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BPAL Madness!
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My extra SW2015 Q&A answers

OK, this is my first official Switch Witch, and I'm hella nervous.....but I keep telling myself, if I got thru the website and forum, made it thru all that nervousness, and here I am a year into the addiction, I can do this too, right!!!?? right!! SO, I will answer most or all of any Q&A stuff I see ertaining to SW2015 here!!!!


*****friend me on facebook, I'm a member of all the BPAL groups except GUSPers


Pumpkin? Well, I like the Starbucks PSL's, like fancier pumpkin chocolates, but am not ALL THE THINGS PUMPKIN!!! Pumpkin seeds, sure, but how about fleur d'sel chocolate covered caramels, or cut covered caramel apples!!!???? OH YES!! Now we're talkin!!


Booze? I do like a good drink every now and then, but don't drink often, too busy with kids. My hard drink preferences are margaritas, fruity stuff, cosmos, but I like wines, not too dry, sweeter side, and beers. I once lived over in Germany, so I dig dubbels, ales, IPA's, weisens, etc.


Decorating? If I can figure out how to get pics of my house on my new laptop and post them here I will!!! I married my husband for love and his IT Tech skills! :P I build a lot of the rooms around focal key pieces, which usually are art or knickknacks I've collected over the years.


Penny Dreadful? YES PLEASE!!!! I love this show.


Coffee and tea preferences? I love both, but can elucidate. I prefer cappuccino froth, but understand the need for latte's, I like hazelnut, white choc, tiramisu, crème brulee. As far as teas go, the blacker the better. I used to be a barista, co coffee and tea doesn't affect me much like others. Hot cocoa is no Bueno. Cider I prefer cold. Loose leaf teas are fine, I can grind beans, I like Harrogate, Adagio, Teavana, Tazo, pretty open...just no chai or overly fruity stuff please and thank you.


My sense of humor? Dirty-minded, sarcastic, dark. Gods I am so not up to date on comedians, but over the years I've like Robin Williams, Bobcat Goldthwaite, S'more, Chris Tucker, Judy Tenuta, Emo, Gallagher, MTV's The State, Kids in the Hall, Kristen Wiig, Rebel Wilson, Eddie Izzard, Lewis Black, John Stewart, George Carlin, to name a few. I like drag queens too!!! Reading is fundamental!!!


Board games? WE are firmly in a Munchkin, Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Life, Monopoly house, lol!!


Is there anything I DO NOT want? At this time, nope, can't think of anything


Socks? FUN FUN FUN!! I have a penchant for Nightmare Before Christmas, gothy, bats/skulls, or Halloween ones


Thing{s} I would like to learn more about? Canning. I know about dehydrating, but not canning. I would like to learn more about clay metal, metalworking, cabochoning, decoupaging, always willing to learn more about historical costume, tech terms, how to sew corsets maybe, or bustling. Oh yeah survival skills and camping techniques would be cool...I never was a Girl scout, too morbid. Ancient History and buffing up on Mythology.


What would I like to do more of? I have dedicated myself the last 10 years to raising kids. While I do not regret that, as a mom it means ignoring my own needs or wants. I used to do a shit ton of crafting, aspiring to open my own business. I actually vended goth clubs with things I made, as well as co-op'd art from other friends. I used to aspire to sew grand outfits. I have ignored that. It was my art, so I have ignored a part of myself. Both kids are now in school. The youngest in in K, the oldest in 4th. I have major back problems which limit my mobility, so I figure, if I have alone time, and usually have to sit, why not get back into doing what I love. I like taking nature, architectural and cemetery photography too!


What would I like to know more about? There are so many beautiful, fun, wondrous things on this planet, I cannot name just one or 2!! Arts!! just start there!! Arts!



Cookie butter? what is that? Sounds evil and tempting.


Are there any pieces of art that speak to me? I like to many different artists, mediums, and styles that it's hard to peg one, but I can tell you I have a lot of fairy art, including Kinyuko Y Craft, Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreth, spiritual art from Alex Gray and Susan Seddon-Boulet, I collect Frida Khalo things, art from artists who sold in the squares of New Orleans, a lot of cemetery photography, art of Celtic, Egyptian nature, and Day of the Dead. Kachina's speak to me, totems, I've always wanted a Ball joint doll, but couldn't afford one. I like weird, morbid, dark, quirky, ancient. I have always liked art thru history, and styles in fashion as well as furniture.


What things from the Lilith or BPTP update am I interested in? I still need to review the descriptions better, but I did see notes I like on a quick examination. I have not joined any decant circles for this round, but am a member of Deeks Decants


Knitted or crocheted items? SURE!! fingerless gloves, hipster beanies, super long scarves. I can dig up links soon


**I intend to blog about links on webpages I like, give ideas***


What things do I want to do? go back to New Orleans, take art jewelry classes. What things do I want to get? Fluevogs!!!!! because shoes! a new espresso machine, so I can save money!!! Decorative shelves to store fragile collectibles and herbs.


Lush? oh hai, yeah!!!!! I like Olive Branch wash, face scrubs for sensitive skin, bath bombs. more Karma!


hand-made or store bought? Quality can be found, as well as personality, in hand made items. The

dedication of the artist within the item. Store bought is ok, but I like personal touch when possible.


Spicy? OH HELL YES!!!! I have been known to put scorpion pepper salt on everything!!!! I can go to a 10, but my aging tummy prefers maybe an 8.






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