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BPAL Madness!
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Happy Unbirthday swap questions

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One big gift or a few small ones?

Either is fine with me. :)

Is there something special that can only be gotten in New York that you would want?

Something from CB: I Hate Perfume! Especially Mr. Hulot's Holiday or Gathering Apples.

new bpal?

I haven't ordered anything in months because nothing really caught my eye, but if there is a decant you think I would like then I've love to try it.


it's canning season. how would you feel about a small jar of jam/jelly/pickles/etc?

I'm not big on jams, jelly, etc but my kids and husband like them.

How do you like your incense, oil burners, or candles? Would you use an oil burner and essential oils? If so, what would be some longed-for essential oils?We have a ton of oil burners and candles (as well as tarts, oils, etc). Maybe if there's an oil that smells like a pomander ball for around the holidays.

Halloween stuff?

Of course! We actually have a Halloween corner that stays up all year with my favorite items (they get distributed around the house during the fall then back to their corner in Nov.). We have a ton of decorations, figures, etc though and we are running out of room, but I will always find the room for something cool or strange (esp. Day of the Dead). My kids also love Halloween window clings (scary or cute). :)


What magazines do you read/ have subscriptions to?

None. Not really a magazine person.


Second question: What kind of socks or tights do you like?

I like socks and even have a seperate wishlist just for Sock Dreams. lol


Third Question: Who would like to get a box in the mail with different teas in them? If so, what kinds?

"I may or may not have a tea problem... I have a lot of it. :blush: Please only send me tea if it is super omg amazing because I have a huge box full."


Yep, I'm just going to 2nd that.



Do you use loose leaf or tea bags? Do you need any tea supplies, like bags, pots, or infusers?

I prefer loose, but bags are fine also.


How do you feel about sample sizes or testers of things? (Obviously I mean new, things that I've never opened kind of samples)

It depends on what it is. Not so much makeup or skincare samples, though I do love Cocoa Pink samples.



Speaking of Villainess, who here is a fan? Would you want any of their goodies? If so, what are your scent wishes, and which types of products would you like? (i.e., Soap, Sugar Scrub, Moisturizer etc)

I do love Villainess, but I have a ton I still have to get through before they go off.


Favorite movies? You can mention a genre or a director or time period.

We are big horror movie fans here (esp. zombie and cheesy teen horror movies or over the top B horrors). I also love Star Trek movies (though not the newest one 00000012.gif) and 1980's movies.


Do you need any kitchen supplies?

Nope, in fact we're trying to downsize what we have in the kitchen.

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