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BPAL Madness!
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Bottle List

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Absinthe & Lace [Neck]

Antique Lace [Full to top of Lettering on Label – Over 2/3 full]

Atlas (Moth) [shoulder]

Autumn Cider [2- Shoulder, 1/3 full]

Banded Sea Snake (Aged) [A bit over ½ full0

Banshee Beat [shoulder]

Bat of Good Death [shoulder]

Beaver Moon 2005 (Cobalt) [shoulder]

Benevolent Triple Conjunction [TOL]

Berry Moon 2009 [shoulder]

Berry Moon 2011 [shoulder]

Blackberry Jam & Scones (2,- Taped Label TOL, Just below TOL]

Black Lace (Apple) [Neck]

Black Lace (Original) [shoulder]

Black Lace (Res) [shoulder]

Blood Pearl [Just under TOL]

Blue Phoenix v2 [shoulder]

Blue Pumpkin Floss [2- Shoulder]

Boomslang [2- Aged Top of Lettering, Shoulder]

Bonfire Night [shoulder]

Buck Moon 2005 (Cobalt [Neck]

Butterscotch Balls and Black Beetles [shoulder]

Cabaret.Goth [shoulder]

Cake Smash v6 [shoulder]

Celeste [Neck]

Champagne & Party Hats [TOL]

Cleric v2 [shoulder]

Crypt King [shoulder]

Edge of Chaos: Chaos Theory IV – DCCXXXIV (Sour Apple) [shoulder]

Epomorphorus Monstrosus [shoulder]

Fetish.Goth [bottom of Label]

Fledgling Raptor Moon [2- Shoulder, TOL]

Halloween in Las Vegas [shoulder]

Hamadryad (No idea which version smells neither cinnamon nor minty) [shoulder]

Harlequin & Columbine [shoulder]

Heroine [shoulder]

Ho Ho Ho [shoulder]

Honey Moon 2005 [Neck]

IXHV4 (Coffee) [Neck]

Jacob’s Ladder 2005 [Just over ½]

Joulumuori 2009 [shoulder]

Lambs-wool 2010 [2/3 full]

Love’s Philosphy [Just below Shoulder]

Luna Negra [Neck]

Mary Celeste v4 [shoulder]

Midway (Original) [2- Neck]

Midway (Res) [A little under ½]

Miskatonic University [2- 2/3 full]

Monsterbait: Bones Trombone [2- Shoulder, Just under ½]

Mother Ginger [shoulder]

Mourning Lace [shoulder]

MVJBA Pancake Breakfast [Just under TOL]


Old Glasgow (Colbalt) [shoulder]

Old Moon 2012 [shoulder]

October 2011 [2/3 full]

Pais de la Canela [2- Shoulder, Neck]

Peach Champagne [shoulder]

Pinched with Four Aces [4/5s Full]

Pink Champagne [shoulder]

Pink Lace [shoulder]

PL176 (Candied Orange) [A little over ½]

Pomegranate III (Wandcapped) [Neck]

Privilege [shoulder]

Pumpkin Cheesecake [Neck]

Pumpkin Princess [A little over ½]

Pussy (Moth) [1/3 full]

Red Lace [Neck]

Ruddy Daggerwing (Butterfly) [TOL]

Sangria Champagne [shoulder]

Senelion (BPAL) [Neck VERY full]

Schwarzer Mond 2006 (Wandcapped) [Just under TOL]

Single Note: Annurca Apple Blossom July 2012 [2- Shoulder, Neck]

Single Note: Eight-Petaled Lotus [Neck]

Single Note: India Ink July 2012 [2- Neck]

Single Note: Siberian Musk [Neck]

Single Note: Spanish Red Carnation July 2012 [2- Shoulder]

Single Note: Vanilla Bean 2005 [2/3 Full]

Sleep [1/2 Full]

Snowblind (Orig/Cobalt) [Just below shoulder]

Spanked 2011 [Neck]

Sparkling Apple Cider [4/5 Full]

Sprinkle Cake (Boozy Vanilla?) [Just over 2/3 Full]

Sprinkle Cake (Chocolatey) [shoulder]

Tattered Lace [shoulder]

The Arabian Dance [shoulder]

The Black Temple Burlesque Troupe (Fresh) [Neck]

The Changeling [shoulder]

The Girl [1 decant about]

The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love [Neck]

The Living Flame (Cobalt) [2- Neck, TOL]

The Queen of Hearts [shoulder]

The Perilous Parlor [shoulder]

The Second of the Three Spirits [shoulder]

The Wiley Grasser [About a decant and a half]

The World (Tarot- 10 ml) [5ml]

Velvet Unicorn (Wandcapped) [shoulder]

Vespertilio Proterus Kuhl [Neck]

Wake [2/3 Full]

WILF (Male Label) [Neck]

Zombie Apocalypse [shoulder]

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