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switch witch help - part 2 - fall 2012

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Do you do Goodreads or LibraryThing or a site like that? If so, can I see your to-read list, please?

i don't, sorry


Who would like to have a postcard with lovely picture of a New Orleans something sent to your witchee by your faithful servant, A. Minion?

sure! i love new orleans! i fell in love there once upon a time in 2001...


Zombies; Yay or Nay?



If you have cats, do they like catnip toys? If you have doggies, would they like a super-reinforced canvas toy with a squeaker in it?

gawain LOVES catnip. no doggies.


If you have kids, what are they into?

whew, no kids. :)


How do you feel about wearable knitted lace? Shawls, wraps, and the like?

i'm down. big lace shawls are one of the few things i don't have the patience to knit myself (socks are the other).


Looking at the warehouse, I notice that our lovely Greenwoodtree is able to do chart readings and/or forecasts at a very reasonable rate. Is this something you would want?


For those who like tea, what sorts of tea do you like?

herbal/bedtime/relaxing type teas, green teas (flavored and non), berry flavored black teas


Candy Corn: yes, no?

ungh, tough one. i can eat probably 10 pieces of candycorn before i start feeling sick, but those 10 pieces are SO GOOD.


I live in Japan. Anything you would be interested in from there?

i do love japanese papergoods of all kinds. so lovely and delicate. :)


WHAT MAKES YOU LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF!!! movies, comedians, black humor, your partner, a comic strip? what?

oh, i suppose i like random (and sometimes dark) humor. a softer world is a comic strip i really like. XKCD is often really great as well. i also have penny arcade, sinfest, cyanide and happiness, PvP and least i could do on my comics feed. passive aggressive notes regularly cracks me up. oh and the "haters gonna hate" meme reduces me to a giggling mess.


The end of this month I'm going to Scarefest, the big horror and paranormal con in Kentucky. If I were your witch, is there anything you would like from there (skull jewelry, art prints from an artist that catch your eye, etc), or anyone whose autograph or photo or such you would dig?

hrm, i really dislike horror and i'm too much of a skeptic to really get into paranormal type stuff, so i'll pass on this one.


You are meeting up with someone on a casual lunch/early afternoon thing. This person is someone you want to impress/look good for (for whatever reason, not necessarily romantic, and not necessarily for business either). What would you look like, given the contents of your wardrobe/etc?

black slacks, bright teal top with satin trim, black sweater/jacket, black heels and my usual jewelry (teal spiral gauged earrings, silver chakra bracelet, silver serpentine ring). and either snake oil, leather phoenix or pteropus leucopterus, depending on the person i'm meeting and how i want to be perceived (sexy, sophisticated or fun - in that order).


You are to be let loose in a clothing store of your choice, to pick a full outfit, down to the shoes, the accessories, etc. and things would be altered to fit you if needed. What store would that be, and what would you look like?

oh jeez...this is a tough one. i'd have to go with either the limited or banana republic, i think. and result would be a polished look, without being frumpy or boring - pops of color (plum, teal or emerald), interesting accessories and a little bit of sass. :)



i mentioned in the questionnaire, but i have stretched ears (4-6 gauge range) and i love twisty, spiral-y, dangly gauges. i refuse to wear normal (wire/post) earrings and always wear gauges to my (professional) job...even with a suit. i love them! :)


You open a box from the post office to reveal the 3 things you want most right now. What are they? (caveats: size doesn't matter, but they have to be tangible/buyable).

a new couch (really, my current loveseat is falling apart), a nice string of pearls (maybe black pearls!), an interesting wooden ring


What is your holy grail "I'd kill to just have one drop in an imp" bpal scent?

wow, i'm not sure i have one of those. i consider luna negra, mme moriarty and pteropus leucopterus to be my holy grail scents, though. coiled serpent, cleric, eat me and snake oil are my GC holy grails - i consider myself lucky to have HGs in the GC! :)


Are there any existing Weenies that you have your eye on, but haven't gotten around to getting?

i put in a weenie order (which i'm anxiously awaiting!), but i left out a few with the intention of reading reviews, including: boo, sugar skull and third charm...i'm also waiting to see what the other half of the weenies are (is that still happening?) and the BPTP weenies. :)


My new job is at a consignment store where we have all kinds of designer brands for very reasonable prices. Are there designer clothes/purses/sunglasses that you desire/love? (Give some indication as to your "style" as well. For example, do you like bohemian-style frocks in lavender? Crossbody purses in black? Sunglasses that are round and bug-like?)

oh hrm...i'm not really into purses or sunglasses. i carry a knitting bag and wear my burning man sunglasses all the time :blush: my style? uh...hrm. yogi/burner chic?


I realize that we had a similar question in the ?aire, but I need you Witchee-s to list at least 5 items, each ranging $20 and under from Amazon.com or Walmart.com.

uh...hrm. a garlic press. hot chocolate (specifically this kind: http://www.amazon.com/Cocoa-Amore-French-Vanilla-10-Ounce/dp/B0058M8SD6/). uh...washi (paper) tape in a cute, colorful pattern. uhh...uhhh, shit that's only 3, i'm in trouble. um. a bottle of nailtiques 2 plus nail protein. VEGETARIAN gummy vitamins (the vegetarian part is hard to find, but they're out there).


My Little Pony... Cute or meh?

you know, i have a feeling that FIM is probably amazing. unfortunately, i haven't found the time or motivation to actually watch it. i loved MLP when i was little, but i would feel kind of weird sporting any MLP stuff now that i'm out of the loop. so i'd go with "cute, but not for me".


Let me know what you like to do on the Internet to kill time. Flash games? What are your daily websites/blog visits, or favorite YouTube videos?

LJ, BPAL, google+, burning man forums, pinterest, ravelry...god, ravelry is a huge time sink for me. thankfully i've forcefully extracted facebook from my life, otherwise i might still be spending a bunch of my time on there. ugh.


Lip balm - tube or tin?

TUBE. DEATH TO THE TIN CARRIERS! (j/k...but seriously, i like tubes better)


Would you like to receive a journal or sketchbook? How about other pretty paper goods like post-its, notepads, bookmarks, letter paper/envelopes?

journals and sketchbooks = awesome. stationery sets or packs of blank cards = totally awesome. post-its and bookmarks probably won't get much use from me.


Are you interested in audiobooks? If so, any specific titles?

no thanks...i don't spend enough time in the car to make them worthwhile.


Bar soaps with some scrubby bits, yes or no?

no, please. my skin is kind of sensitive to scrubby bits...my little poof works just fine! :)


Do you need any small electronic gadgets like flash drives and the like?

hrm...nope, i don't think so!


Would you like a pair of knitted socks?

i just bought myself a ton of cute socks from sockdreams (courtesy of *you*, my wonderful witch!), so i think i'm set for now. :heart:


Do you have any use for knitted dishcloths, facecloths, etc, especially if they were fandom related?

nope, i'm all set.


Do you subscribe to any sample boxes, and if so, which ones? Would you like to receive some samples? (perfume, eco/"green," skin care, hair, music downloads, cosmetics, soap...)

nope, not really my thing. i try to keep my skin, makeup and hair routine *very* minimal, so samples just tempt me to buy stuff i don't really need.


do you have a problem with nudes???

not at all, nudes are great. :)


Male or Female?

either/both! :bunnyluv:


Paintbox Soapworks: Interested in anything from her?

oh! i'd never seen this! avast & indian summer both look lovely...i could use body scrubs or lotions. (no soaps please, i already have too many!)


What's one thing you want, right now, that you're having difficulty finding?

good, cheap, felt-able wool roving. i need like POUNDS of it (i make hand felted dreads) and for some reason i just can't find any for a reasonable price right now. BLARGH.

also, energy + motivation to go work out. i have no trouble doing a regular yoga practice, but for some reason getting my ass in gear and going to the workout center has really difficult for me the past month or so.


are there any e-tailers you're desperately wanting to try? if so, any specific items/scents/etc?

i'm trying to stick with BPAL for now. i'm open to trying other things, but there's nothing i'm seeking out.



yah man, owls are pretty great. in college, my sister had one of those owls you put on your roof to scare things away. for some reason we named it anal paul and it was our mascot for drinking nights. i do not remember how either of those things came to be. but yeah. anal paul the owl.


think geek:

oh, here is my star trek nerdiness...


http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/cc96/?srp=22 (:heart:!!!!)


omg lots more other things, but nothing i should have. it's all shiny, but it'll just collect dust. :(


What do you do to take care of yourself when you're having a rough day (sick, life not going your way, whatever)?

knitting, yoga, tea or hot chocolate, sex, star trek, a china mieville novel, some sigur ros, ani difranco or imogen heap, maybe a shopping trip or a massage if i've got cash laying around.


Who here is going to be picking up JK Rowling's new book on Thursday?

not me. i dig HP, but i have a ton of other authors i'm nutty about.


favorite and least favorite baked goods?

faves: chocolate chip cookies, macaroons AND macarons, white or yellow cake with buttercream frosting, lemon bars, cream cake, banana bread (NO NUTS!), whoopie pies, oreo anything, cheesecake

least faves: anything with nuts (nut flours like almond flour are ok, i just don't like big chunks of nuts in my baked goods) with the notable exception of pecan pie, anything flavored with anise


what size T-Shirt do you wear (standard AND babydoll)?

standard - small or x-small

babydoll - small or medium if its a particularly shrink-y brand


I found a fantastic little shop while traveling that had unusual jellies and jams. Would you be interested in trying something like Georgia Moonshine Jelly or TOE Jam (each letter stands for some kind of fruit, I don't remember which ones) or something similar? How about homemade jam in general?

i like jams on my toasts. i approve of this idea.


Would you be interested in homemade herbal remedies and tinctures?

sure, i'd give it a whirl!



sadly, no. i live in a 2nd story apartment, so i have no ground space to do any gardening. :(


Witchee, do you want anything from the Haunt update coming up on 10/3? I know it might be too early to say, but if you could look at the preview on the night of 10/2 and let me know if you want anything...

oh hrm...not familiar with haunt. empire skin gloss looks pretty nice. nothing else is really catching my eye...


Do any of Villainness' Soap Box exclusive scents interest you, especially any of the Smooches/Whippeds?

oh these look nice...i'll have to pass on the soaps, but i'd definitely try whipped or smooches in autumn gala, jack o, kill switch, proserpina or xia! although wow, the non-exclusive ones look great too...candy floss, cocoa berry cream cheese, crushed, decadence and jai mahal all look delightful!


Puddin' just put a shitton of old Lunacy shirts on the BPTP Etsy! Any ones interest you?

i'm not much into t-shirts (more tank top + a drapey sweater or hoodie type gal), so i'll pass on those. the designs are lovely though!


Is there something(s) that you consider too spendy or too frivolous for you to buy for yourself, but that you actually want?

ungh, yeah. a lovesac couch. i inherited a brown chenille loveseat from my sister after i lost all my furniture in my divorce. it is falling apart and is massively uncomfortable. i sat on a lovesac couch at the mall last year and fell. in. love. but they're like $3-4k. UNGH. cannot. justify.


Do you use or would like to try loose eyeshadow pigments?

sure sure! i like dark, smoky colors, silvers, plums, aquamarines, etc. cool colors = good for this blue-eyed, pink-skinned gal. :)


Lab/TP update?

i already got myself bottles of beaver moon, vetiver, monastery and boo. so don't duplicate my efforts, witch! but...BUT...i'd love to try any and all of the pumpkins...they all look amazing.


and from BPTP: any of the pumpkin flosses would likely get play too (i got a bottle of red, but i have a feeling i would use a second...). also any of the atmos or candles...they all look totally incredible! also...i've had bad luck with bath oils before (they cause my chest to break out)...buuuut...i think i would be willing to be careful and/or sit up in the tub for red velvet truffle...for reals.



wow, palmist, winchester, cloak all look lovely! oh hrm, looking at the new stuff too...fates indeed looks amazing, as does cask!


If you had a fairy for NYCC, what exclusive scent would you kill to own?

well, i'm a happy peaceful hippie, so i don't think i'd *kill* anyone...but badgers looks awfully nice. so does con cramp massage oil! :D


What do you think of Shiro Cosmetics Halloween Collection?

oh, i dig all of this - i also dig the NMBC theme AND the fact that this stuff is vegan & cruelty free...excellent! :)



chocolate good. /grunt


Apple Crisps?

sounds delish! :yum:



nope, i think i'm set.



it's a good idea, but i'm not sure i'd use it and i have limited storage space in my kitchen.



i'd love anything from the sandman series or v for vendetta. i know those are more graphic novels, but there it is.


Fusion Sweets?

looks like most of these either have gelatin or would hurt my teeth (caramel and hard candies = ow. :()


Do you want anything from Dark Delicacies or any of the Poe scents?

i didn't see anything i *must* have.



i have not had good experiences with kombucha thus far, so i will pass.


Are you dressing up for Halloween, Witchee? If so, is there anything you're looking for to complete your costume?



Do you need any accessories for your smartphone (case, skin, etc)?


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