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48 Hours

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I'll be married in 48 hours!! I got shoes (they're pretty much hideous, but I don't imagine I'll end up caring a lot about them!) and my nails done- I'm loving them, but not the typing with them on. I hung out with one of my dearest friends from high school for several hours today, and that was fun. She actually learned the first two pages of one of the songs I had wanted to walk to, in case my piano player flakes out, as she is wont to do. That is very nice of her, and quite unexpected. Hopefully we'll be able to get together tomorrow, but tomorrow is going to be very busy. We were able to find a bakery that was SO reasonably priced and extremely sympathetic to my case and just incredibly nice overall who would also be able to get it done by friday, which is so awesome. It's going to be a lovely cake, and there's carrot cake! It's extremely good carrot cake. The other layers are white with different fillings- odd that I won't be having chocolate. I may grab a chocolate sheet cake to make sure we have enough.

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A nice bakery that makes carrot cake! Woot! As good as it gets!


BTW, we (or at least I do, but I'd guess that there's others) want to see photos of the event!!!

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Thanks, everyone! I'm sure it will ultimately pull together, I'm just nervous. But it's looking like there's less to be nervous about! I'm so very excited! Thank you again for all the well wishing. :)

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:) It's all blissfully downhill from here! You've never struck me as a bridezilla so I doubt you'll be getting ulcers on The Big Day. Everything's in motion and now it's just time to party down! :)


(oh, yeah, and I second Valentina's demand request for :pics:)

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