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BPAL Madness!
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switch witch help - fall 2012

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amazon: http://amzn.com/w/1IXHS1IHZR3CI

etsy: http://www.etsy.com/people/joyfulgirl26/favorites?ref=si_fav


Do you like s'mores and s'mores-flavored things?

uh, so yes: i love s'mores, as long as they are gelatin free. :)


Would you enjoy receiving cute but useful items like colorful kitchen utensils/gadgets, or bento supplies? (boxes, chopsticks, accessories, etc?) What about things like spice mixes (homemade, or Penzey's for example)?

yes yes and yes. my kitchen rug and towels are lime green with black accents. and i LOVE any and all spice - EXCEPT carraway/rye/fennel flavors. they will ruin anything for me. :(


What's the neatest freebie you've gotten? It can be cool or thoughtful or just totally unexpected, and not limited to BPALdom.

i've been to burning man 3 times, so this question is VERY hard for me to answer (BM is a gift economy). i got a really neat scrabble tile pendant from burning man this year that i really love. it has a picture of the man on one side and the letter L on the other side (my first name is liz).


Do you like cute, seasonal or fluffy PJ bottoms? Like they sell at Target, Old Navy (they have had cute Halloween ones!) If so, what size do you wear?

i love PJ bottoms, but i like the more scrubs-fabric type ones than the fluffy ones. i wear either a small or a medium, depending on the brand and store.


What kind of chocolate do you like? Nuts, no nuts, white,dark, etc?

dark! no nuts! fruit and other flavorings (sea salt!) are fine, but nuts weird me out in my chocolate.


Are home made foods acceptable or does the idea of eating strange mailed food disturb you?

totally love home made foods...just no meat, poultry, fish or gelatin (including, unfortunately, real lard for pie crusts). plz and thx.


I just gave you $20 and sent you into a "has everything" store ala Walmart and told you that you have to come out having spent it all, and none of it on anything you need. What would you buy? Be as specific as possible!

eyeliner, eyeshadow, maybe a cute necklace. oh and a brownie. cause i love brownies. :yum:


What kind of cuisines do you like? (I mentioned this in my ?aire but curious what my witch may like)And, what are your favorite restaurants?

greek, thai, indian, japanese, creative vegetarian comfort food. chain restaurants i like: carrabba's, cheesecake factory, red robin (mmm, veggie burgers), PF changs, noodles and co.


I'm from Canada - is there anything specifically a witchee might like that is only available here?

maple flavored things are good!


What are your "fandoms" and would you like a t-shirt from TeeFury if an appropriate one came up?

i am obsessed with star trek, all flavors, but i have a deep and abiding love and respect for katherine janeway from voyager. my captain! :heart: also, sailor moon, anything and everything neil gaiman,


Do you have an eReader and if so which one?

i have an old school kindle. love it. :heart:


Do you like candles, or tart burners, or something? If so, what's your favorite scent to burn?

i love candles and i have two oil burners. i love berry, citrus, greenery and vanilla-y scents, although i will burn pretty candles of any scent (or unscented).



yah, def


Would you be interested in washable/reusable muslin “paper” towels (basically muslin squares hemmed around the edge)? Maybe in some sort of box to put on your kitchen or bathroom counter?

i dig that idea. reusable is good.


Do you drink alcohol and if so, would you be OK with your witch sending you homemade infused vodka? Also, does your state allow alcohol to be shipped through the mail?

i love me some vodka. i do not know if indiana has specific laws on this. i will have to investigate.


If you get me (or a fellow Aussie, if there are any playing this round) as a witch or witch's minion, would you like to try some Australian specialties, such as TimTams (delicious chocolately cookies), Caramello Koalas (koala shaped chocolates filled with gloopy caramel), Australian native spices or anything like that?

um, i am 100% on board with anything and everything aussie! :D


If your witch is a knitter, crocheter or sewer, is there a particular type of garment you would love to receive (hat, scarf, wrap, cowl, socks, fingerless gloves, arm warmers etc)?

oh, i am quite a knitter myself...i have quite a knack for knitting myself whatever goodies i want, so i'll pass on this one. :)


Is there anyone else in your house (kids, pets, partner) that would really appreciate a small gift being included for them in the switchwitchy haul so they don't feel left out?

my sweetie loves dark chocolate and botan rice candy. my kitty loves anything catnip. :)


Since it's been mentioned several times, and I've also offered to nacho witch some, would you you like to receive wild rice and or maple syrup? I promise to include recipe ideas with the wild rice.

yes and yes! :D


I have 5 bushels of tomatoes sitting in the kitchen right now that are supposed to turn into red sauce tomorrow, so would anyone like a basic red sauce (spaghetti sauce) to make its way to them?



How would you feel about a taste of (insert witch location here) box?

love this idea! :)


Last year, my wonderful witch Alethia adopted a bat for me from batworld.org, a bat rescue and sanctuary. Bat's World Would you be interested in having a bat adopted in your name?

aww, sure! i'm a huge animal lover...what a sweet idea. :)


Some of your favorite artists? Classic and modern?

i love monet, escher, picasso, klimt, alex grey (LOVE his work on tool albums)...doing a swap with empresspixie got me interested in mucha as well...so pretty! :)


If you could have an image or certain subject painted for you on any type of "canvas" (on a box, on paper, on a canvas, and so on) - could you point your witch to some of these images?

i love pictures of trees. branches, leaves, birds in them...all trees basically. also anything star trek (see above) or BPAL related (my oil storage box has the BPAL double cross/infinity symbol on it)


Is there a GC scent that's been on your list for ages but keeps falling off the bottom of your order because of the LEs?

anne bonny, goblin and bordello spring to mind. also i can always use backups of nocnitsa, white rabbit, cleric and snake oil! :)


Nail Polishes?

i have the nice ladies at the salon shellac my nails for me every few weeks, so i'm good on nail polish.


Stuffed things: yea or nay?

gonna go with nay. i start feeling obligated to them and they just take up space. :(


Mix-in-a-jar? How to you feel about cookie or cake or soup mixes that come in jars and you just add, like, an egg or water or what have you?

oh yes...all about it!


Would you be interested in beer, wine, or other specialty beverages from your Witch's area?

i lurve red wine...cab sav = :yum:


Are there any crafts/skills you've wanted to learn but haven't gotten around to? And if so, would you be interested in supplies and tutorials?

i need to get better at crochet. all i've done is edging on sweaters. i'd also be interested in beading and resin work. and yes, supplies and tutorials are welcome! :)


Who here would be happy to get a lil' sumthin sumthin from Adagio Teas?

i like tea. :) berry flavors, greens and decaf blends especially.


Do you Ravelry? And if so, what's your handle over there? Would you be interested in gift patterns from your queue?

yes/joyfulgirl26/hell yah! :)


I live near this very cool Retro store (you can order online too) - are there things from it that would make you squee if your witch sent them?

not super into retro - although i do like candy!


Who likes Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses?

wow, i can't say as i've tried them! i like pumpkin and chocolate though. :)


What does your kitchen look like? Colors/style?

dark wood cabinets with brushed aluminum handles. black appliances. dark wood floors. granite-look countertops (black/brown/pink/tan). dark wood pub table. bright/lime green towels and rug. bright green/red/blue rug under the table. silver placemats. black candle holders and white taper candles on the table. kind of a mish-mash, but also bright and modern looking.


Witchee, what are your favorite quotes?

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." – Buddha


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." – Mark Twain


Put your iPod/MP3 player/what-have-you on random and list the first 10 songs it plays!

(disclaimer: my music library is a mess, so i disliked this exercise, lol)

gratitude - ani difranco

sexy boy - air

policy of truth - depeche mode

julie with - brian eno

when the world is running down - the police

pushit - tool

america - simon and garfunkel

life in technicolor - coldplay

better off dead - ice cube

untitled 1 - sigur ros


What's one random thing you really like and one random thing you really dislike?

like: sex (...hey, it was the first thing i thought of!)

dislike: breaking a nail


Are there any herbs that you haven't been able to lay hands on that I could send you? There's an herbal shop I really like here in NYC called Flower Power that has quite a wide selection.

nope, thank you!


If there are no "witchy" shops near you, is there anything I can pick up for you from Enchantments?

oh wow, they're expensive, but the carved candles are amazing! i love the descriptions for house blessing, solar blast and bast.


Are you OK with "special deliveries"?/Is the address in your questionnaire the best place to reach you for said deliveries?/If the delivery requires a phone number (as say, some florists do) would you be OK with that information being tracked down by your Witch or asked of you anonymously?



Do you have any Fall or Halloween traditions?

nope. i start knitting for christmas presents. that's about it. :)


Ninjas or Pirates?

pirates. arrr.


I have an extra room spray and 2 extra bath oils (one Cephalopod, one Exhibit Hall Fatigue) from Dragon*Con - would anybody like a decant?

yah, def! :)


What are some things you are OK with receiving gently used or homemade, and some things you absolutely do not want if they are gently used or homemade?

i am totally a-ok with things like craft supplies, home goods, etc. that are gently used (yay goodwill!). homemade...the sky is the limit! i love any and all homemade/handmade stuff. :)


I live near a Mast General Store. It has lots of vintage-y toys, southern foods (jams, jellies, spices) and vintage candy. Is there anything I can get for you?

anything edible is good. toys - in my experience - just collect dust.


Witchee, would you like it if I made you a "mix tape" of songs that I think you might like? And if so, would you prefer mp3 or CD format?

yeah def! just no violent rap music or country, plz and thx! :)


I know it is totally the wrong season (for most of us), but do you like/have space to garden? If so, what do you like to grow?

i do not have space to garden. :cry: i wish i did.


I'm about to be near a Lush store next week, is there anything you might like from there?

omg omg omg. handy gurugu is my most favorite hand cream of all time, and i am nowhere NEAR a lush store, so i would LOVE to get some of this. i am also generally a lover of bath bombs, body scrubs, massage bars, body butters, lotions...all things lush really! :) (i will add that i got a jar of "charity pot" and really disliked the smell, but other than that i've never smelled anything i didn't love from lush.)


Songs that you keep meaning to buy but never get round to it?

i think ani difranco has a new album that i haven't picked up yet...


Movies that you love but forgot to put in your questionaire?/Name one movie you keep meaning to buy, but just never get around to getting?

v for vendetta


Any favorite Bath & Body Works scents/products?

not a big b&bw fan.


Haus of Gloi is offering custom perfumes - would you like one? What would your ideal blend be?

i have no experience with this company. i'd give it a shot though. woodsmoke, mahogany and clove sounds delightful. i'm apparently in an autumn mood today. :)


Any Bath, Body or nutritional type items you would love to try from a Natural and Organic food store (similar to Whole Foods) that you don't buy because they are a bit too pricey?

flax seed oil/vegetarian omega 3 oil. i like to put it in my smoothies but i never remember to get any.


Are you a Disney fan or does even thinking about Disney make your head hurt? If you're into Disney, would you like something from the Happiest Place on Earth ;) ?

i'm a fan of jasmine from aladdin, but i have a soft spot for ariel too. my sweetie is OBSESSED with tinkerbell (which is hilarious, cause he's 6'3" and 250lbs, bald head, tattoos, nose ring, etc....then he loves fairies, rofl). we went to disneyworld last year and had a grand time. :)


Do you lust after some new socks/tights?

oh yes, oh yes! :) but i am kind of specific and picky. i like knit knee highs, over the knees, legwarmers and tights. but i REALLY dislike traditional nylons (even incute colors or interesting patterns) and sheer tights. fishnets (and interesting variations on the fishnet theme) are freaking awesome and i can never have enough. and i love neutrals (grey, black and brown) and jewel tones (specifically blues and greens).


Are you a gamer (of any sort - video, casual, tabletop) and are there any games you want?

i used to be a huge playstation/xbox person (mostly RPGs, FF7, FF9, chrono cross, fable, etc.)...then i was a huge WoW person. now i don't really do much computer gaming. i play scrabble sometimes, and the occasional board or card game with friends. i recently played cards against humanity and LOVED it. it's on my amazon wishlist. :)


Would you be interested in BPTP CANDY?

omg. duh.


Do you like coffee? If so, what kinds? Flavored, fancy, basic? Beans or ground?

i do love coffee of all shapes and sizes, but i really love well done dark roasts a few select flavors (vanilla and caramel both come to mind) . i dislike starbucks (it tastes burnt to me, boo), but i love seattles best, dunkin donuts, even mcdonalds is pretty yummy. i do have a keurig at home, so if you're wanting to send me coffee, k-cups are the way to go. i love green mountain's k-cups.


Would a Starbucks gift card make you happy or do you prefer your local place?

starbucks is cool with me. even though i'm not a huge fan of their coffee, i love their chai and hot chocolate-y drinks in the fall and winter and they have good snacks. :)


CUSTOM-Made Pottery?? yea or nay? coffee mugs, rustic or more elegant? a set of bowls? soap dish? bird feeder? something alltogether different? and lastly, good colors for glazes...?

oh man, i LOVE this idea but i am swimming in more mugs than i know what to do with. :( and i'm pretty set on all the dishes and bowls i need...so no, unfortunately, not right now.


Do you have a forum buddy? Someone who knows you and/or your tastes well enough to answer questions on your behalf?

hrm...not sure. i feel like glambie is a pretty good buddy of mine (she's so freaking awesome). reallyzeb is a friend of mine on LJ, so she knows the inner workings of my sick brain a bit. :) also my childfree swap buddy earlier this year was empresspixie, so she knows a bit about me from that.


If you are on Livejournal, would you appreciate LJ stuff like paid time, custom userheads, stuff like that? If you are NOT on LJ but are on other sites that have similar paid-for services (Flickr, for example?) would you, and what are those sites/etc?

yeah, paid LJ time would be wonderful! :)


A question, witchees: if you are into tarot, what is your favorite card?

i do not know anything about tarot, although i'd be interested to learn someday.


And another question: would you like your own set of handmade rune stones or worry stones?



Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, or none of the above?

wow, that's a tough call. i only drink coffee in the morning. in the evening, i could be torn between tea, hot choc, cider and decaf...depending on the type of day i'm having/time of year/what i've been eating, etc. i keep a large stash of green and herbal teas, as well as hot chocolate at home.


Gum, hard candy, soft candy, or none of the above?

i like ice breakers lemon cube gum. it is my absolute favorite. i also love soft candies (airheads freaking rule) but i have to be careful cause lots of them have gelatin. i like hard candy but i have sensitive teeth so sometimes that gets painful. :(


Loose tea or tea bags? Do you need anything for your loose tea? (Filters, presses, etc.

i prefer bags for the sake of clean-up, but i do have the means to make loose leaf tea if you come across something really spectacular. i don't think i have need for any tea accessories right now.

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