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BPAL Madness!
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Switch Witch Questions part 6

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how do you feel about ethical animal fiber, i.e. wool and the like?

I prefer it for crocheting and things. I would love to be able to buy clothes made out of ethical or sustainable materials, but I live in no-mans-land and that isn't an option yet. I especially like bamboo yarns. Incredibly stuff.



What about little wee creatures for your desk or mantel?Definitely!!! If I get into PA school, I will need one or two for my desk at school!


Look down. What are you wearing, right now?Victoria's secret panties and a sports bra :blush: :eek:


Kerchiefs?I bought some in Japan and they are still in wrappers since I really don't know what to do with them!


It's the weekend, and you find yourself without a single chore or responsibility for a few hours. Right this very moment, what's the one thing you would do if you could do anything?Cuddle up in bed with Dante and read. I'm actually going to do that shortly...I have an hour to myself!


Stuff you've been meaning to do:Laundry, clean kitchen, donate all the mismatched, older plates/cups/etc that I have and don't use, do a major spring cleaning and donate everything I haven't looked at in 6 months, get the VW detailed, trim Dante's nails, get an oil change in the Santa Fe, finish AIDS Institute documents, clean my desk at work, place a Haus of Gloi order, this could go on forever...


Would you be interested in regional jams, jellies, or other preserves?




Do you have any bedtime rituals? Is there any particular product you have to apply or a certain shirt you wear or an act you perform to get you in the "bedtime" mood?I snuggle Dante.


Are you interested in today's/any recent Tee Fury shirts?I think I'm going to order it! :lol:


Princess Bride? Yay or nay?I think my stance on this is pretty clear! :lol:


What's your favorite classic fairytale, witchesMy favorite "witch" is Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. She is such a baddass.

"I too shall bestow a gift on the child. Listen well, all of you. The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her....but...Before the sunsets on her sixteenth birthday she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die! Stand back you fools!!!" *maniacal laughter*

Seriously, cursing a newborn is pretty hardcore. Then she turns into a freakin DRAGON. She's awesome!


Is there any kind of international candy you love or would like to try?Any candy is fine by me!

What is something totally random (yes, that thing that just popped into your head) that hasn't been covered by any previous questions?This headache sucks.


Is there any cheesy/non-cheesy Canadian stuff you'd be interested in?I don't really know of anything Canadian.


If you were to go here and create your very own chocolate bar, what might it have in it? Gold. :lol: I would have Caramel, Toffee, Peanut Butter, and almonds somehow all separated but together! :joy:




Is there anything you're wanting from LPMP?

I don't know what this is asking me....I haz a dumb.



say you stumbled into Camp Half Blood (or whatever the Roman camp ends up being named <bounces in anticipation>), which god claims you?

I'm only 25, but these questions are making me feel old...I have zero touch with pop culture apparently. :cry2:



What is something people are always surprised to learn about you?

I am NOT Christian! In my podunk redneck town that is seriously "weird". Finding out I identify most with Buddhism gets some serious odd looks, awkward silences, and often blessings to save my soul. It also suprises people that I was a vegan for over 14 years and converted to vegetarianism for another 3. I gave it up shortly after my Celiac's diagnoses since I live in the middle of nowhere and don't have many food choices. (I hate that I eat meat and get seriously worked up about it every now and again). People are surprised to know that I have a Masters degree and more so surprised that I have a Classical History degree in addition to all my sciency-stuff. I love European Symphonic Metal and could not name one Lady Gaga song. That really freaks people out! I also eat rice and miso soup for breakfast. I am, all in all, a strange girl by the accepted societal norms of my location. :twisted:



So who else watched Babylon 5?

I didn't. I should...



If you had to decide what your stripper name was, what would it be?

Satan 16th by the rules...I would rather go by Lacey Ponts. :lol:



Sooooo Witchees, have you ever taken that particular personality test? If so, are you an Analytical, a Driver, an Expressive or an Amiable?

I'm a driver based on the test. I don't agree though. I believe that majority of us have many sides to our personalities that show depending on situations. I'm a different person in a school based setting than I am at home. (For one, I wear pants at school! :lol: ) My personality is far to unique and multidimensional to fit into a predetermined box, as far as I'm concerned.



Is anyone else afraid of or creepy out by dummies/puppets/Muppets/etc? Other things you're squicked/freaked by that's best left by the wayside?

I'm not a fan of dummies, but I got over my fear years ago.



what level of contact were you hoping for?

I'm happy with whatever my witch is comfortable with! I love hearing from her! She rocks my socks!



Your favorite restaurant or type of food to eat out. Would you use a restaurant.com voucher? Groupon?

dangerous for me with my disease, so I pass.


Are there any local museums/attractions you keep never getting around to going to?

HAHAAH! Maybe a trip up to "The Walmart". :lol: :lol: Yeah, no. I do want to really go to Animal Kingdom at Disney (about 35 minutes away). I was there last weekend but the park was closed and we were confined to the rides area. I wanna see the animals!



JONES SODA CO has LE soda packs for The Guild, Buffy, D&D, So Cute, etc. Would you be interested in these, Witchee?

I don't really drink soda. Cute idea though.



It'sBanned Books Week! Are there any books on the list you'd be interested in checking out?

Brave New World is one of my all time favorites!! I have yet to read Hunger Games. I refuse to touch Twilight. Poor writing makes me angry.


I have just been enlightened to THESE. Are these flavors relevant to your interests?

I've never tried Tokyo Milk, but I'm in love!



What kind of purse do you prefer? Leather, cloth? over the shoulder or crossbody, or something that can do either? Do you like bold bright prints with fun things, or monochrome, solid colours?


julep maven monthly boxes:No thanks. I can't figure out nail polish.


Like commercial socks?Yup!



What kind of bear is best?Root Beer!



Is anyone interested in reading The Night Circus?Yes


Hershey's Pumpkin Spice kisses?No thanks.

I have a not-so-secret love for The Broship of the Rings. Are there any prints from her store you'd like?No thanks.

Who here likes Stephanie Pui-Min Law's artwork?will look it up later.


Do you drink wine?Not really. I prefer cider.


Is it just me who is nervous at revealing herself to her witchee, and finding out who her witch is?!Not at all! I'm excited!


Witches, did you lament NOT getting one of the condom case/imp cases that got released with the courtesan series???Nope


I recently saw candy corn in non-candy corn flavors like CHOCOLATE and CARAMEL APPLE. It's not a fancy brand, I just saw it in the drugstore, but who here would like something like that? Ugh, no thanks.

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