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BPAL Madness!
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Food Teams

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Team beets: Yes!

Team brussel sprouts: Yes!

Team goat cheese: Yes!

Team red licorice: No.

Team black licorice: No.

Team mushroom: Yes!!!!!!

Team marzipan, toffee, and pink cupcakes: No.

Team cheesecake: Yes!

Team asparagus: Yes!!!!!!!

Team sugar skull: No.

Team ginger: Yes!

Team mango: No.

Team dairy: Sour cream and cheese!

Team chicken: Meh. I eat it on occasion. Nothing special.

Team raisins: Ok.

Team pumpkin: Yes!

Team avocado: Yes!

Team olives: Yes!

Team garlic: Yes! Could not live without!!

Team tofu: Yup!

Team Mead: No.

Team SeaSalt Caramels: Oh YES!

Team Coffee: Yes.

Team Tea: Hells yes!!!!

Team Cake: No.

Team Candy: Certain kinds on occasion

Team Food: Yes!!!

Team Sugar: No.

Team Peanut Butter: Yes!

Team Honey: No.

Team Gummies: On occasion.

Team Ice Cream: Not really.

Team Waffle: No.

Team Donut: No.

Team Bacon: No!!!! ick

Team Cilantro: Yes!

Team Basil, dill and oregano: All have their own uses.

Team Mac n Cheese: Hells yes!!!

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