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BPAL Madness!
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Ketchup 2012 Through 9/20

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What is your holy grail "I'd kill to just have one drop in an imp" bpal scent? Storyville


Are there any existing Weenies that you have your eye on, but haven't gotten around to getting? I’ve ordered decants of most of them. But I know that I’m going to love Third Charm!


If you wear earrings, do you have pierced ears? Nope! But I do occasionally where clip-ons and would not mind some nice simple ones that are not too painful.





You are meeting up with someone on a casual lunch/early afternoon thing. This person is someone you want to impress/look good for (for whatever reason, not necessarily romantic, and not necessarily for business either). What would you look like, given the contents of your wardrobe/etc? Probably a sweater set in a bright jewel town, black trousers, comfy black shoes (I lean towards Keen’s and Danskos and that general type). Or nice jeans, long-sleeve v-neck shirt or sweater with a nice necklace, and again… comfortable shoes.


You are to be let loose in a clothing store of your choice, to pick a full outfit, down to the shoes, the accessories, etc. and things would be altered to fit you if needed. What store would that be, and what would you look like? See above; I would probably be in some online clothing store like Land’s End, LLBean, Zappos, or Talbots.


You open a box from the post office to reveal the 3 things you want most right now. What are they? (caveats: size doesn't matter, but they have to be tangible/buyable). Oboe reeds that play perfectly, perfume samples from some new company I haven’t heard of, shampoo/conditioner from Cocoa Pink or similar in some kind of fall-like scent.


WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!! movies, comedians, black humor, your partner, a comic strip? what? Wish I could find something that did effectively reduce the size of my bottom ☺ Actually, I tend to like very dark comedies, either in film or in books.


Candy Corn? Love it!


I live in Japan. Anything you would be interested in from there? I’m sure I would love something from Japan, but am not sure what. Some small piece of art would be lovely.


If you have cats, do they like catnip toys? If you have doggies, would they like a super-reinforced canvas toy with a squeaker in it? I have both, and they would both enjoy such toys!


If you have kids, what are they into? No kiddos.


How do you feel about wearable knitted lace? Shawls, wraps, and the like? I probably would not wear a shawl or wrap, but am starting to wear scarfs a bit, so perhaps something like that?


Looking at the warehouse, I notice that our lovely Greenwoodtree is able to do chart readings and/or forecasts at a very reasonable rate. Is this something you would want? Probably not, although it could be interesting.


Do you have a forum buddy? Someone who knows you and/or your tastes well enough to answer questions on your behalf? You could try Orata.


If you are on Livejournal, would you appreciate LJ stuff like paid time, custom userheads, stuff like that? If you are NOT on LJ but are on other sites that have similar paid-for services (Flickr, for example?) would you, and what are those sites/etc? Probably not as I don’t know what this even really is.


if you are into tarot, what is your favorite card? Not really into tarot.


would you like your own set of handmade rune stones or worry stones? Probably would not.


Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, or none of the above? Tea!!!!


Gum, hard candy, soft candy, or none of the above? I do like candy corn, but am not much of a candy person


Loose tea or tea bags? Do you need anything for your loose tea? (Filters, presses, etc.) Both loose or tea bags. I don’t need filters or presses since my amazing husband purchased me a fancy tea machine last year.


Do you do Goodreads or LibraryThing or a site like that? If so, can I see your to-read list, please? Yes, I believe I have a public Goodreads account under wendyb1063.




Are you a gamer (of any sort - video, casual, tabletop) and are there any games you want? Love adventure games! Although I have quite a few… I have both Mac and PC (through VMware) capabilities.


Do you like coffee? If so, what kinds? Flavored, fancy, basic? Beans or ground? Not really into coffee that much.


Would a Starbucks gift card make you happy or do you prefer your local place? Prefer local


Would you be interested in BPTP CANDY? Probably not…


CUSTOM-Made Pottery?? yea or nay? coffee mugs, rustic or more elegant? a set of bowls? soap dish? bird feeder? something alltogether different? and lastly, good colors for glazes...? Would love a nice coffee mug for work; rustic or elegant. Or any of the items listed. Open to glaze colors.


Songs that you keep meaning to buy but never get round to it?

Two out of Three by Meatloaf (where did my brain dredge that one up from?)

Madness by Muse

Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G minor


Movies that you love but forgot to put in your questionnaire? Too many to name, but I’m not generally one to watch the same film more than once… with the exception of a few that I already have on DVD.


Name one movie you keep meaning to buy, but just never get around to getting? See above


Any favorite Bath & Body Works scents/products? I do like Twilight Woods!


Haus of Gloi is offering custom perfumes - would you like one? What would your ideal blend be? I would love one. See my list of notes and pick some out for me! Would love an autumnal one with white oak, vanilla, wood smoke, etc…. Or something with clove…. Love clove lately…


Any Bath, Body or nutritional type items you would love to try from a Natural and Organic food store (similar to Whole Foods) that you don't buy because they are a bit too pricey? Not familiar with this store; might be interested?


Tell me of your taste preferences. Dry/sweet? Red/white? Lager/ale/porter/stout? Fruit? Spice? Hops? Sour (brettanomyces, etc)?

All of the above! Love buttery white wines, full body red wines, seasonal beers (oktoberfests, holiday spiced beers, spruce beers, etc.). Also like hoppy higher gravity beers!


are there any if MeiLin's books (e-book or print) you'd be interested in? Not sure what her books are about?


I'm about to be near a Lush store next week, is there anything you might like from there? I think I’m pretty well stocked, but can always use more Daddy O shampoo! The Emotional Brilliance face powder looks a bit interesting also, but is pricey.


Witchee, will you be gone from your normal mailing address at any point during the round? No.


Are you a Disney fan or does even thinking about Disney make your head hurt? If you're into Disney, would you like something from the Happiest Place on Earth ? Not especially.


dear witchee, would you, could you use an electric candle warmer? i'm talking something like this. The link is lost, but I would likely like it!


Do you lust after some new socks/tights? I do! Don’t really do tights, but socks, yes! Warm, thick ones… navy blue, black, brown, dark green….





Ninjas or Pirates? Pirates??


I have an extra room spray and 2 extra bath oils (one Cephalopod, one Exhibit Hall Fatigue) from Dragon*Con - would anybody like a decant? Sure!


I live near a Mast General Store. It has lots of vintage-y toys, southern foods (jams, jellies, spices) and vintage candy. Is there anything I can get for you? Not sure I need anything? Maybe some spice mixtures?


Do you have any Fall or Halloween traditions? We host a pumpkin carving every year in October… can always use more patterns, tools, or decorations!


a) Are you OK with "special deliveries"?

Is the address in your questionnaire the best place to reach you for said deliveries? Yes


c) If the delivery requires a phone number (as say, some florists do) would you be OK with that information being tracked down by your Witch or asked of you anonymously?



Would you be interested in beer, wine, or other specialty beverages from your Witch's area? Would LOVE beer from my Witch’s area!


Are there any crafts/skills you've wanted to learn but haven't gotten around to? And if so, would you be interested in supplies and tutorials?


Who here would be happy to get a lil' sumthin sumthin from Adagio Teas?


Do you Ravelry? And if so, what's your handle over there? Would you be interested in gift patterns from your queue?


Who likes Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses? I suspect I would love them!


Put your iPod/MP3 player/what-have-you on random and list the first 10 songs it plays!


Witchee, what are your favorite quotes?


What's one random thing you really like and one random thing you really dislike?


Are there any herbs that you haven't been able to lay hands on that I could send you? There's an herbal shop I really like here in NYC called Flower Powerthat has quite a wide selection.


If there are no "witchy" shops near you, is there anything I can pick up for you from Enchantments?


Some of your favorite artists? Classic and modern?


If you could have an image or certain subject painted for you on any type of "canvas" (on a box, on paper, on a canvas, and so on) - could you point your witch to some of these images?


Is there a GC scent that's been on your list for ages but keeps falling off the bottom of your order because of the LEs? Chimera


I've been getting into indie nail polish brands recently. What's your favorite indie brand of nail polish? Or what's your favorite mainstream brand of nail polish? Or are you not big on polish? Not big on polish.


Stuffed things: yea or nay?


mix-in-a-jar? How to you feel about cookie or cake or soup mixes that come in jars and you just add, like, an egg or water or what have you? Love them!


I live near this very cool Retro store (you can order online too) - are there things from it that would make you squee if your witch sent them?




Would you enjoy receiving cute but useful items like colorful kitchen utensils/gadgets, or bento supplies? (boxes, chopsticks, accessories, etc?) What about things like spice mixes (homemade, or Penzey's for example) Yes to colorful kitchen utensils and gadgets and spice mixes!


Do you like cute, seasonal or fluffy PJ bottoms? Like they sell at Target, Old Navy (they have had cute Halloween ones!) If so, what size do you wear? Maybe? Probably an XL.


What kind of chocolate do you like? Nuts, no nuts, white, dark, etc? Although I like nuts, I don’t enjoy them in my chocolate. I like really dark chocolate and sweet milk chocolate. Quality over quantity.


I live near a Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Penzeys! What does your little heart desire from any or all of these places? I love all of them, but also have them all near where I work.


Are home made foods acceptable or does the idea of eating strange mailed food disturb you? Very acceptable!


I just gave you $20 and sent you into a "has everything" store ala Walmart and told you that you have to come out having spent it all, and none of it on anything you need. What would you buy? Be as specific as possible! Maybe a nice candle in an autumnal scent? A board game? Halloween décor items?


What kind of cuisines do you like? (I mentioned this in my ?aire but curious what my witch may like)And, what are your favorite restaurants? Love Cajun, Mexican, Italian, German, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Southern, Barbeque, Irish, etc. etc. I like local independent restaurants over chains.


I'm from Canada - is there anything specifically a witchee might like that is only available here? Perhaps, but I don’t know what it would be!


what are your "fandoms" and would you like a t-shirt from TeeFury if an appropriate one came up? Have to confess I don’t know what a fandom even is ☹


Do you have an eReader and if so which one? A regular Kindle 2.


Do you like candles, or tart burners, or something? If so, what's your favorite scent to burn? Love them! Love fall and winter scents- think HOLIDAY!


Marzipan? Yes!


Would you be interested in washable/reusable muslin “paper” towels (basically muslin squares hemmed around the edge)? Maybe in some sort of box to put on your kitchen or bathroom counter? Sure!


Do you drink alcohol and if so, would you be OK with your witch sending you homemade infused vodka? Also, does your state allow alcohol to be shipped through the mail? Yes, yes, and no, I think, sadly ☹


If you get me (or a fellow Aussie, if there are any playing this round) as a witch or witch's minion, would you like to try some Australian specialties, such as TimTams (delicious chocolately cookies), Caramello Koalas (koala shaped chocolates filled with gloopy caramel), Australian native spices or anything like that? Would love to! Especially the Australian native spices!!!


If your witch is a knitter, crocheter or sewer, is there a particular type of garment you would love to receive (hat, scarf, wrap, cowl, socks, fingerless gloves, arm warmers etc)? Scarf!


Is there anyone else in your house (kids, pets, partner) that would really appreciate a small gift being included for them in the switchwitchy haul so they don't feel left out? Perhaps my kitty or my dogs? The DH says he gets enough fun watching me and doesn’t need anything, but he does have a think about anything TRACTOR.


Since it's been mentioned several times, and I've also offered to nacho witch some, would you like to receive wild rice and or maple syrup? I promise to include recipe ideas with the wild rice. Yes, both would be great!


I have 5 bushels of tomatoes sitting in the kitchen right now that are supposed to turn into red sauce tomorrow, so would anyone like a basic red sauce (spaghetti sauce) to make its way to them? Sure!


How would you feel about a taste of (insert witch location here) box? Would love this!


Last year, my wonderful witch Alethia adopted a bat for me from batworld.org, a bat rescue and sanctuary. Bat's World Would you be interested in having a bat adopted in your name? Don’t know much about the cause; seems worthwhile





Do you like s'mores and s'mores-flavored things? I like s’mores. Not sure about s’more-flavored things? But s’more ingredients, yes!


What's the neatest freebie you've gotten? It can be cool or thoughtful or just totally unexpected, and not limited to BPALdom.


Someone who I unfortunately cannot remember frimped me a FULL decant of Lump of Coal! And someone else, identity failing me, gave me a testable sample of Storyville. And most awesome of all: my Spring Cleaning “dustpan) (Mimosa) sent me a fabulous box, all the way from England, to thank me for being her witch (broom), full of perfume, Lush products, chocolate, a book etc. etc. etc. I envy the luck one who gets her this Switch Witch round as their witch!

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