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BPAL Madness!
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Spring Cleaning Questions List



1.Ladies and gents, if you're comfortable receiving clothing, what size(s)? Any particular types of clothing (skirts, oversized t-shirts for crafting, work clothing)? How do you feel about shoes that were bought, worn once, and never brought out of the closet again? Ditto this for anyone else in your household who might appreciate wearables.



2.How do you feel about socks that were very briefly on fresh-out-of-the-shower feet & then removed when it was discovered they didn't fit?



3.How do you feel about vinyl designer toys? (Ex super7, kidrobot, etc)



4.What kind of makeup and/or nail polish would you be interested in receiving? What kind of colors do you like?



5.Speaking of books, are there any books you WOULD NOT READ if something happened to fall into your package?



6.Are there any other hoarders collectors of nail polish?



7. Any hobbies/crafts you would really like supplies for? Similarly, any that you just *really* don't need more stuff of?



8.Are you interested in anything for your kitchen? Pots/pans/gadgets/small appliances/etc.



9.How about fashion accessories???



10. Used makeup?



11.Would you like to try anything that may not be so easily available in your country, for those of you who may get an international person?




12.Kids' stuff?



13.Are there any styles/colors of handbags you won't carry?



14.Do you play video games & would you be interested in recieving games? If yes, what systems do you have & what types of games do you like?



15.Are you a BPAL only person, or do you wear other perfumes as well?



16.Do you have pets and if so what?



17.Bath/beauty stuff? Ie oils, salts, bubbles? Masks, bb creams?


18.How does everyone feel about CDs and DVDs? Any preferences?


19.Yarn, Y/N?


20.Hey, how do people feel about stripes? Say, black and white stripes?


21.If you are interested in receiving homemade baked goods, do you have any favorites or limitations not mentioned in your questionnaire? Would you like a full list of ingredients included?


22.If you are interested in receiving clothing, would you like any belts, sweatpants, or slippers? And do you have color/style preferences?

23.If you are interested in receiving books, would you like to receive ebooks? As in, book files I'd send you on a USB drive, that you can read on your computer or e-reader. If so, do you have a format preference (epub/mobi/pdf/etc)?


24.Do you have any use for a potpourri container, a bright purple reusable water bottle, or a Massage Envy gift card?

25.Do you collect anything?

26.Do you have any interest or use for anything tarot-related?

27.Do you like cats?

28.How do you feel about barely-used candles?


29.For books, how do you feel about classics?


30.Do YOU want some fabric? If so, please mention any colors/patterns/materials you DON'T want and I'll do the rest!


31.How about fashion accessories???


32.Do you (or do you know someone) who plays Magic? Or would like a 200 (or so) card starter pack?


33.Other similar games of any interest, say Pokemon or Harry Potter?


34. How do you feel about hair and skincare items? Anything you particularly use?


35.How do folks who have said they like books feel about getting a book mid-series?

36.Any use for gold/platinum/gemstone cleaner?

37. Is there a BPAL unicorn that you have been lusting over?








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