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BPAL Madness!
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Team SW

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Team beets: Maybe. Haven't really tried them.

Team brussel sprouts: NO. NO FOREVER NO.

Team goat cheese: Ye gods yes.

Team red licorice: Sure :)

Team black licorice: No. I'd rather die.

Team mushroom: Sure.

Team marzipan, toffee, and pink cupcakes: marzipan- Yes to all thee above. But light on the marzipan.

Team asparagus: Yus. Delicious.

Team Sugar Skull: ...Maybe? *squeek*

Team Ginger: Yus.

Team Boobies: If I say yes, my fiance may kill me.

Team Mango: Yus!

Team Garlic: More garlic = best.

Team Dairy: I love it, but it doesn't love me, if you know what I mean.

Team Chicken: ...yes?

Team Raisins: Sometimes. Not my most fav.

Team Pie: Abso-freaking-lutely.

Team Pumpkin: Yesh pwease!

Team Avocado: Yus.

Team Olives: No, not really.

Team Tofu: Allergic. So. Now.

Team Mead: YES 10000X.

Team SeaSalt Caramels: Yes.

Team Coffee: Only decaffeinated.

Team Tea: Absolutely- decaffeinated or herbal.

Team Cake: Yes :)

Team Candy: Yes

Team Food: ... is this a serious team?

Team Sugar: Yay!

Team Cheesecake: Om nom nom.

Team Peanut Butter:IN things, yes.

Team Honey: Any honey is good honey.

Team Gummies: Ooo. Yeah.

Team Ice Cream: This would make me happy and then kill my stomach with fire.

Team Waffle: Always and forever.

Team Donut: Yummie.

Team Bacon: Yes. Sometimes.

Team Cilantro: No thanks.

Team Basil, dill and oregano: Yar.

Team Mac n Cheese: Yes, even if it hurts.

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