladies say 'Well struck, my lord!' every time the mallet falls? That's the best.

What Weenie of year's past are you seeking from the lab?
Hmm... Magnificent Autumn, Witch-Bride, Apple IV, Witch Riding a Dragon, A Witches' Sabbath, Young Woman Appealing to a Witch, Portrait of an Unidentified Man as Mephistopheles, and Dead Leaves, Frankincense and Copal. I think? Just testers or decants, mostly. Can you tell I pretty much missed out on Weenies last year? :lol:

Are you a shawl wearer- and if you don't wear one now, would you?
Yes, I am a shawl/scarf wearer. drapy, lovely shawls for wrapping around shoulders, and fluffy, cozy scarves that you can wrap to keep your neck warm and still have hangy bits. Scarves need to have good neck, coverage, though. The super scrawny scarves that may as well be a necklace, I don't get much use out of, sadly. Other than that, fabric and knit shawls/scarves are all wonderful.

Tell me about LUSH- do you like them? If so, what are some of your favorite things from there? Particularly fond scents or products? Stuff you can't stand?
Sandstone soap is the only specific thing I can think of off the top of my head. But I have loved their massage bars, lotions, fresh masks(Brazen Honey FTW), face cleansers(like Aqua Marina), and scrub bars(Buffy!) in the past. I just haven't been to a Lush in a long time, and have no idea what they have. For the Record, Emperor of Ice cream was once my one true Lush Love. If that were a scent, I would spray it all over everything, and then also wear it.
I don't have a tub, so bath things will be lost on me(though I did use a snowman, once, to make my underwear drawer smell *amazing*. I apologize if that is TMI).
I tend to avoid the SLS soaps (even though I *love* the scent of Honey, I Washed the Kids[or, at least, used to?]), and the solid shampoos. The little lip balm things are nice, and I've been curious about some of their perfume scents.

So, in this swap, you open a goodie every day. I have seen this gift direction done several different ways, but I am interested in which you are most keen to do. Would you rather:

A. have strict direction as to which gift is to be opened on which day(aka the number system)?
B.have a few gifts that are meant to be opened on specific days (ex: *this* one is for Halloween night only), but the rest be your choice?
C. have a free-for-all, grab bag-style box of goodies, where you are the sole arbiter of your goodie grabbing destiny(everything is wrapped but you pick the gift you want to open each day)?
D. be surprised?
D! Whatever works best for you.

Who else goes for decorating with sass?
For the past few years, I have decorated with an ever decreasing half-hearted hope that there will be trick-or-treaters and awesome. Perhaps, what I need is some sass...

I live in Japan, is there anything from there you would specifically want?
Stationary(esp. Sentimental Circus), yuzu-flavored things, pictures of beautiful naturescaps-- like the Niyodo River or Ishigaki or Yakushima, .3 pilot pens in burgundy? To be honest, I'm not sure. If you think I would enjoy it, I'm sure I will.

Pumpkin Spice or No Pumpkin Spice?
I really hope I did not miss this in my questionnaire, but I have a food allergy to allspice, which is often found in pumpkin pie mix. Also, someone was kind enough to bring me home a Pumpkin Spice Latte last week-- which is usually the one no-fail pumpkin thing-- and it made me physically ill. :cry2: That's fine. They seem to have been getting progressively sweeter the past few years, anyway. I'm just going to go see if the one Starbucks in the city has Frappulas again this year-- because Frappulas are delicious and involve raspberry.
That's a very long winded way of saying 'no' on pumpkin spice edibles.
Scented goods, on the other hand, are a definite possibility. So long as there is no buttery baked good-ness. B&BW Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin used to be a loved scent, once upon a time. Scents like that are A-OK.

Milk, white, and/or Dark Chocolate?
All the chocolate, so long as it isn't Hershey's chocolate, and doesn't taste like Hershey's chocolate.

Do you like Yankee Candle? Anything you want from there?
I don't dislike Yankee Candles, but I'm not into them enough to have any specific thing I want from them.

Anything you have your eye on at BPTP?
I didn't even know there'd been an update until this question.
The Serpentine, Jeune Femme Nourrissant une Licorne, Chastity with the Unicorn, and Portrait of a Young Woman with a Unicorn all sound lovely. But, again, I'm not pining over any of them, and would probably be quite pleased with a tester or decant.

Bath & Body Works
I liked them way back when the freesia actually smelled like freesias. Then they had that reformulation thing, and everything smelled all perfumey and synthetic to me. Their Halloween line is usually super cute, though, and baby bacs or tiny,anti-bac lotions to take to work would not go amiss. Also, someone told me they had a very tree-smelling Christmas candle(not that this has anything to do with Falloween).

I believe there are several pair on the 'Wearables' list in my Amazon wishlist. But, honestly, I destroy socks. You would probably be better off getting yourself some lovely Sockdreams socks, and getting me some of those cute, cheapie three-use socks from the craft store. It's sad.
edit: I just added some things of Sockdreams to the Amazon thing, possibly because I cannot resist making neverending lists of shiny things-- but hopefully to help give you an idea of the kinds of socks that I should absolutely not be wearing because they would be an instant Mortal Kombat fatality at my hands--err-- feet.

I'd like to make some baked goods, would you like some? And if you have any food allergies what can I use as substitute?
Baked goods are delicious, and I would love to try your baked goods. But, please bear in mind that it is still hovering at just over and under 100* here in Bumblemoo, and will likely continue to stay in the high 90s until the end of October/mid-November, at which point there will be a sudden freeze-- because this is how it rolls out here.
But, I'm willing to risk it if you are. ;)
As far as allergies go, I am allergic to tomatoes and tomato products-- which doesn't always extend to ketchup, but sometimes, and so I tend to avoid all the lycopene goodness of that particular food, just in case. I have no idea what you would substitute tomatoes with, but let's go with ... CUCUMBER! One can never have too much cucumber.
More problematically(and more likely, in baking), Allspice is not my friend. Pumpkin spice mix is, therefor, also not my friend, and pumpkin pie-- regardless of whether the mix has Allspice in it or not-- is also a no-go, because something about the flavor/texture combo causes my gastric system to rebel, and my throat closes up.
Please do feel free to replace pumpkin spice with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, ginger, sugar, saffron almond meal, or any combination of the above.
You are awesome and thoughtful just for asking this, whether or not you are my Scarecrow, because food allergies suck, and baked goods are awesome.

The Witch is In/Out sign?
There is a distinct likelihood that I not only own a revolving tagged signboard of this, but a similarly themed t-shirt, and one that says "Witch and Famous". If it wasn't going to immediately get clocked for what word it was replacing, there is a possibility that I'd be on the lookout for a shirt that said "I'm not *a* witch, I'm THE Witch, and that's Ms. Witch to you."
But I digress. These signy things are awesome, as are the Halloween countdown ones.

Anything special you want from the Target dollar spot?
The Target Dollar Spot is like a magical stationary, sticker, and back-to-school teaching supply wonderland. I don't get into Target very often, but I'm sure their Halloween stuff must be ACE. I'll totally take anything you want to send me. A- far as not-necessarily-Halloween that may or may not be on clearance by now(the lady said two weeks, and that was a month ago...) all that stationery and planner stuff that had little leaves and flowers in muted mints, teals, and peaches? Yeah, that. Other than that, cool stick pins, post-its, totally random useful office supplies and home decor/organizational stuff...
Seriously, it is only slightly more safe leaving me to roam things like the Target Dollar Spot than it is to let me loose in a used book store.

I live in The Netherlands. If there's anything in particular that you'd like to get from here, now's the time to tell!
Salmiak lollies, honing drop, zwart witjes, original roosvicee, cassis(or cassis/zwarte bessen flavored anything), wine gums... I'd be happy with most snoep, actually. :blush: Most of the other stuff I can think of would be either really large, really heavy, or technically illegal to send.

What is your stance on Glitter?
I don't mind glitter at all-- even when it falls off. I just walk around pretending I shed faery sparkles for a while.

Also, if you have a Goodreads or other online reading log, does it include a wishlist? Otherwise, is it safe to assume books on the 'to-read' section are wishlist items? Or are you less into keeping a physical copy of the book, and instead prefer to turn to the awesomeness of the library to get your to-read need accomplished.

My Goodreads and Amazon both have dedicated wishlist sections. I think Goodreads is largely manga right now, though(because I am lazy and don't sync things).

how about art? (Small/mailing safe sizes, course)
Sure! I think there are some ideas on my Etsy list. But I'd love just about anything you wanted to make for me, too.

Tea lovers, what do you like from Whittard?

English Rose, White Peony, Black Currant, Jasmine, Jasmine pearls-- and, I've never had them but, Cherry Blossom, Pear Guava, Bohemian Raspberry, all the hot chocolate, and Orange Blossom sound kind of awesome.

Shiro Cosmetics?

I apologize, I did not see this question until someone mentioned it. Everything on the site looks awesome, but especially the duochrome shadows, Elemental Glows, Darth Side of the Moon, Blood of my Enemies, and Felix Felicis. I had a really long list of specific shadows I'd love a sample of... but then I was an idiot and paged out of the list I was making. Moon Prism Power, Apparatus, Lost Daughters, and Maiden Queen were among them ,though, I'm pretty sure.

Dearest Pumpkin - how much are you wedded to wishlists, say I have some read once books which I think you might like based on what you've read in the past, but there is nothing of the sort on your current Goodreads "to read" list?
I would definitely be interested in things not on my wishlist, if you think that I'd like them. :thumbsup:
The only exceptions to this would be Anita Blake, Stieg Larsson, Song of Ice and Fire, and Twilight. I want none of these, please. Anita Blake because a lot of it began to feel like smut and horrible things for shock value, rather than plot structure. Stieg Larsson and SoIaF because multiple people who know me well say that-- as good as they are-- I will not be okay with them, and sparklepires because a librarian friend actually gifted me the entire series, because I needed to read it, just so I would know.
I am pretty much game for anything else, that isn't a festival of non-con, gore, or animal cruelty.
Also, I don't mind if the books are less 'like new', and more 'slightly manky'. The best books are not always the shiny, pristine ones.

How do you feel about reading series out of order? Obviously not in situations where the subsequent books are part of the same story arc where you will be totally lost and frustrated if you haven't read all of them, but say, standalone stories which are technically part of a series and which might obliquely reference past books, but not in such as way as to spoil the plot of the book which I happen to have in my possession that you might like.
I have no problem with this, at all. I read books out of order all the time.

Would you be interested in a Halloween themed short story anthology?

Is there a limit to the number of books you'd like to receive?
There is no such things as "too many books", "only not enough space" and "not enough years left in life." I have long surpassed the not enough years freak out, and I will *find* space. Oh yes. :twisted:

Have you read Movies in 15 Minutes by our very own Cleolinda? Would you like to?
I've read a couple of them... on Livejournal? but a lot of the movies listed in the table of contents are not my cup of tea. So I will pass. It still floors me, though, how many fabulously talented people there are on the forum. That's so awesome.

Question: What kind of phone do you have? I need to know....
I have a Amazon Fire Phone-- which I flung off of a blanket and up into the air last month, shattering the screen... It *was* a pretty awesome phone. I will probably be breaking down and start paying installments on a Galaxy Note 7 at next month's paycheck.

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